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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 222


Chapter 222 - Who Is Following Me?

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu frowned and murmured to herself. She was confused and helpless at the same time.

[Do I like this guy?

I am not sure...

Don't I?

I have no idea...

He is so important to the sect, but in this world, he is my enemy...

I can't kill him, and I can't like him...

What should I do?]

Her mind was extremely complex at the moment.

In fact, Bing Xin-Yue was having a complex mind too.

They both just stood there. Nobody talked. They just stood there and got lost in their own thoughts...

Bing Xin-Yue was considering... [Maybe I should return to the sect for some days?

Maybe... After I take care of my illness, I should go to see Sister Jun.

How is she?

I have to ask her... who else did she tell that thing.

How come such a private thing have spread to the Land of Han-Yang?]

She just stood there quietly with complex thoughts. She couldn't help sighing and said, ’’To use the Yin and Yang power to remove the illness should be a good thing... But... Why does it have to be a guy? ...’’

The person on the roof wanted to finally get down, yet she hesitated and murmured, ’’Ling-Bao Hall? Feng Zhi-Ling? Yin and Yang? Remove the illness? ...’’

The expression in her eyes was changing, ’’Skin to skin...’’ Her voice was full of complexity.

And then she just shook and her black robe became a light mass of smoke. She just disappeared...

That was some marvelous martial art that had reached transcendence.

The day when Ye Xiao left the secret residence of Wen-Ren Chu-Chu, he felt unbelievable somehow. [How could they just let me go so easily? They actually didn't capture me?

They didn't even bargain with me?

I just casually walked out and they didn't even chase me up?

What the hell is wrong with them?

What is going on?

That is unreasonable. That is so against logic. It just doesn't make sense.]

When he turned angry to the ladies, it was half real. In fact, he was using it to try to get out of that place...

He was thinking it would be great if he could get out, but even if he couldn't, he could get to know what the bearing limit of the ladies.

It wouldn't be good to him if he stayed around with them, talking about the same topic.

And... However... He just got out there. He actually got away from that extremely dangerous place.

[What is wrong?

I made it.

How come I just made it?

Wasn't it too easy?]

Ye Xiao truly felt strange about it.

He kept feeling strange till he arrived at the Ling-Bao Hall.

He even suspected that the ladies were letting him off in order to catch him later. They might just want to figure out all about his identity and his place. On the way back to the Ling-Bao Hall, Ye Xiao had operated his spiritual mind and sensibility in full effort, yet found nothing.

There might be two possible reasons why he couldn't find anything. First, the ladies might be too powerful to be discovered while chasing him. He was too weak. However, he knew it was not the truth. Bing Xin-Yue was indeed far stronger than him, but she had no idea how powerful Ye Xiao really was, so she wouldn't be that careful. For her, to follow an ant who was lower than the Grade of Tianyuan was a piece of cake. She would think that Ye Xiao was unable to notice. However, deep inside Ye Xiao, he was still the Xiao Monarch. The Xiao Monarch had been far stronger than Bing Xin-Yue. His spiritual mind and sensibility would definitely sense her if she was chasing him. Yet he found nothing.

The other one was much simpler. There was nobody following him at all.

[Isn't it too unreasonable if nobody is following me?]

After making sure that nobody was following him, he returned to the Ling-Bao Hall at once. For safety concern, he didn't get back home this night. He just stayed overnight in the Ling-Bao Hall.

No talking for a whole night. The next day afternoon, nobody came to him. He started to feel relieved.

So he took several pieces of rare stones from the Ling-Bao Hall and left. He was in relief at this moment.

However, when he just got out the Ling-Bao Hall, he shuddered.

It was out of nothing at all. It was like he was fearing something all of a sudden.

He knew something was wrong.

It was his spiritual sensibility that told him so. In other words, somebody was watching him.

He was very close to the Grade of Tianyuan. With just a tiny step, he would become a Tianyuan cultivator. It was impossible that he would shudder for no reason.

[So it finally came? It is my spiritual sensibility telling me that I am being watched. The one who is watching me must be much stronger than me. That is why I can't sense him directly. It must be somebody from Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's sect who was trying to figure out who I am. I am not surprised though. This person is definitely not Bing Xin-Yue.

Otherwise, I would have sensed the traces of her because I have contacted with her. Who is this person then? I really didn't know their sect was so powerful. They actually have another cultivator that is as strong as Bing Xin-Yue. Don't they fear that I will be pissed?]

He walked slowly to a corner and came out with other thoughts, [Maybe there is a third possibility. That may be a super grandmaster cultivator who is watching me from a rather far place from here. That person may have just glanced at me for a second... But if that is real, it means there is a cultivator who can make me shudder with only a glance from long distance. Then that person must be at least at the sixth level of the Grade of Daoyuan.]

He was thinking, [No matter what, it is real that I am being watched. Maybe it was just some cultivator who walked pass this place. Maybe it was someone who had been following me for a long time... If it was just someone passing by, so be it. If it was somebody watching me intentionally, I will be exposed if I return to the House of Ye.]

Thinking of that, he made the decision at once.

He wasn't surprised being watched. He actually had expected it. He didn't show any difference on his face. He just stretched his neck and casually walked on the street under the sunshine with his arms crossed on his chest.

In the dark corner far from him, a dark shadow was watching him and murmured, ’’This guy must be that Feng Zhi-Ling... But why is he so slow?’’

She kept looking at Ye Xiao walking from south to north on the street. He stopped and rubbed his head... And then he actually walked back.


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