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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 194


Chapter 194 - I Am Just A Woman!

’’What is your name, girl?’’ The woman asked.

’’I am Su Ye-Yue.’’ Su Ye-Yue held Ye Xiao's hand tightly and answered with a quivering voice. And then she said, ’’Thank you for saving Xiao Xiao.’’

’’Su Ye-Yue. That is a good name. As the night resuscitates, there shines the moon. [1]’’ The woman praised.

She just acted like she didn't hear the gratitude about saving Ye Xiao from the girl.

Maybe Ye Xiao just meant nothing to her, so she was indifferent.

’’Girl, have you been through anything special recently?’’ The woman asked softly.

She had been looking for a girl with the Phoenix Body for dozens of thousands of years, yet she just couldn't find one.

She actually stopped searching within the recent thousands of years, because she was already strong enough to sense all the realms as her her cultivation improved.

If anyone with a Phoenix Body showed up, she would know it. She didn't even need to look for that person by spending a lot of manpower and resources.

Such body was always granted by the gods. It was hardly one out of thousands of billions of people. She knew she wouldn't simply find that person.

Only a girl could be born with the Phoenix Body. It was hardly possible to get such a body posteriorly.

However, she was shocked this time.

The girl was already about sixteen years old, yet she actually sensed her just recently.

What went wrong?

There must be something strange about it.

’’Special thing? I don't think so.’’ Su Ye-Yue blinked confusedly.

’’Now as I see you, I am sure you were not a girl with Phoenix Body at the beginning.’’ The woman frowned and said, ’’But your body actually became a Phoenix Body in the last several months. That is an extremely powerful transformation... If there has been nothing special that happened to you, how could it be?’’

’’Oh? If there's something, it may be the supreme dan bead I took a few days ago.’’ Su Ye-Yue said, ’’Is it the reason?’’

’’A supreme dan bead?’’ The woman was in high spirits as she said, ’’What is that dan bead? What is it for? How could it possibly change you like this?’’

’’Supreme dan bead is not a kind of dan bead. What I had was actually... Pei-Yuan Dan...’’ Su Ye-Yue said.

’’Pei-Yuan Dan...’’ The woman nearly rolled up the whites of her eyes.

[If such a low-class dan could actually turn a girl's body into the Phoenix Body... Then the world must be crazy.]

If such words didn't come out from Su Ye-Yue's mouth, or if Su Ye-Yue wasn't the girl with the Phoenix Body, the woman would have slapped her face and thought, [How dare you fool me like that? Pei-Yuan Dan?!]

Ye Xiao was surprised.

[She didn't have the Phoenix Body, but her body transformed into a Phoenix Body recently.

That woman couldn't sense it, but she can now...

What is going on?

What does the change mean?

It is apparently not caused by the supreme dan bead.

But the girl truly hasn't had anything special except taking a supreme Pei-Yuan Dan bead...]

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao suddenly remember something. When he told Su Ye-Yue all the truth about his illness, she completely collapsed because she was too emotional and she had been too worried for a long time.

In order to wake her up as soon as possible, Ye Xiao used the Primordial Purple Qi in the space to clear her Jing and Mai.

Because he had used the Primordial Purple Qi, that egg had flown up like it was unhappy about it.

Ye Xiao just ignored it. [My Purple Qi, my call.] So he just did what he wanted and cleared the girl's entire Jing and Mai system.

The egg actually shook and it had never happened before. A mass of dark yellow glow was emitted from the egg, like it was stopping the Primordial Purple Qi from going away.

Ye Xiao focused on treating Su Ye-Yue, so he didn't care about the egg. With full efforts, finally, some Primordial Purple Qi entered Su Ye-Yue's Jing and Mai as well as that yellow glow...

After that, the egg remained silent.

It seemed it was depressed, disappointed and unhappy... like it had been badly hurt.

Su Ye-Yue knew nothing about all this, because she was in a coma when it happened.

[Is it how she got the Phoenix Body?] Ye Xiao imagined.

The woman was still looking at Su Ye-Yue with confusion.

[How come it just looks like a natural born Phoenix Body if it was formed recently? It was even better than a natural one. But why couldn't I sense it all these times?] She frowned and thought, [It is so strange.]

She finally couldn't help herself, so she grabbed Su Ye-Yue's arm and poured a stream of pure spiritual power into her Jing and Mai to check it.

And then the woman made a scream.

Her face turned red.

She hadn't thought that she would act so rude and she would actually meet such a situation.

She found that Su Ye-Yue's Phoenix Body was even purer than herself.

There seemed to be some ancient power inside her body.

The woman was finally shocked.

She suddenly remembered something her master used to say when she had just begun to cultivate the martial art.

'The Dancing Phoenix Art is a unique and outstanding martial art... It is something that no human being can create. It belongs only to the universe.'

'There has been a few martial arts in the history that could be as harmonious as the Dancing Phoenix Art... In fact, our Phoenix Bodies are actually nothing more than ordinary bodies with some special gifts. We are actually far from the real Phoenix Body. Although we know that it is possible to develop our martial art into a higher stage, yet... none of us can do it. Only someone with the real Phoenix Body that was made by the Primordial Pure Qi... could cultivate the Dancing Phoenix Art to the highest level Phoenix In Nine Heavens.'

She remembered that her master always sighed after saying all those words.

Afterwards, she had achieved great success and became the strongest among all the cultivators who cultivated such martial art. That was when she understood what her master truly meant. It was apparently a special martial art that could lead the cultivator to the grand achievement of the universe...

Yet because of the limit of the body, all cultivators could only sigh, and they had nothing to do to achieve that destination.

That feeling made people feel frustrated.

However, the woman was now staring at Su Ye-Yue like she had found a miracle.


Su Ye-Yue was the one who had the grand Phoenix Body, the Primordial Pure Qi and the natural born Mai.

Su Ye-Yue said in a panic, ’’What... Wha... What are you screaming for?’’

The woman took a deep breath in and said, ’’Su Ye-Yue, Yue-Er, you have to be my disciple.’’

Su Ye-Yue looked at her bright eyes and felt scared somehow. She stepped back a bit and said, ’’I... I don't...’’

The woman interrupted her immediately and said, ’’Girl! As long as you swear to follow me, I will help you become the most powerful person under and above the sky.

And I can bring you life that never ends and the glory that never falls.

I can give you...’’

The woman said many benefits, all kinds of benefits. They were all truly attractive. The woman was confident that nobody could resist it. She thought she was surely going to have Su Ye-Yue.

However, Su Ye-Yue suddenly asked, ’’Well then... What about him?’’

She looked at Ye Xiao.

The woman didn't even turn to Ye Xiao and just said casually, ’’He is not included. He is too weak. He is far from qualified.’’

Su Ye-Yue made a quick reaction. She shook her head, ’’I am not going with you.’’

The woman was stunned, ’’What? What did you say? Did you just say... You are not coming? Do you even know what you are talking about? Do you know what you are giving up by saying no to me? That is the most glorious, most powerful...’’

Su Ye-Yue lowered her head and said, ’’In fact, all those things mean nothing to me. I am just a woman, like my mother. Since I was a kid, my mother started to tell me that the most important thing in a woman's life is to find someone who cares and love myself... I should stay with him for all my life. We should have a baby. We should work together. We should fight together. We should grow old together... When we are old enough and couldn't even stand up, we stay in the chairs and enjoy the pleasure brought by our grandchildren and the caring brought by our sons and daughters...’’

’’My mother said it was all what a woman should long for, and it would be enough to have such things... All the other glorious things are truly not important. We are just women.’’

Su Ye-Yue talked slowly.

When she was talking, she didn't really understand some of the words she said. That was why she showed confusion when she was talking. However, she was truly looking forward such a life.

’’I am just a woman...’’

The woman was shocked.

Such simple statement from the girl actually boiled the blood in her heart.

[What a simple wish.

I am also a woman.

I wish to have such kind of life myself.

But how could I?

Maybe I can. But I don't want it!]


[1]Su Ye-Yue(苏夜月). Su is a character in Su Xing(苏醒) that means resuscitate. Ye(夜) means night. Yue(月) means moon.


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