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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 223


Chapter 223 - Do You Really Think You Can Escape?

The person in the dark was stunned. [What the hell is wrong with this guy? Is he insane walking back and forth again and again?

There are so many people walking on this street... I don't have any idea what to do yet...]

And then she saw Ye Xiao walk back to the Ling-Bao Hall casually and entered it. He didn't come out again for a long time.

That person was waiting patiently out there. After a long time, she used her spiritual mind to check on him. She nearly passed out for being annoyed. Feng Zhi-Ling was drinking alone inside the Ling-Bao Hall.

He was truly in a leisure mood at the moment.

There was a giant fat guy that was so fat that could barely be seen in the world within ten thousand years sitting beside him. That fat guy was like a pile of dozens of skin-ripped pigs. He was serving Feng Zhi-Ling affably...

He was serving and bootlicking at the same time...

Facing such flattery, Feng Zhi-Ling the Monarch was actually enjoying it... He seemed to be treading on air. He would laugh out loud from time to time. He was so full of satisfaction and proudness...

’’What the hell is this?’’ The person in the dark was truly confused, ’’He had walked out for a long distance... Why did he return to the place and start drinking?’’

This person was actually one of the three most powerful cultivators in the Qing-Yun Realm. She was strong!

Her martial world experience was also so rich that nearly nobody could be a match to her.

However, strong like her, she actually couldn't figure out what was going on with this Feng Zhi-LIng.

[Did he sense something wrong? ... No, that is impossible! He is so weak. Even after ten thousand years of cultivation he will never be good enough to notice me!’’


Monarch Feng was enjoying the drinks until the lights were lit in the city.

The person in the dark was filled with hate, and she nearly gritted with her teeth broken!

For so many times, she wanted to reach out her palm and break the whole city down!

[What a bastard! Okay, it is fine you want to drink. But it actually takes you dozens of times to drink up just a tiny cup of liquor! What the hell is wrong with you?

Are you even a man...]

When the street was most crowded in the day and the lights were on, Monarch Feng finally walked out of the Ling-Bao Hall.

’’Finally he finished drinking!’’ The person who was watching him felt relieved, ’’I hope he won't do any stupid thing again.’’

However, things always went against one's hopes.

While she was hoping so, Monarch Feng actually got into a jewelry shop.

After he entered the shop, he started to pick and put down the jewelry again and again. He kept being captious. After he had picked one that he liked, he started to bargain about the price. It is reasonable that he would bargain while he was buying something, but the thing he wanted was four hundred eighty silver coins, yet he insisted he could take it with two coins. The shopkeeper disagreed, yet he actually kept on pestering the shopkeeper. He raised his price from two coins to two and one-tenth coins and added one-tenth coins at one time... It was just a hairpin, he actually bargained for over two hours... Finally, he got it by thirty-three and three-tenths silver...

The person was so annoyed that she even started to feel pain in her stomach.

The shopkeeper's face turned green. He must be really annoyed and didn't want to talk to Feng Zhi-Ling anymore, so he sold the jewelry for such a low price...

He really didn't want to waste more time on this...

He saw it as giving money for luck and bless!

And then Monarch Feng walked casually while using the hairpin to clean his ears... After he cleaned it, he actually rubbed the filth from the ears and smelled it...

’’Ohhh...’’ The great cultivator who was following him finally lost control when Monarch Feng smell the filth for the seventh time and she threw up.

’’That is so disgusting... How can the ladies want to touch him skin to skin... It will be better to die than to be touched by him...’’ She actually wanted to kill herself.

Feng Zhi-Ling went to a makeup shop. And then he went to an arms shop...

He had actually entered dozens of shops.

All those shopkeepers showed weakness facing his torturing bargain. They all ended up green-faced when they saw Monarch Feng off!

At last, he walked out from a jade shop with two jade stones in his hand... As for the process he was bargaining and talking to the shopkeeper about the jade stones... The person in the dark didn't want to remember it at all. She just didn't want to feel angry!

It was midnight already and the street was empty.

Ye Xiao paced around in the center of the street. In fact, he was sensing secretly.

Finally, he confirmed that nobody was following him. It indeed was his wrong impression. He thought that if somebody was chasing him, the person would have been out of control a long time ago.

Yet on the empty street under the dark silent night, there was only himself. It should be a perfect chance to attack him!

Yet nothing ever happened at all.

That proved that he had wrong impressions about it.

[It turns out I was wrong! I have remember that my natural born spiritual sensibility isn't that perfect. It can be wrong sometimes!] Ye Xiao took a breath out with relief. And then he looked around and operated the One Laughter in Skyline... and he was gone.

- Shoot! -

He disappeared.

[I have been away from home for such a long time. Uncle Song must be so worried about me...]

So Ye Xiao was moving fast.

Nobody was on the street after all. The night was dark. He thought nobody would be able to notice him at the moment...

The person in the dark was suppressing the anger in her heart. Yet she actually heard a sharp sound coming out in the sky...

She looked up immediately only to find that Monarch Feng had disappeared...

At this moment, she was enlightened and got to know something. [That bastard was acting because for some reason, he actually found out he was being stalked...]

He felt relieved when he was sure nobody was following him. That was why he just left so fast.

She understood it all. [How could a man who owns the whole Ling-Bao Hall buy some cheap stuff in these little tiny shops. And he actually bargained with pleasure...]

In fact, he should be the wealthiest person in this world!

’’Well, however... Now you start to run. Do you really think that you can get away?’’


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