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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 200


Chapter 200 - Master Bai's Concern

[Humph. No matter what, there is nobody in this world that can be more important than my disciple. The first thing I should do is to take Su Ye-Yue back to my place. She needs to have a bone-ablution. Her muscles and bones should be replaced with the Universal Spiritual Root and Ingenious Jade Bones as soon as possible.

It will be worse if she gets it later. She is not a child after all...

That power is strong and infinite, but it is in the initial stage. It still needs a long time to truly be able to threaten me. To me, it is now just like a joke.]

Thinking of that, Meng Huai-Qing didn't want to go back to the city anymore. She held Su Ye-Yue's little hand and said gently, ’’Let's go.’’

She waved her right hand and they suddenly entered the dark from the light. The whole Land of Han-Yang disappeared in their sights. Su Ye-Yue saw endless streams of star rivers.

With her master's, Meng Huai-Qing's, lead, she was like stepping on the stars walking upward.

Meng Huai-Qing's white clothes were floating. She was like a flying star rushing ahead with Su Ye-Yue. Countless spaces appeared and disappeared behind them. The two pretty ladies were going straight up to somewhere above the sky...

After just a short time, they had been through endless spaces and travelled for a long distance.

The Land of Han-Yang should be millions miles away.

It might be further away though.


The war had been changed quietly.

Nobody in the Chen-Xing City knew about it though.

Ye Nan-Tian was on his way to the north. Maybe he hadn't arrived yet. Nobody knew, because his position became a secret. People thought he was still in the capital.

The battles were failing in both the east and the west.

The south had been stable after all. It will never be a problem to the kingdom for a very long time.

The Chen-Xing City was in a huge disturbance. The news about Ling-Bao Hall holding an auction had attracted too many people.

There were too many.

Endless superior cultivators, even those who had been hidden away for decades, were all showing up in the city.

Countless flags of different sects were shown in the Chen-Xing City too.

The big sects, the great sects and those hidden sects were all showing up in the city.

At the same time, two ladies in white with silk on their faces entered the city through the west gate silently.


It was in the bamboo forest.

Master Bai was frowning with a face full of doubts.

[What is going on?]

’’Everybody just disappeared.’’

A man in black said lightly in front of him, ’’Mission failed.’’


’’Well... I don't know.’’


’’I heard that at the beginning of the fight, some tourists saw them. It was a tough fight and our men were in great advantage. Although one of Su Ye-Yue's guards was far above our estimation and we failed to get them at once, but we were surrounding them. At the most important moment when they were about to die in our men's hands, suddenly, all of them disappeared...’’

’’Including Su Ye-Yue?’’ Master Bai frowned.


’’No dead bodies. Nothing?’’

’’No. No exceptions. They all disappeared.’’

Master Bai took a breath in and frowned.

One more strange thing happened after all those had happened in his life.

He was troubled by the mysterious disappearance of the Heavenly Mystery.

Yet what happened now was much stranger.

He stayed silent for a while and waved his hand to let the man go away. He moved his wheelchair and got to the window. He murmured, ’’Was it my mother?’’

He concentrated himself to sense his mother, yet there was no trace of his mother in this world.

’’She is gone... It shouldn't be her then.’’ Master Bai was lost in thoughts, ’’Then... What happened? Who can make over a hundred superior cultivators disappear at the same time? Who in this realm can do that? Whoever he is, he should be at at least the grandmaster levels of the Grade of Daoyuan.’’

’’Would it be...’’ Master Bai's body shook and his eyes emitted sharp glows, ’’Would it be... the Purple Lotus Decree Master... Is he really in the Land of Han-Yang? And maybe he is recovered to his perfect condition? He is even improved a lot?

Even if he is recovered and improved, how could he dare to challenge me?’’

He kept thinking and thinking. He still couldn't figure it out. At the moment, a small eagle flew into the bamboo forest fast.

There was a little bamboo bottle on its talons.

He opened the bottle and there was the recent important news in it.

It was some news that he would never want to know.

'Strange scene happened in the south. There were huge stones falling from the sky all of a sudden. That blocked our attack route. The troops didn't know what to do. It is impossible to get the south down...'

He read the news and then humphed. He finally confirmed something and he sighed and murmured, ’’Mother... If you want to come, you just come. Why did you go destroy your son's plan? Is it what you do to punish me for not going back home with you?’’

He finally figured it out.

There was no other person who could make such things happen in the world. The Purple Lotus Decree Master might be able to get over a hundred men killed instantly, but he could never do things like moving the mountains and changing the rivers.

Only his mother was capable of that.

Now that his mother had left, the rocks from the sky that kept his men away could never be moved.

He could only accept the truth and bitterly smile.

In fact, Meng Huai-Qing had no idea her own son was the one who planned all this.

She never knew that those men she killed were her son's men.

To her, it was totally an accident. And she wouldn't know the truth, because she was going back with her satisfying disciple.

Even if she got to know it, she wouldn't care about it. She had just killed some ants of her son and just helped another group of ants for her beloved disciple. That meant nothing to her.

As for her son... She would see it as a punishment.

Master Bai was holding the note and said with a dark face, ’’Inform Lady Wan and tell her to come back quickly.’’

He had just placed an order to summon Wan of The Cloud, and another piece of news came to him quickly. This one had really frightened him.

He failed to kidnap Su Ye-Yue;all his men died;mountains from the sky blocked his army and made him lose the south battle. These could never make him feel troubled. Yet the information he just got had truly frightened him.

'According to the spy's information, there was a mysterious cultivator who took Su Ye-Yue as her disciple. All we know at the moment is that this cultivator is a female with unbelievably strong power. She is elegant and proud. People couldn't dare to look directly at her. Nobody knows about her history or where she is heading. She is missing at the moment along with Su Ye-Yue.'

He felt anxious knowing such truth.

He had to change his plan now as things were out of his expectation so much.

He might need to cancel his whole plan and make a new one.

It was all because of Su Ye-Yue's mysterious master.

Others might not know who that mysterious master was, but Master Bai surely knew her. She had to be his mother.

[Now that mother has Su Ye-Yue as her disciple, I should become like a brother to Su Ye-Yue.

If I do something evil to my sister's family...

Well that...]

He could only bitterly smile, ’’My mother will be the first one to kill me... She has been looking for this Phoenix Body for countless of years after all... Now that she has found it, she will surely love the girl like she was her heart... It will be asking for troubles if I mess with the girl at the moment.’’

’’The question is, the fate is settled. The falling fortune has been pointing at the Kingdom of Chen... How can I change it? If I change it forcibly, I will have to wait another sixty years.’’

’’At least after sixty years can the fate be changed. But how can I wait for another sixty years?’’

He looked at the nebula map and smiled bitterly.

’’Oh, mother, my mother. You came and you left, leaving me a serious problem.’’

He frowned and smiled bitterly. His eyes were getting sharper though.

’’It all depends on human effort. Since Su Ding-Guo can't die, so be it. Those mountains suddenly appeared and the situation was stabilized in the south. Let me do a favor for my sister apprentice then. I will let the army of the Kingdom of Chen live. As long as I can hold Su Ding-Guo and his men in the south and they can't go support the other three sides, their kingdom will still fall.’’

’’At that time, even if the south was safe for them, the other three battles will collapse.’’

’’If the kingdom collapsed, Su Ding-Guo won't be able to change anything. He is merely a price with a different family name. He is not a true royal family member after all.’’

’’Hmmm. What was I thinking. How could I be in such messy thoughts. It actually took me such a long time to figure out such a simple thing. It was an unexpected situation... But Su Ding-Guo is not my problem. My problem is myself.’’

’’I am not in a good mental state.’’

’’My heart is in a disturbance.’’


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