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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 210


Chapter 210 - The Doom Of The Misty Cloud

’’That is the huge flaw of our top martial art! I don't think it is strange to you now, Master Feng.

In fact, that fight was caused by this martial art.

At that time, there were lots of superior cultivators in the Misty Cloud Palace. Our main martial art was powerful, fierce and invincible. Although we were all females, we were very likely going to rule the whole realm. Under such situation, all the other forces sensed the threat. They knew we were most likely the sect that would rule the whole Qing-Yun Realm.

None of them would allow it.

That's why they formed an alliance to fight against the Misty Cloud Palace under the lead of Wu Fa... Tens of thousands of our brave ladies died under their attacks. The seven senior great masters died fighting. The entire Misty Cloud Palace fell apart immediately like a dispersing star cloud... Only those main disciples of our different groups escaped with their own martial arts earlier before they couldn't. They were hiding in some deserted places waiting for the day for them to return.’’

Maybe Bing Xin-Yue was tough enough. When she was telling the sad story about her own sect, her face still held that bland kind of expression. It sounded like she was just talking about some normal story. Only the clenched fists of hers showed that she was not that calm as she looked like.

’’Wu Fa...’’ Ye Xiao murmured.

’’Yes. Wu Fa. He is the No.1 superior cultivator in the Qing-Yun Realm. His title is The Unruliness.’’ When Bing Xin-Yue said this name, she showed the extreme hatred in her voice, ’’He built his own fame in that fight. He became authoritative to the others and he can stand above anyone in that realm...’’

Ye Xiao nodded, ’’I see.’’

Wu Fa is the 'One Person' of the 'One Person, Two Temples, Three Palace and Seven Factions' that was mentioned before. Ye Xiao didn't know that it was that fight that made this man became the dominator of the realm.

’’There were countless superior cultivators in the Misty Cloud Palace back then. We were strong enough to be over all the other forces. However, after being hunted by the united force of all the other forces, we lost our power. The most serious damage was that our main martial art was broken in that fight... After seven thousand years, the main forces of the Qing-Yun Realm became stable and were kept in a balance. The Misty Cloud Palace seized the chance to return to the Qing-Yun Realm. And now we are one of the most powerful forces in the Qing-Yun Realm.

Yet because of our damaged martial art, we lost the opportunity to became as important as the 'Two Temples'. Now we are in the third range. Even though we hate them all in the Qing-Yun Realm, we never really dare to do anything against them.

All our people are enduring humiliation in order to keep existing in that realm... People unreasonably keep calling us the 'Evil Palace', yet we can only accept it and struggle for living in the Qing-Yun Realm.

The recent three thousand years, we have developed a lot and finally become strong enough to shock the world. We finally rule some places, however, nobody knows how much we have sacrificed for it.’’

Bing Xin-Yue watched the cloud in the sky of the night. Her face had an extremely bitter smile.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath out and said, ’’I see.’’

He truly didn't know anything about it. In his previous life, he only knew that the Misty Cloud Palace was merely the most famous Evil Palace. He reckoned that all the ladies in the Misty Cloud Palace were mad killers. He had never thought that things were actually like that.

However, Bing Xin-Yue didn't have to tell Ye Xiao all about the story though.

That was the big secret of a sect. It was merely the first time she met Feng Zhi-Ling, yet she actually told him everything... The most important thing was that she and her disciple were both from the enemy kingdom of Feng Zhi-Ling's.

Ye Xiao was the Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall, Feng Zhi-Ling. Ling-Bao Hall had announced that they were completely loyal to the Kingdom of Chen earlier. No matter if it was Feng Zhi-Ling or Ye Xiao, she shouldn't be so close to him!

Then why did Bing Xin-Yue do so?

No matter what, she must not be a careless and naive girl!

Ye Xiao was confused about this.

’’My Misty Cloud Palace can still stand as one of the most powerful sects in the Qing-Yun Realm, even though we have lost our basic martial art, because we have the capability. Even though we have the problem in our martial art, we have been studying it for a long time since we hide in the deserted land. We finally figured it out. The Regeneration Jade Lotus can fix us. Different kinds of the Regeneration Lotus can solve our problems in different levels. At the initial stage, we need the Regeneration Ink Lotus. At the middle stage, we need the Regeneration Jade Lotus. As we improved, we will need the Renascence Jade Lotus... It was difficult to plant the Regeneration Lotus and it is easy to die, but after thousands of years of study and practice, we can finally handle it. Three years ago, we were suddenly attacked by an unexpected gelid storm...’’ Bing Xin-Yue's eyes were full of sadness. She said with a bitter smile, ’’The forbidden area of our sect, Renascence Saint Garden, was ruined because of that accident...’’

Ye Xiao was enlightened and he said, ’’The Renascence Saint Garden must be the place you raised the Regeneration Lotus?’’

Bing Xin-Yue smiled bitterly and said, ’’Yes, it was. That day, a flying star flew across the sky. The Misty Mountain suddenly fell into the extreme cold current... All the superior cultivators had tried their best, but still couldn't stop the attack of the cold current. After no longer than half a day, tens of thousands of Regeneration Ink Lotus, Regeneration Jade Lotus and Renascence Jade Lotus in the Renascence Saint Garden were all frozen and died in this disaster...’’

’’At the end, none of those lotus was left for us under the attack of the cold current. We lost them all!’’

Bing Xin-Yue sighed and stopped talking.

’’None of them?!’’ Ye Xiao was shocked.

’’What was that cold current? Basically, if it was some normal cold current of the realm, even one Mengyuan cultivator could protect the whole land easily... And you are a Daoyuan cultivator... Under the efforts of all the superior cultivators of your sect, how could such a thing happen?’’ Ye Xiao asked.

’’We don't know. When we think about it every now and then, it is still like a nightmare to us... That day when the cold current attacked, the cold qi was enough to freeze the whole world. Most strangely, that cold current just laid impacts on the Misty Mountain and that was all... Thousands of our girls were injured by that cold current in our sect... Some of them who were seriously injured had been frozen into powders and fell down to the floor like a pile of ice...’’ Bing Xin-Yue's eyes were full of fear and sadness.

Ye Xiao was astonished.


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