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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 199


Chapter 199 - I Can't Be Reconciled

Ye Xiao said sulkily, ’’Let's drink something yours. Next time I will prepare some fine liquor for you.’’

’’Great! It's a deal!’’ Song Jue was happy.

He accepted all kinds of liquor except medical liquor. He would rather take poisonous liquor than male-strengthening liquor...

They took out the bottles of liquor and each had a bowl full of liquor. Song Jue raised his bowl and said, ’’Drink up!’’

He just drank it up at a time. He truly was an alcoholic.

Ye Xiao, who was the one asking for drinks, didn't even finish one bowl while Song Jue had already drunk up three.

Ye Xiao wanted to laugh at him, yet he ended up silent while sighing. He just kept drinking quietly. The more he drank, the more he felt depressed. The drinks actually deepened his annoyance!

Song Jue noticed that Ye Xiao hadn't said anything, so he put down the bowl. He had already taken six bowls of liquor already. In fact, he wasn't that alcoholic. He wanted to comfort Ye Xiao because he knew Ye Xiao was in bad mood, so he drank a lot in advance, hoping Ye Xiao would laugh at him. He had already played a fool, but Ye Xiao still couldn't be any happier. He reckoned that there must be something serious, so he asked, ’’Xiao Xiao, are you in any trouble?’’

Ye Xiao was quiet and then he replied, ’’Yes. There are a few things I can't understand.’’

Song Jue said, ’’Just tell me some. I have lived dozens of years longer than you after all. I have seem more than you do and I am more experienced...’’

Ye Xiao couldn't help but roll up the whites in his eyes, [You have lived dozens of years longer than me?

I... truly don't know what to say about it...]

But he had been a blank fool in such a kind of thing in all his lives. Song Jue wasn't wrong about it though.

’’Uncle Song, don't you think people's affection is weird?’’ Ye Xiao spoke in depression.

Song Jue nodded. His face was a little bit pale and he slightly raised it, ’’Yes of course. It is weird.’’

Ye Xiao took a drink and said, ’’Let me ask you a question.’’

Song Jue said, ’’Sure. Your uncle is listening.’’ And then he drank up a lot.

Ye Xiao said, ’’Uncle Song, let's say that there are two ladies who like you at the same time...’’

’’That is impossible!’’ Song Jue shook his head fast and interrupted, ’’Don't mention two ladies while I am afraid there will never be even one. That is my true feeling after all these years.’’

Ye Xiao was surprised and said, ’’Weren't you listening to me? I said 'say'.’’

’’There is no such suggestion about such a thing!’’ Song Jue was tough and overwhelming.

Ye Xiao was annoyed. He grabbed Song Jue's hand and said with a heavier tone, ’’I! SAID! LET'S! SUGGEST!’’

Song Jue smiled and looked at Ye Xiao with his eyes half-closed, ’’Oh, Okay! I understand. Go on.’’

’’If, I said if, there are two ladies who like you at the same time. They are all pretty, elegant, graceful ladies. One of them was engaged with you. The other one... You owe her so much...’’

Ye Xiao continued, ’’Most importantly, they all love you wholeheartedly.

You clearly know that you should make things up for the lady whom you owe a lot. Yet you don't think you can betray the wholehearted care from the other one...’’ Ye Xiao looked at Song Jue, ’’What would you do?’’

’’What would I do? Stir it.’’ Song Jue laughed.

Ye Xiao went on drinking.

He didn't want to talk anymore.

Apparently, Song Jue meant no help to him!

’’Why are you troubled by such things that you shouldn't care that much about?’’ Song Jue was surprised, ’’Why do you think it's difficult to do? You can just marry both of them! Isn't it good? They are all loving wholeheartedly after all!’’

And then he became interested and got close to Ye Xiao and said, ’’I mean... Are there two gals falling in love with you at the same time? Am I right? Hmm. Let me guess. Ye-Yue is definitely counted in. The other one... Who is the other one? You weren't doing anything good. I really have no idea who, except for Ye-Yue, would fall in love with you. Why?’’

Ye Xiao frowned and smiled bitterly.

He realized it was a big mistake to talk to Song Jue about such a thing.

Because Song Jue was completely a fool in affections too.

He was even worse than Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao had been loved by girls, yet Song Jue hadn't been love by even one girl.

He couldn't give Ye Xiao any practical suggestions except teasing him!

Song Jue didn't realize it and he just kept talking, ’’Who is the other one? Who on earth? Is she someone from the brothel you kept fooling around? Did you owe her something? Did you... treat on her? Is she pregnant?! Are you...’’

Ye Xiao sighed and felt extremely helpless. Then he laid his head on the table.

He wasn't drunk yet, but his heart was long drunk!

[Why can't I get drunk? The liquor keeps enhancing the annoyance in my heart. How can I sleep with that!]

Song Jue murmured, ’’What are you doing you little prick? You said you wanted to drink with me and had something to talk to me. I was being very kind to try to make you laugh. And I tried so hard to comfort you and give you suggestions. Yet look how fast you get drunk... Unbelievable...’’

And then he poured some into his bowl and drank it up.

Ye Xiao was actually half-drunk. Song Jue had really made him feel worse.

When he returned to his room, he understood more and more about what Meng Huai-Qing said. Although it was mean, it was all rational.

Power mattered!

As she said, now that Su Ye-Yue was her disciple, Su Ye-Yue would become more experienced, knowledgeable, and she would also reach a high position. Su Ye-Yue would become higher than Ye Xiao in all aspects. It was possibly upon Ye Xiao's recognition.

If he didn't work hard, it would be very possible that he wouldn't deserve a girl like her, as Meng Huai-Qing said.

That was very possible!

No matter how deep the girl felt in love with him, after opening her eyes in the big realms, she would know how tiny this land was.

That would surely changed her thoughts.

Maybe she wouldn't change her heart to Ye Xiao. But if Ye Xiao was still as normal as he had ever been, he would end up too weak to protect his wife and even himself. Meng Huai-Qing was telling the truth.

Su Ye-Yue didn't understand it now. Ye Xiao was an experienced cultivator after all. He was like a baby on things between men, but he was profound about how cultivation influenced people.

[That is it. No matter what, I should become stronger as fast as I can.]

Ye Xiao said in his mind, [It was such a huge shame today. But it was a reasonable thing in people's eyes. So... I am going to keep such 'reasonable thing' from getting on me ever again.]

Some sharp purple glow was emitted from Ye Xiao's eyes.

’’I never had a clear life goal in my previous life. Nor had I in this life. I don't know where I should go when I take revenge in the Qing-Yun Realm. It was always a meaningless thing to say 'grand achievement is ahead'. It is always just a saying.

Now I get it. I see it!’’ Ye Xiao spoke lightly, ’’My goal is... to get into your world and defeat the most powerful man there!

My goal is that... I will be capable in protecting well whoever I should protect! Nobody will be allowed to say that I don't deserve anything!

That is my goal!’’

And then he lied on the bed and operated the East-rising Purple Qi concentratedly.

He had never felt so clear about what he wanted to do in his life.

He was actually full of motivation on cultivation at the moment!

He swallowed all the shame and disgrace in his heart and made them rot inside him.

That would become the lasting motivation in his cultivation!

Insensibly, with his current emotions, the East-rising Purple Qi was running in his Jing and Mai in a way that it had never been.

It actually ran several times faster than before.

When a man felt not reconciled, it would became the first motivation in his improvement!

'A man should be romantic. A man should never take in the disgrace. The flame of anger will burn in his heart. With that, he should come to the day when the anger is vented.'

Such lines appeared in his mind.

However, he was lost in cultivation, and it was like he had put everything else aside including himself.

There were some words flashing in the Space.

'East-rising Purple Qi;the first stage of the worldly affections.'

The moon suddenly became bright after being dim in the sky.

And then a mass of dense purple qi appeared from nothing in the world. It gathered around the House of Ye slowly...


In the south, Meng Huai-Qing was in the sky preparing to leave through the space crack again with Su Ye-Yue. Yet she suddenly frowned while looking at the direction of the Chen-Xing City. Her face showed that she was seriously shocked.

That was an expression that had never been on her face for countless years!

She felt that there was a boundless mysterious power appearing in that direction. It was gathering and it disappeared, reappearing again.

’’That is actually so powerful!’’

She was sure that such a power was strong enough to even threaten herself.

She frowned and wanted to go and check on it after thinking for a while.

While she just moved, she suddenly remembered she was holding a girl with her left hand. She turned around and found Su Ye-Yue looking at her confusedly with her eyes which was red because of weeping a lot.

Thinking about how rare the Phoenix Body was, she felt her heart in consternation.


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