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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 193


Chapter 193 - The Nine Creating Dan Is Far From Enough!

The next moment, blood was floating on the floor. The flesh and blood of those men were gathering like converging streams. The blood was like a red river running down along the mountain.

Well... as for those men...

Ahem... They were long gone...


Su Ye-Yue screamed out in panic. She looked at the woman like looking at a ghost. She started to tremble. Her eyes were full of fear and she said, ’’You... Oh my god...’’

The woman said fondly, ’’Oh good girl. Are you scared? I told you not to watch. You will always do wrong if you don't listen to your master. Now you understand it!’’

Su Ye-Yue was trembling. Her teeth were shaking and making sounds. She said, ’’That... What was it? How... How did all those lively men suddenly disappear...’’

She turned to Ye Xiao and looked at him. Apparently, she wanted to get the answer from Ye Xiao. Yet surprisingly, she found him covered by blood with a pale face. He was shaking like he would fall down at any second. He seemed too weak to stand.

She screamed and said, ’’Xiao Xiao! What happened?’’ And then she stepped forward and held him.

The woman glanced at Ye Xiao and said, ’’He is dying because of the heavy wounds on him.’’

Su Ye-Yue was holding Ye Xiao as she burst into tears as soon as the words of the woman echoed in her ears. She shouted, ’’No! I don't want you to die! Xiao Xiao please, you haven't married me yet... Woo, woo, woo...’’

The woman stood behind Su Ye-Yue and stared at Ye Xiao.

The expression in her eyes was changing.

It was first filled with killing intent before it suddenly became helplessness.

Ye Xiao looked at her quietly. His eyes were calm.

’’I am going to take her with me as my disciple. What's your thought?’’ The woman looked at Ye Xiao and asked.

Ye Xiao frowned and said, ’’With your capability, it is surely a good thing for her that you will take her as your disciple.’’

The woman frowned and said, ’’Oh really? You think so too?’’

Ye Xiao surely thought so. He said that with his full heart.

The woman was stronger than what Ye Xiao could ever imagine! Since such a world-shocking superior cultivator had chosen Su Ye-Yue as her disciple, it was no doubt that it was Su Ye-Yue's good fortune!

Ye Xiao believed that if Su Ye-Yue missed this chance, she would lose the most important opportunity in her life!

’’But she is the one who decide.’’ Ye Xiao said.

The woman could sense that Ye Xiao was telling his true feelings. Those were some words from deep inside his heart!

He could never lie in front of her. Not with her sharp sensations.

The woman said lightly, ’’I have never expected that you can have such profound thoughts. Now you became not so difficult to look at.’’

She turned to Su Ye-Yue and said, ’’Girl, do you want to come with me?’’

Su Ye-Yue kept holding Ye Xiao while taking care of his wounds. She actually ignored the question from the woman as if she was deaf.

She actually didn't hear it at all.

The woman shook her head and waved her hand. Her sleeve was like a mass of colorful clouds. And then a bright colorful light appeared and got into Ye Xiao's mouth.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt a boiling heat was running over his body from his dantian.

Within an instant, the pain on his body suddenly disappeared.

All his wounds vanished.

His body stopped bleeding and his skin reverted back to normal!

It was only within an instant. He looked exactly like a healthy man.

[What was that? That is marvelous!]

Ye Xiao could feel that what the woman gave him was much more powerful than all his supreme dan beads. That was more like a real world-shocking supreme dan bead compared to his dan beads!

He also felt that whatever was inside his body had maintained most of its efficacy there after recovering his body. If that efficacy afflicted him at the same time, it could easily explode his body into a hundred pieces!

However, it naturally remained inside his body silently.

It just hid inside somewhere in his dantian.

Ye Xiao knew that the next time he would suffer any fatal damage, it would take effect again.

He wasn't sure how many times more it would work though.

It would work for at least another three to five times.

’’Since my girl is deeply in love with you and you have used your life to protect her...’’ The woman spoke blandly, ’’I guess I can give you this Nine Creating Dan Bead. Take it as a... compensation to you.’’

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[Nine Creating Dan!]

He had actually never heard of such a dan!

It must be something extraordinary!

Ye Xiao knew that the woman didn't do it for him;she was doing it for Su Ye-Yue. Yet just because of Su Ye-Yue, the woman actually gave him such a precious thing.

That was unbelievable!

It was really hard to compare her to anyone else he knew.

Ye Xiao understood that it always depended on whether it was precious or not.

For Ye Xiao, it might be some precious supreme dan bead, yet for that woman, maybe it was just something trivial.

It was just like the Pei-Yuan dan. For the normal people in the Land of Han-Yang, it was some magical dan, yet for the cultivators, it was just one kind of normal dan, and for those in the Qing-Yun Realm, it was merely garbage.

He and the woman were just like the normal people and the people in the Qing-Yun Realm.

It was always difficult to compare a person with another!

Knowing that Ye Xiao's body was recovering, the woman spoke blandly, ’’This dan bead can save you eight times in your whole life. It will also improve your natural condition and let your cultivation become smoother and brighter... If you work hard, you can become a legend in this land and maybe you can become a dominator in a higher realm. I will take your fiancee away. That must hurt you. This dan bead should be enough to make it up to you.’’

The last thing she said was like a needle stabbing his ears.

She made her voice become like a string to keep Su Ye-Yue from hearing it.

She was saying it to Ye Xiao alone.

Ye Xiao shook his head and said blandly, ’’Make up for me? That is far from enough.’’

The woman was surprised and her face turned cold. She said, ’’Not enough? Listen, kid. You shouldn't be so greedy.’’

Ye Xiao spoke calmly, ’’I am not being greedy. First, I never asked anything from you, so this is barely a compensation. Second, you said that while standing in a higher position, so you think it is enough for me. Imagine, if I kill your husband and give you such a compensation. Is it enough for you?’’

The woman said coldly, ’’You are far from qualified to say such words to me.’’

Ye Xiao said blandly, ’’And what makes you think you should say that to me?’’

The woman's face turned colder and colder.

Su Ye-Yue was anxious and she stood in front of Ye Xiao. She said stuttering, ’’Wh... What... What do you want?’’

The woman looked at Su Ye-Yue and smiled. She said, ’’That is some harsh words, but you are right. However, even after you cultivate a million more years, you will still be unable to kill my husband.’’

Ye Xiao smiled lightly, ’’There is nothing absolute. Don't make it too extreme when you are talking or doing something.’’

The woman smiled and actually stopped talking.

Ye Xiao was fully recovered. The woman didn't feel surprised at all, it was like everything was under her control. She wanted to say something, but then she just frowned. It seemed she couldn't stand the smell of the blood on the mountain. She casually waved her hand and a wild wind blew away. The whole mountain suddenly became clean.

And then Ye Xiao and Su Ye-Yue found they were already on the top of this mountain with that woman.

The clouds were floating beside them. They could barely see the view behind!

Su Ye-Yue and even Ye Xiao didn't know how and when the woman moved them to such position.

[This woman truly has the power to move the mountain and fill the sea. She can easily control the winds and clouds in the world.] Ye Xiao was once again astonished.

He had been dreaming about having such power in his previous life. He had been working on it for a whole life, yet he couldn't even get close to it!

’’Sit down.’’ The woman waved his hand and all the rocks in their sights disappeared. - Puff! - A flat stage showed up.

On the stage, there was a white jade tea table and three white jade chairs. One of the chairs was on one side of the table while two were on the opposite.

Su Ye-Yue grabbed Ye Xiao's sleeve and didn't dare to let go. She sat down slowly in a panic. Thinking about the bloody cruel scene that happened earlier, she felt like puking.

The woman sat opposite to them. Her eyes kept glancing at Su Ye-Yue.

In her eyes, there were surprise, questions, doubts and confusion.


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