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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 220


Chapter 220 - Heavenly Reverse Impact

After a while, there sounded a voice full of astonishment from inside the dark cloud. - Yi? -

It sounded like something suddenly happened and the person was unprepared and didn't know what to do.

The voice was exquisite, and at the same time, it was weirdly raucous.

After another while, the dark cloud suddenly exploded. - Boom. - It turned into endless streams of dark mist flying fast to different directions. The word 'fast' might not be appropriate enough, because they were moving rapidly like millions of arrows flying out.

The mansion house where the person stayed flied up to the sky and exploded in the air.

A harsh scream sounded and a stream of blood was shooting out fast. It got through the giant rock in front of the palace and then left a small red hole on it.

The next moment, a slim figure rushed out fast like lightning.

It was a figure with the aura of world-breaking. It rushed straight up to the sky and shouted to the sky, ’’Gods! Do you really want to extinguish the Misty Cloud Palace?’’

After she shouted, she stretched her arms and the air around her was actually shaking rapidly like water waves. The waves spread out gradually and countless mountains around suddenly collapsed.

It caused the collapse that covered the circumference of over three thousand miles.

At the moment, over a dozen figures rushed over flying from the palace on the ground. They looked at the one who was covered by streams of floating dark smoke. They felt frightened.

[What is going on?

The world-shocking, the second ranking powerful cultivator, our Prime Grandmaster, how come she suddenly turned mad?

Isn't she cultivating peacefully inside the house to seek for a chance to improve?

Why is she so out of control?]

’’What happened, Prime Grandmaster?’’ Several beautiful ladies rushed over to her.

’’I am doomed.’’

The Prime Grandmaster's face was covered behind some dark cloud. It was hard to see the expression on her face.

Yet the three words she just said were like the most shocking lightning striking on the crowd. They were all shaking in the air and almost fell down to the ground.

['I am doomed'?

Is our Prime Grandmaster dying?

If we lost our Prime Grandmaster, our Misty Cloud Palace will never be able to escape the fate of getting wiped out. We have been staying firmly in the Qing-Yun Realm because our Prime Grandmaster has been shocking the whole realm with her prowess.

If we lost our Prime Grandmaster... If she fell...]

’’Prime Grandmaster, what happened to you? Why did you say such unlucky words?’’ They asked anxiously.

The Prime Grandmaster would never curse herself for no reason, yet they still hoped that their Prime Grandmaster only felt frustrated because of the difficulty in her cultivation. They hoped that she wasn't really falling.

’’The Heavenly Reverse Impact...’’ The Prime Grandmaster didn't sound sad at all. In her voice, there was only pity and unwillingness.

It was peaceful and even indifferent.

However, there was like a monstrous flame of anger hidden inside her voice, which seemed able to burn the whole Qing-Yun Realm down.

’’Heavenly Reverse Impact? It actually is the Heavenly Reverse Impact!’’ They were all shocked.

’’Yes. I should have three more years to live. As long as I can find the Renascence Jade Lotus within three years, I can live one thousand years longer... I thought I owned the three years. I thought there was always hope when I had time. It is difficult to find the Renascence Jade Lotus indeed, but there are still chances.

However, I didn't expect this accident. I was cultivating just now, and suddenly, the Heavenly Reverse Impact happened on me. It interrupted my route to life and made the illness occur sooner than it should. Rather than three years, now I only have one month left.’’

The Prime Grandmaster spoke with a bland voice. It was so peaceful like a bowl of pure water.

However, such shocking news had astonished all the others. They suddenly didn't know what to say.

[One month.

That is what is left to us before our last guardian, the Prime Grandmaster, dies?]

When such a great grandmaster level cultivator died, her last breath would affect the phenomena of the world. At that moment, the whole Qing-Yun Realm would be covered by the glow and the sky would be full of colorful lotus patterns. Nobody could lie about it.

When that happened, the entire realm would realize this great cultivator, who had been shocking the realm and suppressing all the other cultivators in the realm, the guardian of the Misty Cloud Palace, was gone.

When that day comes, it would pronounce the end of the Misty Cloud Palace.

It was no joke that this sect would disappear within one night.

’’I am going to kill Xue Dan-Ru. You don't need to find me. Just live your lives and be good...’’ The Prime Grandmaster shouted and then her slim body rushed up in the air. Dark smoke was rolling from everywhere around her, and then it became a mass of cloud. She was heading to the east.

When she went far away, she made a shout that contained unwillingness.

’’Why did the gods never bless the tens of thousands of our people in the Misty Cloud Palace. How can we resolve such fatal problem?’’

The sadness and anger in her voice was difficult to suppress.

The others all could hear the anger, the sadness and the unwillingness in their Prime Grandmaster's voice. It meant helplessness and desperation.

She didn't say much to them, except two simple lines. That 'live your lives and be good' had revealed lots of her thoughts.

They looked at the rolling dark cloud moving further and further away like the sky was cracking down. They knew that they might never see their Prime Grandmaster again in their lives.

She was never coming back to them.

Yet they still didn't want to leave. They just kept looking to the east sentimentally, even though their Prime Grandmaster had already disappeared from their sights.

When they finally saw something different in the east sky, the sky actually turned endlessly red like flames...

That meant the countless volcanoes in the east bursted at the same time for some reason.

The entire sky in the east was dyed with red.

That meant their Prime Grandmaster... made her strike.

She was trying to remove the biggest threat of their sect with the rest of her life.

The ladies were all weeping and moaning with sorrow.

’’What is the Misty Cloud Palace going to do without our Prime Grandmaster?’’

’’Without the Misty Cloud Palace, who in this whole world would be willing to hold justice for us, the weak females?’’

They lost control and cried out loud.

’’We are not leaving.’’

’’We won't leave. Not even if we will die.’’

’’We will just wait for the day when the Prime Grandmaster passes and the enemies all come to us. We are going to perish together with our enemies!’’


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