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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 221


Chapter 221 - Who The Hell Are You?

’’We will wait for the day to come. The day our Prime Grandmaster passes, the enemies will definitely get to us! On that day, we are going to get them down to hell together! We will die fighting! When we die, we go to the world where our Prime Grandmaster is going... Let's be under her protection again when we meet her again...’’

Suddenly, the Misty Cloud Palace was full of weeping and crying.

The red color in the east sky lasted for a whole day. And then suddenly, there came a huge sound of explosion!

The whole Qing-Yun Realm was shocked by the explosion...

And then an extremely desolate scream seemed to peak the firmament.

And then everything returned to silence!

The whole world was silent.

Nobody knew what exactly happened...

[Is the Prime Grandmaster alright?]

The ladies looked at each other.

’’We should go check on the fight.’’ An old lady with white hair said with decisiveness in her eyes, ’’No matter what, we have to know how the Prime Grandmaster is...’’

They made up their minds and dozens of figures rushed to forward in the air without hesitation. They all wiped their tears and headed to the red sky.


It was the Land of Han-Yang at the moment.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu and Bing Xin-Yue had been quiet for one and a half days... They had different thoughts about this Feng Zhi-Ling. They both had been thinking about their own concerns. Nobody actually talked.

Finally, it was Bing Xin-Yue who broke the silence.

’’Chu-Chu... I have been thinking for a long time. What do you think if we capture this Feng Zhi-Ling and take him back to our sect... What will happen?’’ Bing Xin-Yue spoke seriously.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's face turned pale immediately, ’’Master... Is it the right thing to do?’’

Bing Xin-Yue took a breath in and said lightly, ’’Of course I know it isn't. It will definitely make the relation between him and us extremely bad. However... This guy is far too important to the Misty Cloud Palace. We can do no wrong decision on this...’’

When she was saying that, somewhere in the Qing-Yun Realm, a dark figure appeared instantly and then reached its hands with rolling dark clouds. It actually grabbed the space and split it apart!

The slim figure entered the split.

She actually split the space directly!

Back to the yard.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu was showing a dark face. She murmured, ’’Master, there is something you don't know. Feng Zhi-Ling has a tough backbone. He is unbelievably tougher than we can imagine. Back to the day when he was hit by his enemy with some extremely precious martial art, I couldn't treat him even with full efforts. Those days, he was being tortured by that pain. Even I felt frightened only watching him. He actually didn't give up. He didn't even shout while he was in comma. Such a tough guy, if we capture him, other than our relationship getting broken, he may kill himself because of being disgraced. If that happens, our sect's only hope will be gone forever...’’

Bing Xin-Yue was quiet. After a while, she said, ’’You are right. I didn't know he was such a tough man...’’

While talking, the two of them suddenly felt the world was shaking. They felt dizzy and found it difficult to stand firm.

The sky above them actually turned dark for a second!

Bing Xin-Yue raised her head and said with confusion, ’’What is happening?’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu held her own head and said, ’’I have no idea. Is it the earthquake...’’

’’Definitely not.’’ Bing Xin-Yue's eyes were full of cautiousness. She looked around in alarm.

Neither of them had noticed that there was a shadow getting to the roof of the house.

It was real but like fake at the same time. It was just standing there. However, nobody realized it was there. The dark shadow saw Bing Xin-Yue and actually showed relief in its eyes.

[I finally find her.

It is not too late yet.]

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu continued, ’’At the very least, even if we catch Feng Zhi-Ling and successfully force him to raise the Regeneration Lotus for us, will he be really willing to? Other than the matter of raising Regeneration Lotus, he can resolve the illness of our kind, yet he needs to do it by touching us skin to skin... I don't think there will be anybody in our sect who will agree to do so.’’

The person on the roof was preparing to get down, but when she heard this, she suddenly stopped. Her eyes blinked, [Skin to skin? the illness?

What illness would it be...]

Bing Xin-Yue said, ’’That is true. It is an unsolvable problem. Our people are all virgins. They will never allow a guy to touch them. Then, this Feng Zhi-Ling... Should we just leave him in the Land of Han-Yang?’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu quietly took a breath out of relief. With no apparent reasons, she felt serene contrary in her mind. She would feel happy bullying Feng Zhi-Ling herself... However, if somebody else wanted to do something to him, she just didn't feel so good about it. She would want to object.

She smiled and said, ’’I think it may be a good thing to let him be in the Land of Han-Yang though. It is a low-class realm after all. There will rarely be people from the Qing-Yun Realm here. It is good for keeping the secrets of our sect. And if we build a good relationship with him, it will be a good thing for our sect. Such man like Feng Zhi-Ling will get to the Qing-Yun Realm sooner or later.

When he get to the Qing-Yun Realm, he will definitely realize the cruel reality in the Qing-Yun Realm with the law of the jungle. And if we help him when he meets his problems there, he will be thankful to us. At that time, we won't need to beg him. He will ask for cooperation. And he will be improved a lot then. Maybe we will have more good opportunities. The most important thing we should deal with would be your illness, master...’’

Speaking of that, she was sad and concerned again.

Bing Xin-Yue looked far forward with her eyes blankly. There was hesitation in her eyes for the first time though. She said, ’’Let me think deeper about it... This... skin to skin thing...’’

The person on the roof blinked her eyes that was profound like the oceans again.

She seemed to be sensitive about the three words too.

Skin to skin.

’’Then take your time to think through it.’’ Wen-Ren Chu-Chu knew that her master had been moved at the moment, so she added, ’’Now our group, even our sect has met our hope. The bright future is ahead of us. If you are still concerned about the... urh... If our ancestors know that, they must be sad... The caring thought you have for me is also the same thought the ancestors had to you. It is the same thing...’’

Bing Xin-Yue's eyes showed more hesitation. She spoke lightly, ’’Stop talking for a while. Let me think deeper...’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu stopped talking and only sighed with sorrow.

She murmured, ’’Why is he the Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall? Why... Since Ling-Bao Hall was established, it never truly got involved in any disturbances. Why is it getting right into the affair of war between the kingdoms this time? ...’’

’’Who are you? What do you really look like?

’’What is your true identity?


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