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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 197


Chapter 197 - Radical Change In The South;The Summer Snow!

Because of Princess Hua-Yang's request, Meng Huai-Qing decided to take Su Ye-Yue to the south and speak to Prince Hua-Yang face to face.

Princess Hua-Yang had a strong reason Their daughter was leaving home and they may never meet her again for the rest of their lives, so she had to tell her father in person.

Meng Huai-Qing was so fond of the girl at the moment. She wouldn't want the girl to have any concerns in mind, so she agreed with the request. It would normally take about half a month to reach the south, but for such a great cultivator, it would only take a short moment.

Before they left, Su Ye-Yue held Ye Xiao's hand and spoke with tears in her eyes, ’’Xiao Xiao, you must not forget me... You must come to find me...’’

Ye Xiao comforted her, ’’Don't worry. I will. But maybe I won't need to find you. If you can cultivate fast enough and reach the peak early, maybe you can come back to me. By then, it will be you protecting me at my side. That is just the same.’’

Su Ye-Yue's eyes lit up and she said, ’’Yes. That's true!’’

She made up her mind that she would work extremely hard on cultivation. [Xiao Xiao is in such a dangerous situation. I have to be successful soon and come back to him...]

She wept and held Ye Xiao's hand. Her other hand was holding her mother's hand. She didn't want to let go either of them. Again and again she kept talking, like there were endless words she needed to tell them.

Meng Huai-Qing finally became impatient. She dragged Su Ye-Yue's shoulder and gently shook it.

Su Ye-Yue's hands were forced to let go.

And then she slowly flew up off the floor.

’’Xiao Xiao! Mother!’’

She cried in the air with tears.

’’Don't worry! I am here. Everything will be fine in the house. Just don't worry!’’ Ye Xiao followed her to the door and shouted.

Su Ye-Yue was weeping and nodding. She looked at Ye Xiao with her eyes full of love, like she was trying to keep every detail of Ye Xiao's face deep in mind.

The next moment, Meng Huai-Qing waved her hand and a long space crack appeared in the sky.

’’So long!’’ She said. And then they just disappeared in the sky.

Only two drops of tears were falling down in the air.

They dropped on Ye Xiao's face. It was salty and sour. They were the tears of Su Ye-Yue.

Ye Xiao faced the sky and sighed.

Su Ye-Yue left the Palace of Hua-Yang in the afternoon.

At nearly the same time, she arrived at the military camp of the south battle.

Meng Huai-Qing took Su Ye-Yue to the south battle that was thousands of miles away from Chen-Xing City, yet it was just like opening a door and reaching the yard from her own house.

It was just like a few steps away.

In fact, they had indeed just walked a few steps.

The space crack that was made by Meng Huai-Qing was just like a door that linked the city to the south.

She brought Su Ye-Yue through the door and showed up in another space.

That was a marvelous skill.

The secret of such space travel was mysterious. Even the Xiao Monarch, who was a grandmaster level cultivator of the Grade of Daoyuan, didn't really understand it. It was one of the most formidable skills that only existed in some big realms. He had never seen or heard such skill.

However, it only shocked Ye Xiao.

Who knew nothing felt no fears. Princess Hua-Yang knew it must be some extraordinary martial art, yet she didn't know exactly how powerful it was.

Ye Xiao knew clearly about it. So he was stunned.

If a person travelled between two different space and he happened to be a grandmaster cultivator of the Grade of Daoyuan, he might be capable. If he brought an ordinary people with him and he wanted to make the route specific, it would be extremely difficult.

It was an instant move to travel between spaces. During the process, the traveller needed to defend the effects from the spacial turbulences. It would be easier to only defend oneself. To defend himself as well as an ordinary person, it would be dozens of times more difficult.

Ye Xiao knew that, so he was extremely shocked like his jaw was dropping down.

One who knew more would realized the fact that he knew too little.

It was lucky to be ignorant.

Ye Xiao was shocked, but on the other side, people were shocked much more.

It was described as a big event that happened in the south.

An event that made the whole world changed.

The afternoon was the hottest time in the day. Prince Hua-Yang's army was facing the enemy's crazy attacks. Everybody knew that both sides were using their full forces in this fight.

Although Prince Hua-Yang's side was brave and strong, things were still tough for him because they were lacking in number. It was getting worse and worse.

Suddenly, the sky was covered by dark clouds and the wind started to howl. The thunder resounded and the lightnings struck. It was dark and people couldn't even see their own fingers.

After a while, it actually started to snow.

It actually snowed in the summer!

The snow was getting heavier. At the end, it was like the sky and the earth were linked by the snow.

Two men standing in front of each other could barely recognize each other.

Within such a short time, the temperature actually dropped down rapidly. It was getting colder and colder. The soldiers could get their fingers frozen by touching their weapons.

Under such situation, both sides couldn't go on the fight. So all men returned back to their camps and prepared for the next fight.

The snow had caused the same damages to both sides, so things were truly not doing any side good.

The men in both sides didn't bring their winter suits. Nobody expected it would snow in the scorching summer.

Millions of soldiers all started to curse when it started to become colder and colder.

’’What a bloody strange weather...’’

’’I am so not believing this...’’

’’It truly is my first time to see it snowing in summer for the forty years of my life...’’

’’Forty years? It is the first time in my hundred years!’’

’’Stop bragging! You old dog are mostly sixty...’’

’’Is it the Snow In June [1]? Is there injustice happening in the world?’’

’’To the hell injustice! What do we, soldiers, have to do with such a thing?’’

’’Sheee... It freezes me to death... I should enter the camp and make some fire...’’

’’Where are my firewoods? Why haven't they brought them yet? I am freezing...’’

’’Hey! Wang, it is cold. I bet your cxck must be frozen? Congratulations. You can finally get hard...’’

’’Piss off!’’


After snowing for a day and a night, they were finally able to see the world and they were stunned.

What they saw was truly beyond their imaginations.

There were three countries fighting this war and millions of men were fighting in the battle. The Kingdom of Lan-Feng and the South Barbarians made an agreement, and they had spent a lot to keep the battle in the flat land.

There were a few small mountains and hills, yet the battle was mostly flat. It was, however, a bad thing to the Kingdom of Chen.

Prince Hua-Yang couldn't change it. When he got here, the Kingdom of Chen had been pushed to this place. If they stepped back more, it would bring the battle into the kingdom. They had to fight under the advantages of the enemies and they just couldn't do anything about it.

However, after the snow... there actually appeared a passage in front of the army of Prince Hua-Yang.

It was not some simple passage. The sides of the passage were all big mountains reaching the sky. The passage was merely about 35 meters wide. It was like a mountain that was cut into two halves.

That was unbelievable, but there was something much more shocking. Between the mountains on each side, there was actually a castle!

Prince Hua-Yang's men possessed the castle in advance. They surprisedly found out that this castle was built with irons!

It was extremely tough!

Suddenly, they had a castle that was exactly guarding the passage. As long as they kept the enemies from getting through the passage, they could keep the south safe. It would only take them dozens of thousands of men to guard the passage.

Basically, it was nonsense to guard the whole south with only dozens of thousands of men. Yet it was actually the truth that happened to them now. The mountains were in a curved line covering three directions of the southern part of the Kingdom of Chen.

The South Barbarians and the Kingdom of Lan-Feng were both astonished when they saw such a magical wonder.

[Damn it! We have spent almost everything we had and sent out almost all forces of the South Barbarians to attack them. We finally exhausted them after attacking days and nights.

We just wanted to go nail them down and suddenly it started to snow! It was a snow that stopped our pace.

If it was some ordinary snow, that's fine. They were going to fall under our feet sooner or later.

But... Where the hell did those mountains come from? What the hell is that passage?

Do the gods want us to die?

Is the gods helping the Kingdom of Chen?

It can only be some god-made wonder! What else could it be then?]

Suddenly, to the south from the mountains, people's curses resounded like thunders.

They were just so mad.


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