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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 212


Chapter 212 - How Did He Know?

Bing Xin-Yue said, ’’Since then, our people had found some Regeneration Lotus here and there, yet they were all Regeneration Ink Lotus. There had never been any Regeneration Jade Lotus, nor any Renascence Jade Lotus. Our Renascence Saint Garden had been ruined. We had lost our capability to develop the Regeneration Lotus. However, even though there was only a limited amount of Regeneration Ink Lotus, we still kept saving them for others. We wanted... that those who were more likely to have brighter future and had more potentials to have them. Some of them were rather capable in cultivation, while some of them were powerful enough to protect our sect at that moment. We sacrificed the others to make sure this sect could live on.’’

’’That is the reason... why I don't want to use the Regeneration Ink Lotus...’’ She sighed, ’’Nobody wants to die. If I can, I surely won't give up my chance. However... There has to be... someone to carry on the tradition of this sect, which has been running for tens of thousands of years. So... There has to be someone standing forward to set a good example for the young generations... Otherwise, I am afraid this sect will fall apart before that prediction will come true...’’

Ye Xiao coughed. He showed a complex expression on his face. [Since when did I actually need to carry such a heavy responsibility on my shoulder?]

So he said, ’’However... Even though there is a good reason for that, I still think that everything happened too fast. You didn't think that I am the one mentioned in that prediction, did you? I just casually made up something like 'Purple Sky-Fire' thing. I have the gelid qi and fire qi inside my body though. But that is just too reckless! Don't you think?’’

Bing Xin-Yue smiled and didn't say anything.

In fact, she did feel strange about all this.

Since Ye Xiao spoke the phrase 'Misty Cloud Bing Xin-Yue;Broad Heaven Jun Yin-Lian', Bing Xin-Yue had felt something was wrong.

For her, a stranger who knew that much about the secret of her sect should be killed instantly!

However, she somehow felt that this man was reliable and trustful. She believed that he wouldn't do anything to harm her, Chu-Chu or her sect.

When this feeling came up in her mind, she questioned herself a lot. She wanted to figure out what was this feeling and why she would feel so.

That was why she hadn't woken Ye Xiao up and just sat by the window thinking, even though Ye Xiao had been lying there for a long time.

There was another thing she couldn't understand yet.

[When Sister Jun asked my opinion about this thing, I was against it, but it was not because of my pride of being a person from a great sect. I actually just didn't want to protect myself by using her title. And at that time, my sect was in such a dangerous situation. If our secret spread out, our sect would surely come to a second fall. At that time, I just didn't want Sister Jun to fall along with me...

My cultivation ability and my fame were far from being at the same stage with her. I am too far behind her.

That was why I rejected her.

Luckily, she didn't insist. So this thing became out of anybody's mind.

However, I can be sure... In the whole Qing-Yun Realm, there should only be very few people who know this. In fact, it is not only less than five.

In fact... it should only be three!

There are only three people who know about it!

The Xiao Monarch, Jun Ying-Lian and me.

At that time, that Xiao Monarch was Sister Jun's lover. I have been hating him for so many years! That bastard!

He was the one who ruined my sister's life!

I didn't know whether it was because I cursed him too much and it came true or what. After three years, everybody suddenly said that he was hunted and died leaving nothing behind. Not even a piece of his soul.]

When she got the news about the Xiao Monarch's death that day, she was so shocked that she felt like passing out, because she knew very clearly how much her beloved sister loved that man. It must be a fatal strike to Jun Ying-Lian to hear about the Xiao Monarch's death!

So after she made sure the news was true, she went to Jun Ying-Lian without any hesitation. When she arrived, she found Jun Ying-Lian had been like a dead person because of sadness.

Jun Ying-Lian was so pallid that Bing Xin-Yue nearly couldn't recognize her...

After staying with Jun Ying-Lian for half a month, she successfully made her feel a little better. She had never stopped pushing Jun Ying-Lian to hate all those killers so that she could have a goal to live on...

After that, she left the Qing-Yun Realm for the Land of Han-Yang.

At the beginning, she just wanted to live and die alone in this realm with her closest disciple. That was how she wanted to spend the rest of her life. In fact, she also didn't want Jun Ying-Lian to know that she died if she did. She wanted her beloved sister to live happier.

Yet she never expected that she could actually meet the guy in the prediction of her sect!

However, this guy was truly weak. That was so surprising to her.

He was so weak that even an ant might be stronger than him. That was what she thought!

[But... how did he get to know the two phrases after all?

There should be only three people who know that. One is dead. As I know, Sister Jun would never tell anybody else about this.

So it is impossible that either of them let it out. It can't be myself for sure. Then... Why does this Feng Zhi-Ling... know about it?

It is so weird!

It is actually hard to believe and impossible to explain!]

Bing Xin-Yue was lost in thought and confusion.

Ye Xiao was also silent at the moment.

He seemed to have a lot of questions too.

However, he didn't dare to ask, because he didn't know how to.

Because he wasn't prepared to face the answers yet.

They just stayed silent for a long time.

Yet none of them left.

Everything became so weird when nobody talked in the room.

’’Master Feng...’’

After being quiet for a long while, Bing Xin-Yue opened her mouth first and said, ’’Can I have a look at the Regeneration Jade Lotus that you successfully developed?’’



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