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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 196


Chapter 196 - Marriage And Separation

Ye Xiao smiled, ’’There is truly no absolute in the world. I believe I can find it.’’

’’Maybe.’’ The woman didn't deny it.

’’I...’’ Su Ye-Yue twitched her lips and suddenly burst into tears, ’’I know you both are talking about the truth, but I don't want to leave you, leave my parents. Do I really have to go...’’

’’We are all making choices all the time in our lives. When you get something, you always lose. It is the same around.’’ Ye Xiao spoke, ’’Especially in such a disturbed world, I really cannot protect you well with my present capability. There will be many assassinations and hunting like this against us in the future. This time, it is the House of Chaotic Storms. Next time, it will be some other forces... Those kingdoms that your father has fought against before will come and get you after all...’’

When he said 'really cannot protect you well', he felt strongly disgraced.

Just as the woman said, power mattered.

One could protect whatever and whoever he loved if he was powerful, but if he wasn't, he w0uld eventually fail.

Ye Xiao clenched his fists hard.

’’Let's get off the mountain.’’

The woman said understandingly, ’’I should inform your parents after all, that I want to take you as my disciple.’’

Su Ye-Yue sadly said yes. All they way to her house, she kept holding Ye Xiao's hand and didn't let go.

When they arrived at the Palace of Hua-Yang, Ye Xiao was dragged in too.

Princess Hua-Yang knew that such a marvelous woman wanted to take her daughter as her disciple. She felt happy, but at the same time, she was unwilling to separate from her.

She could tell that woman must be someone from the higher worlds. She thought that woman might be some goddess.

She reckoned that her daughter would surely have a bright future following such a woman.

However, when she knew that Su Ye-Yue would leave her and they might be unable to meet again for the rest of their lives, she felt extremely painful in her heart.

’’We simply can't protect our children their whole lives. Sometimes, we just have to let go...’’ Princess Hua-Yang wept for a long time and finally made her decision, ’’I won't be worried to let her follow you, sister.’’

The woman nodded, ’’Great.’’

’’However, I have one thing that I have to say.’’ Princess Hua-Yang said, ’’The two kids were engaged long ago. They grow up together. I think even though they can't really be together, they should at least finish the wedding before she go. It will fulfill mine and her father's wish.’’

The woman heard that and frowned. She spoke blandly, ’’Are you sure?’’

’’Yes.’’ Princess Hua-Yang nodded.

Meng Huai-Qing sighed and nodded without saying anything.

She knew that after the girl left with her, Ye Xiao would never have the chance to meet her again.

The 'wedding' seemed to be meaningless to her.

In fact, the wedding could actually comfort Ye Xiao and Princess Hua-Yang, as well as calm the girl down.

It was a triple benefit thing.

Time seemed to have lost its usse in the world of cultivations. The Dancing Phoenix Art was a marvelous martial art. It would at least take her a dozen years to achieve an acceptable success. It was normal that she needed to cultivate it for over a hundred years. That was why she would only have a few chances to meet any mortal people.

Meng Huai-Qing thought that after a few times of isolatate cultivation, Ye Xiao might already have been through many lives. She simply didn't believe Ye Xiao could find her.

She thought of that, so she didn't deny the wedding.

The wedding started right away.

Su Ye-Yue was solemn. She cut off a stream of her own hair and cut some of Ye Xiao's, and then tied them together with a sincere heart. She said solemnly, ’’Xiao Xiao, you must remember me. Life after life, I am and will be your wife forever.’’

Ye Xiao looked at the hair knot. He suddenly couldn't tell the feeling in his heart.

He never had such a kind of feeling in both his lives. He didn't know what to say at the moment.

The next moment, a fire was set. The hair knot was burned to ashes in the fire.

The ash was put into two cups of liquor. They raised the cup and drank them up.

After that, they became a couple. Their hearts will never be apart as if they were a whole.

After that drink, Su Ye-Yue tried to be calm and said, ’’Comfortable. Xiao Xiao, you have to remember me...’’

Ye Xiao nodded. He felt a heavy responsibility placed on his shoulders. He looked at her and felt his heart filled.

Only Meng Huai-Qing and him knew how hard it was for him to meet Su Ye-Yue again.

It was not the Qing-Yun Realm she was going;it was a realm even higher than that.

It was a realm that was one level higher or maybe more than one level higher than the Qing-Yun Realm.

Su Ye-Yue turned around and took off a jade from her neck. It was still warm. She put it on Ye Xiao's neck herself and then kept it inside Ye Xiao's clothes. She stepped back a bit and stared at Ye Xiao sentimentally. She said, ’’It will be at your side for me.’’

Ye Xiao was stunned.

[She has given me the jade that she is always wearing. That means a lot. What should I give her?]

He looked over the whole Boundless Space and couldn't find anything to give to Su Ye-Yue as a proper gift. He wanted to give her something that she could be proud of even in front of her master.

Ye Xiao had thought about giving the egg.

He surely didn't do it. He was just thinking about it. The egg in the Space actually flew up high. It was merely an egg, but it gave people a feeling like it was in panic.

It was funny, but also real.

Ye Xiao said, ’’I am not really giving you out. No need to panic!’’

Then it was like the egg believed Ye Xiao's words and slowly got down to the jade plate.

All of a sudden, a stream of light showed up. A small piece of the Pure Heavenly Crystal in the Sky Space actually broke out and fell to Ye Xiao. It was a piece as big as a goose egg.

Ye Xiao was shocked. He asked, ’’Don't tell me you can hear whatever I say all the time? You...’’

The egg emitted an arrogant emotion. It didn't make any reaction.

Ye Xiao was surprised, ’’Aren't you just an egg? How can you be so magical?’’

The egg shook and emitted a furious emotion. And then it just stayed in the jade plate and never moved again.

Apparently, it was saying:

[Why can't I be magical? Are you looking down upon me? Piss off!]


’’I have nothing special to give you as a gift.’’ Ye Xiao said to Su Ye-Yue, ’’Here is a stone. Just take it.’’

And then he took out a piece of Pure Heavenly Crystal.

As the Pure Heavenly Crystal showed up, the whole room became clean and clear. Everybody around them felt comfortable at once.

That woman, Meng Huai-Qing, was sitting aside casually at the beginning. When Ye Xiao took out the Pure Heavenly Crystal, she suddenly stood up and rushed to Ye Xiao, ’’Pure Heavenly Crystal? Where did you get this?’’

The others were surprised by her reaction.

Ye Xiao spoke innocently, ’’Are you talking about this? Well a man casually gave it to me after I helped him with some business... It is a stone that can emit beautiful scent. It seems rare but it is definitely worth no money.’’

’’A stone that can emit beautiful scent... No money...’’ Meng Huai-Qing early passed out.

Such a big piece of Pure Heavenly Crystal can be worth a whole town in her realm. It was actually given out casually and it was treated as a stone... She was pretty shocked.

[No money? Could you even be more wasteful than this?

How can you measure its value by money?

Such a piece can at least be exchanged for ten of a whole realm like this one.]

’’Hmm... Wait, if you have such a thing, I should have sensed it earlier. Why did I just know it now?’’ While Su Ye-Yue was playing with the 'stone', Meng Huai-Qing looked at Ye Xiao and said, ’’You obviously didn't have it on you. What was it?’’

’’I had this. I won't show it to anybody except my girl.’’ Ye Xiao humphed and showed the ring on his finger.

’’Oh, I see.’’ Meng Huai-Qing was relieved. She thought, [I must have been careless. I actually missed the Space Ring, such a special object.]

And then she turned to Su Ye-Yue and said solemnly, ’’Girl, this... this stone, you must keep it safe. It may give you a lot of help in the future... It may help you break through a difficult level... There is somewhere you will have to need it... Luckily, you have it now. You are indeed... my disciple.’’

She meant to say something like 'blessed by the gods' or something.

But she didn't say it.

She thought there was no need to explain too much to the mortal people...

The girl held the Pure Heavenly Crystal and thought, [Even if I really need to use it, I won't. It is a gift from Xiao Xiao. It is the only thing that I can feel him in the days to come. It is a replacement of Xiao Xiao...’’

Things were all done.

Meng Huai-Qing wanted to return to her place, so she suggested she left with Su Ye-Yue immediately.


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