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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 215


Chapter 215 - Ye Xiao Burst

’’As for my own life and death... I know what I am doing. Don't you worry about it that much.’’ Bing Xin-Yue spoke and stood up.

Ye Xiao watched her walking out. He was extremely astonished.

He actually couldn't say a word to stop her.

At the moment, a white figure flashed at the door. A slim figure stopped Bing Xin-Yue, ’’Master, please don't go!’’

It was exactly Wen-Ren Chu-Chu.

Bing Xin-Yue spoke with a dark face, ’’Get away. Why are you still tugging back and forth like this? You are a grown up lady. How is this dignified?’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu held her waist and spoke with tears, ’’I am not letting you go! Master, I have grown up in a Royal Family. Even my mother hasn't treated me as well as you do... If you give up this chance to live, I... I will die with you!’’

Bing Xin-Yue sighed and said, ’’Silly girl. There is... only one Regeneration Jade Lotus.’’

’’Even though there is only one Regeneration Jade Lotus, it should be yours!’’ Wen-Ren Chu-Chu spoke stubbornly, ’’If not for you, why would I spend that much effort to find the Regeneration Ink Lotus... Now I have it and it has become the Regeneration Jade Lotus. That is the blessing from gods. The gods want you to take it, Master! If you want me to give it to someone else, I just can't be that generous.’’

Bing Xin-Yue's face turned dark and she said, ’’Chu-Chu, we are Misty Cloud people. From now on, you have to learn to be generous like this!’’

She sighed and said, ’’Women in the worlds are in such low positions. The Misty Cloud Palace has granted us the possibility to rule the world and look down upon all the realms... If we don't have the sect, we must be merely in a state of disunity. As long as the sect is still there, we will be treated honorably. That is a glory of ours.

We need to protect the glory!

Even if we need to die for it, we should do it! It is worthwhile!’’

She continued, ’’With my capability, I am only in the middle of the ranking in the Qing-Yun Realm. I am not strong enough to protect our sect and keep it running. I can't make our sect shocking in the entire Qing-Yun Realm... That is why it will be of limited use if I take the Regeneration Jade Lotus. Chu-Chu, you must understand this.’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu burst into tears, ’’No! I don't care! I want you to live!’’

Bing Xin-Yue sighed and didn't know what to say next.

’’Hmm...’’ Suddenly Wen-Ren Chu-Chu wiped the tears and blinked. She said, ’’Right! There is this guy Feng Zhi-Ling... His Purple Sky-Fire can burn the disease that was created by our martial art. I tried it before. It really worked well. Master, you...’’

Bing Xin-Yue humphed and said, ’’Never ever mention that again.’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu held her tight and didn't let go, ’’Master, please just listen to me once.’’

Bing Xin-Yue eventually got mad and she said, ’’Let go!’’

At this moment, Ye Xiao finally said something. He said, ’’Lady Bing.’’

Bing Xin-Yue answered coldly, ’’What?’’

’’I know that you ladies in the Misty Cloud Palace see virginity as an extremely important thing. And you are strongly against marriage.’’ He spoke slowly, ’’However, compared to life, I think that life is always the more important one. After all, one can only talk about future and all other things when he or she is alive. Once he or she is dead, everything that might happen will be gone.’’

’’Most importantly...’’ He didn't let Bing Xin-Yue argue and he said, ’’I can make Regeneration Jade Lotus, and naturally, I can make Regeneration Ink Lotus too... Maybe you are too troubled at the moment so you haven't noticed that this Regeneration Jade Lotus doesn't have any seeds! You people are specialists on raising Regeneration Lotus. You must how the Regeneration Ink Lotus becomes Regeneration Jade Lotus. After the Regeneration Ink Lotus is withered, it will bloom again. And only when it bloom again can it be transformed into a Regeneration Jade Lotus, after being changed on its structure with some special materials... Am I right?’’

Bing Xin-Yue was enlightened. She turned around and said, ’’Of course I know that. The seeds of the Regeneration Ink Lotus usually grow within a second and then fall to the floor instantly. They will melt once they touch the floor. It is extremely difficult to collect them... You... Did you actually collect them successfully?’’

Ye Xiao nodded and reached out his hand. Over a dozen black seeds showed up in his hands. They were like black pearls rolling in his hands.

Bing Xin-Yue stared at Ye Xiao. The expressions in her eyes kept changing fast. They were full of fierceness. That was no doubt. The black seeds on Ye Xiao's hands had an extreme attraction to her!

She knew what those seeds meant to her.

She knew what those seeds meant to her sect too!

No matter what, she had to get them!

And she knew this Feng Zhi-Ling was a very capable man! She had to draw him over to her side. She had never seen anybody who could control the future of a super great sect on his own except for Feng Zhi-Ling!

She took a deep breath in and there were some sadness and decisiveness on her pretty face. She spoke slowly, ’’Is this your bargaining chip, Master Feng?’’

Ye Xiao was shocked, ’’Bargaining chip? What do you mean?’’

’’Don't you just want... me...’’ Bing Xin-Yue blushed and she turned rather furious. She said, ’’You want to exchange for my virginity with the seeds? You know I can't say no to what you are offering. That is why you want me to say it myself so badly. It makes you feel much more successful, right?!’’

Ye Xiao felt like his brain was in knots. He kept his eyes opened and his mouth wide opened. He couldn't think of anything to say and stayed quiet for a long time.

[Oh my bloody god! What is the problem?

What is the logic inside this lady's brain?

How can she connect two totally different things together and talk like she knows everything? And she made it sound like it was real!]

’’Master Feng, you truly have profound eyes. Your offering is truly deadly attractive to me. Bing Xin-Yue cannot resist it. As you wish then, I say yes to you.’’ Bing Xin-Yue spoke coldly.

Ye Xiao burst eventually!

[What the hell is this?

What did I say?

I didn't say anything, did I?!!

And you actually said this kind of words?!

Do you want me to kill myself?]

’’Wait! Wait! I have to make a few things clear to you. First of all, I never promised to serve your sect. The deal between your disciple and I is sealed. It is over. Second, I feel sorry about what you encountered, but I never said that I had to save you. Even though you are pitying yourself, you should keep it under a reasonable line. Third, I am not that kind of dirty man that will trade se* with some things. And last...’’

Ye Xiao spoke coldly, ’’Please get out! Immediately! Now!’’

Bing Xin-Yue completely blushed.

After hearing what Ye Xiao said, how could she not know that she had mistaken him?

She suddenly felt extremely ashamed.

[He is so kind and keeps trying to get me cured, yet I actually mistook him with some kind of dirty man!]


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