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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 214


Chapter 214 - Such A Big Mistake!

’’As you can see, I have spent a lot to forcibly develop this Regeneration Jade Lotus. During the process, I have used a secret treasure of my sect. That's why I could make it within such a short time, and it could have such high quality. As long as the materials are good enough, I do have the confidence to develop it into the Renascence Jade Lotus. However, the way I developed it is a one-off method. It is unrepeatable. It can only be used once!’’

No matter what, Ye Xiao still tried to make the time longer, because he felt it was too dangerous...

By any possibility, if he was captured to take care of the medical matters, the rest of his life would be most likely ruined.

’’Hmm? Do you mean you cannot develop any more Regeneration Ink Lotus?’’

’’Well, not exactly. Just that it will take me a longer time to do it. The next time if I want to develop a Regeneration Ink Lotus into another Regeneration Jade Lotus, it may take me three to five years. If I want to make it turn into a Renascence Jade Lotus, it will probably take me three hundred to five hundred years. Well I can just say that it doesn't really seem that good compared to the developing method that your sect uses...’’

’’Three hundred to five hundred years...’’ Bing Xin-Yue frowned and said, ’’Hmm. Can I understand it like this? From three hundred years to five hundred years, if we still have plenty of materials it needs and we just keep spending whatever we have, we can get it done in three hundred years. Right?’’

Ye Xiao looked at her with praise and said, ’’That's right.’’

Bing Xin-Yue frowned and thought for a long while, before she spoke again, ’’If so, apart from this Regeneration Jade Lotus we already have, it is still more than enough for us...’’

When she was saying this, at first, she was still frowning, and then she looked obviously relieved. She was actually speaking with relief.

’’Other than that, if I have a Renascence Jade Lotus and plenty of materials like we said, I can spend five thousand years to develop it into a spiritual object which only exists in the myth.’’

Ye Xiao said with a deep voice, ’’That is... the Great Heavens Golden Lotus.’’

’’Great Heavens Golden Lotus!’’ Bing Xin-Yue immediately stood up, ’’You can make it a Great Heavens Golden Lotus? Are you really that confident about it?’’

Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’Surely I can't be confident about it if I work on it myself. You heard me. I said it should be like what we talked about. There should be plenty of resources and we have to keep spending whatever we have on it. To make a Great Heavens Golden Lotus... I believe it is just a matter of time.’’

Bing Xin-Yue's charming body shook. Her pale cheeks were suddenly covered by two small pieces of red. She started to breathe rapidly.

The Great Heavens Golden Lotus was one of the nine legendary Grand Spiritual Objects that only existed in the myth.

It was the necessary thing for the people in her sect who wanted to reach the peak of their cultivation!

In fact, it was the thing that could allow them get rid of the limits of life and death, and make them get to the clinking path to the grand success!

Such a thing had only existed in the myth. Nobody had ever really seen it.

Not even the people in the history who had built their sect. They had only contacted with some rather high-quality Renascence Jade Lotus, yet never had seen any Great Heavens Golden Lotus in their lives. However, at this day, in such a low-class realm Land of Han-Yang, it was spoken by Feng Zhi-Ling with a casual tone.

’’May I ask what resources you need during the development process?’’ Bing Xin-Yue asked with short breaths.

’’I know you must feel weird about it. The more I say, the more dangerous the situation will be for me. I am surprised too. I really am. Why don't you attack me and capture me? I am the guy who can control the future of your sect.’’ Ye Xiao looked at her and said gently, ’’In fact, the reason why I keep talking so much is simple. If you don't take the Regeneration Jade Lotus, you will have only half a year to live.’’

’’It will be such a shame that a pretty lady will die in half a year.’’ Ye Xiao was being frank, ’’I don't want you to die. If you die, someone will be in deep sorrow. To keep you alive, I can only give you the hope and motivation to live. What I said is all that I used to give you the hope and the motivation!’’

Bing Xin-Yue was stunned. And then she blushed.

’’You... What do you mean by saying such words? It has nothing to do with you whether I am dead or alive!’’ Bing Xin-Yue showed him a cold face. She looked at Ye Xiao with a bit of anger and said slowly, ’’Master Feng, please be self-dignified!’’

Ye Xiao was astonished.

He was so speechless with his head full of black lines.

Obviously, Bing Xin-Yue had misunderstood him.

[Oh my fxcking god! That is a huge mistake!

I am not doing it for you! I just don't want my Lian-Lian (Jun Ying-Lian) to be upset again. I don't want her best friend die. That is all! Nothing else!

What the hack are you thinking?]

In fact, it wasn't Bing Xin-Yue's fault that she misunderstood him this time.

It was just because he was so dumb on affection affairs!

He was just so...

A girl, who was so pretty and so elegant, single and in a perfect age, heard a guy talking to her sentimentally, 'I don't want you to die. If you die, someone will be in deep sorrow'.

That seemed to mean 'I don't want you to die and I rather put myself into great dangers to give you hope to live on'...

The words 'if you die, someone will be in deep sorrow' seemed to be perfectly true for Ye Xiao.

Because he thought that Jun Ying-Lian would be extremely upset if she died.

[How can I let my Lian-Lian feel upset with such deep sorrow! How can that happen!]

However, it just didn't sound like that in Bing Xin-Yue's mind.

[What do you mean someone will be in deep sorrow if I die? What do you mean? Who will be upset?

I am going to die in the Land of Han-Yang. There is only one person who knows me and it is my disciple. Of course she will be sad, but... Feng Zhi-Ling just said 'someone'.

If he meant Chu-Chu, he would probably say 'Chu-Chu will be in deep sorrow'.

I don't think he needs to avoid mentioning Chu-Chu.]

This 'someone' is truly so meaningful after all...

’’I didn't mean that! Don't misunderstand! You truly are mistaking me!’’ Ye Xiao spoke with his eyes widely opened.

’’Heh heh. I know what I heard. I will know if I mistake anything. You yourself know well what exactly you meant!’’ Bing Xin-Yue smiled coldly and handed over the Regeneration Jade Lotus, ’’Thank you all the same though, Master Feng. Problems about the Regeneration Jade Lotus will be in your hands. Please, try your best.’’

’’Our sect will offer whatever you need on developing the Regeneration Ink Lotus and Regeneration Jade Lotus. No matter what you need, you don't need to worry. Besides, we will never mistreat you, Master Feng. As for those overladen thoughts in your mind, you should better stop having it...’’ Bing Xin-Yue spoke blandly.

Ye Xiao was totally speechless at the moment.

That was such a big mistake!


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