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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 201


Chapter 201 - How Dare You Hit Me?

Master Bai watched the bamboo forest shook and slowly stopped frowning. He said softly, ’’No matter what happens in the coming three days, I don't want to be disturbed... I need to relax and calm myself down.’’

[The more intense things are, the more relaxed I need to be. I guess I should give myself a vacation...] Master Bai smiled casually, [Even though the pressures are all on my shoulder, if I don't care, who can compel me to?]

Thinking about that, he suddenly laughed loudly. He seemed to be extremely relaxed at the moment.

At the night, Ye Xiao was cultivating, and so was Song Jue. Wan Zheng-Hao and others were also cultivating.

The moon was bright in the sky. Its glow had lit up the whole world. It was a bright moon.

The moon remained the same until Ye Xiao got out in the latter part of the night. In fact... the moon kept being bright for a whole night.

The strangest thing was that no matter who was cultivating that night, when they stopped, they would realize that they had been improved a lot faster than before in cultivation.

After cultivating one night, they were improved like they had been cultivating for ten days.

It was weird, but they all kept it a secret in mind and didn't want to tell anybody.

They thought it was their great fortune after all, so they wouldn't want to let others know. It would just draw jealousy.

There was another thing that happened that night.

The whole family of Wang Da-Nian, the head of the guards in the Crown Prince's Palace, got wiped out, including their servants.

No one survived.

All dead bodies were placed tidily in their yard.

Wang Da-Nian's face was in extreme horror. It seemed he had been terrified badly before he died.

There were lots of wounds on his body. His inner organs were all ripped into pieces.

Apparently, the murderer or murderers were questioning him before they killed him.

Nobody knew what the murderer wanted to know, and nobody knew how Wan Da-Nian answered. It stayed as an unsolved mystery.

At the noon of the next day, the news about Wang Da-Nian's death finally spread out.

For other families, most of them would just sigh. Some of them were gloating and they incensed to their ancestors to celebrate finally, another monster vanished...

[Wang Da-Nian must have messed with someone he should never did. Otherwise, how could he die so miserably?]

The Crown Prince showed a totally different attitude when he heard about it.

He jumped up from the chair and his face suddenly turned pale.

’’What... Anybody knows who did it?’’

’’Anybody knows what the murderer asked Wang Da-Nian?’’

When he asked the two questions, he was heavily sweating.

He knew that there was something that if Wang Da-Nian told to others, it would lead to a severe consequence.

However, nobody could answer him.

Maybe there was someone who had the answers, and it was whoever killed the whole family of Wang Da-Nian.

However, the murderer would never answer him after all.

The Crown Princess stood aside coldly and said blandly, ’’Even if the murderer did get to know the truth about your dirty secret, so what? It might not be someone of the House of Ye. In fact, even if it was, so what? Don't forget that no matter how strong that man is, he is merely an underling of the Kingdom of Chen. And you, you are the noble heir of the throne, the kin of the dragons, the Crown Prince. I don't understand what you are so afraid of?’’

The Crown Prince said annoyedly, ’’What do you woman know about it? It is easy for you to talk. If it really is that simple, would I be so troubled? The kingdom is now in danger. We need Ye Nan-Tian to save us all. Even if we are in a peaceful time, he is still a great powerful man. The royal kin means nothing to him. And you actually didn't realize such an apparent situation?’’

- Pah! - He threw a cup on the floor and said with anger, ’’At the very least, I am merely a Crown Prince! Merely! Do you understand?’’

’’I do.’’ The Crown Princess said coldly, ’’The kind that will be replaced at anytime.’’

- Pahh! -

The Crown Prince slapped her on the face and said with a horrible expression, ’’Don't ever say that again, you cunt!’’

The Crown Princess's face was pushed aside. Her hair were flying. She turned over her face slowly and kept her eyes half-closed. She said coldly, ’’How dare you?’’

The Crown Prince said coldly, ’’What? Can't I?’’

The Crown Princess nodded slowly and said blandly, ’’Yes, you can.’’

And then all of a sudden, she jumped up and grabbed the Crown Prince's hair. She pushed him down and held him to the floor. And then she slapped on him fiercely, ’’Since I married you, I have brought you countless advantages. I have given you your present position. Now you hit me? How dare you hit me?’’

And then she slapped him again.

’’Without my Mu Clan, without me, do you really think you can be the Crown Prince yourself? You are merely an ordinary useless prince. You are the second son of the king. You have no schemes or profound thoughts. Now you dare to hit me?’’

The Crown Princess was stronger than the Crown Prince. He was now restrained by his wife and couldn't get free. His face turned red because of being slapped. He could move a bit, but he only shouted angrily, ’’Get off me!’’

’’Those plots we made for you in those years. At first, we made the oldest prince die. And then we let the Concubine Li get caught for adultery. We made the Queen Yu get abrogated. We killed those youngest princes in their swaddles... We did all these things successfully and made you the Crown Prince. The Mu Clan did them all! Now you hit me?!’’

She slapped him again. Her pretty face actually became horrible.

’’My brother kept hanging among those people with powers in the court because of you. He had done a lot and suffered a lot. When he died, you didn't even avenge him! Now you hit me?’’

She didn't stopped talking or slapping. She slapped faster and faster, heavier and heavier. The slapping was like raining.

- Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pahhh... -

Since they got married, the Crown Prince had always been the one who made the calls. The Crown Princess never violated him ever. This was the first time she actually took an aggressive move to her husband. It was truly a drastic move.

It had been just a while and the Crown Prince had been slapped into a turgid face. He couldn't stop moaning.

He had been the Crown Prince firmly for years. He enjoyed the high position and he did develop into a distinguished man. He had been able to hide the emotions deep in his heart.

However, under such torture, all those he developed were gone.

He was just a pathetic poor guy who kept being slapped.

After a while, the Crown Princess finally vented her anger. She gasped and stood up slowly. She said with pride, ’’Your highness, never see yourself a noble Crown Prince with a high position in front of me. I am handling all your darkest histories... Never treat women as if they are something you can casually insult. Sometimes, a woman's strength can be so strong that you can't even resist it. Do you understand? Do you get it?’’

’’We can support you, and also destroy you.’’ When she said this, she sounded extremely cold-blooded.

The Prince breathed heavily. He stood up staggeringly and spat out something with blood. When he looked at the Crown Princess, there was fear in his eyes. He murmured, ’’If you didn't tell me to poison Ye Xiao, how could I end up like this? We have messed with Ye Nan-Tian, who is powerful, law-breaking and horrible. If he truly turned against us, we are so going to die. Don't you think you are to be blamed too?’’

The Crown Princess said coldly, ’’Do you think we should talk about right and wrong at the moment? It was one step of our plan to poison Ye Xiao. Didn't you agree with it? There were a lot more steps other than poisoning Ye Xiao. And we only wanted to make you stay firm as the Crown Prince and crack down your two brothers. Poisoning Ye Xiao to make Ye Nan-Tian turn crazy should be the most important step to weaken the king's strength. If not, how can you control the armies? All steps were well proceeded. The only mistake is that Ye Nan-Tian is in control of the military force of the kingdom too much. We can barely challenge it. Yet it is never a mistake from the plan. Sometimes, people are weaker compared to what they planned. It is not our fault.’’

The Crown Prince was quiet. And then he suddenly shouted, ’’Not your fault? You are truly good in shifting the blame. Wasn't your Mu Clan handling everything? You have done everything and pushed everything to the edges. Then you messed with somebody you could never be able to deal with, so you just left! All of you! You all left me such a shitty mess. That is what your Mu Clan has done!’’

’’The famous Mu Clan has offended a maid of someone called Master Bai. It was just a maid. She actually scared such a great clan to a trembling tortoise... Hahaha... Haha... The eight noble clans... The eight noble clans... I thought you must be very powerful and strong. Yet I was wrong. When you messed with someone stronger, you actually went to his door and kneeled asking for forgiveness. Even though he had killed hundreds of your men, you still kneeled to them for forgiveness... Hahaha... What a powerful Mu Clan!’’

The Crown Prince was sneering.

At the moment, a cold voice sounded out of nowhere, ’’People from the Mu Clan have always been here. We never truly left. It was you, your highness. You have left us.’’


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