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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 198


Chapter 198 - It Is Better To Have A Daughter

If the enemies wanted to continue the fight, they would have to go through a roundabout route around the mountains. If they wanted to go around the mountains... it was dozens of thousands of miles. They couldn't afford it.

If they attacked directly, it would only take about five thousand men to defend them because of that castle.

As the saying goes, one man guards the pass and ten thousand are unable to get through.

Even if the enemy wanted to assassinate the commander, they will still need to pass through the passage.

All the attacking scheme seemed to lose power in front of this wonderful passage.

If they wanted to climbed over the mountains... That was just bullshit. The mountains were so tall that nobody saw their tops. They might be frozen to death half way on the mountain.


The camps of the South Barbarians were full of cursing words.

Their men were all furious.

’’What the hell is that. Is it real?!’’ A general kept cursing what he just saw and then fell down from the horse. He spat out blood and passed out because of the extreme anger...


General Lan, who was Lan Lang-Lang's father, walked out of his camp with the quilt covering him. He was shocked when he saw what happened. - Crack! - His jaw was dislocated. He tried hard to put his jaw back and said, ’’What... Wh.. What... the hell is this?’’

The guards around him were numb. They thought, [How on earth do we know?]

So nobody answered General Lan's question.

After a snowy night, things just happened.

[Mountains from heavens?

The gods are helping us?]

’’How... How on earth did the mountains appear?’’ General Lan, Lan Yue-Lou, looked at the mountains and said, ’’If the mountains fell down from the sky, it would absolutely cause an earthquake. With such giant mountains falling to the ground, our men here should have all died... Yet it was so quiet and traceless. How?’’

’’General, do you think it is fake? An illusion?’’ One of his close guard made a guess.

General Lan rode on his horse with the quilt on him and rushed to the mountains. He reached his hand and touched the mountains murmuring, ’’It must be an illusion. It must be fake... It is fake... Oh what the hell it's true...’’

The closer guards were all speechless.

Lan Luo-Yue was thrilled and he stammered with anger, ’’The gods are... are... are really not bl... bless... blessing me... Wh... What... What is this... Where the hell did... did the mountains fall from... With the moun... mount... mountains I can defend the e... e... enemy myself. Yet now Su... Su Di... Su Ding-Guo the pr... pro...prick is here to take the easy job... I am so m... mmm... mad!’’

The guards looked at each other speechlessly.

It was true though. If he knew such a thing would happen, he would only need thousands of his men to defend from enemy successfully. It was just an unbelievable advantage for them.

The questions was how could he know such a thing in advance?

Well in fact, nobody knew that if Su Ding-Guo wasn't here, there would be no mountains at all.

Prince Hua-Yang had a good daughter. It was his daughter who brought him such luck to have the 'wonder'...

After the war, when General Lan learned about the truth, he sighed and said, ’’It seems be... bett.. better to have... have a daughter...’’

The reason why all that happened was simply a few words of the girl some time earlier.

’’My father must have a tough time fighting this battle...’’ Su Ye-Yue looked at the battle with tears in her eyes.

’’Yue-Er, listen. I can't do you this favor. Even if I am willing to lower my position for you and interrupt the war of the mortal world, releasing my power and energy may cause the whole land to collapse. Such a low-range realm can nearly hold my extreme power.’’ Meng Huai-Qing frowned.

’’But my father is in danger. As I am leaving him, it might be the last time we can see each other. How can I ignore such a situation and just leave...’’ Su Ye-Yue wept.

’’But there truly is nothing I can do... Hmmm. It is truly difficult for me to do anything...’’ Meng Huai-Qing sighed.

’’It won't really need you to join the battle. I am just thinking that it will be great if there is a passage right there. Now it is a flat land and there is nowhere to support my father's defense. That is why they have to fight face to face. It is going to get so many people killed...’’ Su Ye-Yue looked at Meng Huai-Qing with her eyes full of hope.

’’Oh... That is easy. You are truly a smart girl. You are qualified indeed to be my disciple. Well done.’’ Meng Huai-Qing was pleased and praised Su Ye-Yue at once.

That was why the mountains showed up within just one night.

And the passage came out of nowhere.

Well, it seemed it was better to have a daughter than a son.

General Lan's son could barely do anything except fooling around with his favus head.

Su Ding-Guo had a daughter and what a great support his daughter provided.

Most importantly, his daughter would weep. She wept and things just get over for her... [1]


Prince Hua-Yang looked at his daughter and her master. He felt unwilling to be apart with her, but he still felt comforted that she had a great master.

Things about the passage and the mountains seemed to be less important to Prince Hua-Yang when he knew that his daughter was leaving.

He was wearing his armor while standing in front of Su Ye-Yue. There seemed to be tears in his eyes. He sniffled and sighed. He wanted to say something, yet he had nothing to say.

He just stood there while staring at his daughter.

After a while, he said, ’’I never expected a goddess to show up in my house. Great. Great. Yue-Er, don't worry. Stay with your master. Work hard in learning. Nothing to worry about our family. As long as I am here, everything will be fine.’’

Su Ye-Yue could barely talk because of sobbing. Her face was full of tears and she just held her father tight crying, ’’Father... Father...’’

Su Ding-Guo's eyes turned red and he gritted with his teeth saying, ’’Go now. Don't make such a scene here.’’

He walked to Meng Huai-Qing with big strides and said, ’’Master, I feel relieved that my daughter can stay with you. If she does anything wrong, scold her and punish her, you can do anything you should. Afterwards, the kid belongs to you.’’

Meng Huai-Qing smiled, ’’You are being too kind, General. It is my responsibility.’’

Su Ding-Guo nodded and said, ’’Please.’’

And then he stood straight and saluted formally.

Meng Huai-Qing felt surprised and her eyes lit up.

She knew that he must be a noble and tough man. Yet now he actually saluted as a soldier to her.

Su Ye-Yue was in tears.

Su Ding-Guo held her and sighed, ’’I am comforted that you have such a good way to go. I am just feeling sorry for my Brother Ye. I broke the oath of the marriage.’’

Meng Huai-Qing said, ’’Before we came, they had a wedding and exchanged their gifts.’’

Su Ding-Guo smiled bitterly and shook his head, ’’You and I, we all know what it means. Let's just keep it under the beautiful illusion.’’

Meng Huai-Qing looked at him with praise.

[Su Ye-Yue's father is indeed an outstanding person. He is truly above ordinary.]


It was in the capital.

When Ye Xiao returned to the House of Ye, it was already night.

Ye Xiao looked different at the moment. His face showed he was deep in thought.

That jade on his neck seemed to be weighing thousands of kilograms.

In his brain, there were a few images going over and over repeatedly.

Sometimes, it was a beautiful lady in white looking at him, gritting her teeth while, ’’Ye Xiao, I hate you!'

Sometimes, it was Su Ye-Yue looking at him with a trustful look and tears in her eyes, ’’Xiao Xiao, you will come to find me, right? You will marry me, right?’’

Sometimes, it was the lady in white being refused and feeling sad. Two drops of her tears fell on the floor.

Sometimes, it was Su Ye-Yue disappearing. leaving two drops of tears falling in the air.

Sometimes, it was Su Ye-Yue standing in front of him facing a flying sharp sword with cold glows. She opened her arms with a tough expression, ’’We will die together today. I am your wife!’’

All those images filled up his mind. He felt utterly confused and helpless.

All the negative emotions kept haunting him in his heart and they never stopped.

The feelings of shame and helplessness that he couldn't protect whoever he cared about were rolling in his heart.

Ye Xiao felt like drinking liquors so much.

When he got home, he directly went to Song Jue's room.

’’Uncle song, would you mind having a couple of drinks with me?’’ Ye Xiao stood at the door and spoke weakly.

Song Jue was shocked. He thought Ye Xiao would never dare to drink any liquor after what he had encountered the last time they drank. There were some days after that 'accident' happened that Ye Xiao would turn furious when hearing anybody say something about liquor. Drinks nearly became forbidden in the House of Ye.

However, Ye Xiao actually wanted to have drinks at the moment and he seemed to be eager for it. Song Jue looked at him and found that he was terribly dispirited like he had encountered something extremely terrible. So Song Jue asked, ’’I will drink some with you if you want to.’’

At the moment, Ye Xiao only wanted to get drunk. The alcoholic Song Jue happened to be a best company for that.

The kitchen had prepared a full table of dishes. The uncle and the nephew sat opposite to each other.

Song Jue smiled and asked, ’’Xiao Xiao, I guess this isn't that liquor you drank last time. Am I right?’’


[1] There is a story about the author when he wrote this part. His wife wanted to buy something but had no money, so she wept in front of the author. The author gave up and gave his wife his bank cards and told her to spend as much as she was happy to. After that, the author felt terribly regretful... That was why he wrote something like this.


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