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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 192


Chapter 192 - I Am Pissed

That sword attack was like a howling thunder. The one who made the attack must haveextremely hated Ye Xiao. The sword was thrown out in a huge strength. Even though it would hit Su Ye-Yue first, it would still get through her and hit Ye Xiao's heart.

Ye Xiao saw it and knew it.

[Then we are truly going to die together today.

You little silly girl...

Why do you keep doing such useless but moving things?

You knew it was useless to come back, yet you still came back to die. You knew it was useless to stand in front of me, yet you just did it. Are you just trying to die before me...

You silly girl.]

Tears were held in his eyes.

Thinking about this silly girl, he felt warm inside his heart.

What Su-Ye Yue said resounded inside his mind.

'Today I am your wife!'

A couple lived together, die together.

Ye Xiao understood what she wanted.

While the sword was about to hit Su Ye-Yue's chest, three of the Tianyuan cultivators jumped over to hurriedly catch the sword to save the girl. Yet they were too late.

Su Ye-Yue was about to die and that made those men feel regret.

They really couldn't expect such an accident to happen while they were controlling the whole situation.

Things seemed to be unavoidable.

Yet... was it really unavoidable?

There was always no absolute in the world.

At the moment, a voice sounded in a hurry. ’’Hold!’’

- Boom! -

The space, the world actually froze.

Even the wind seemed to stop blowing in the sky.

All the people, everything were frozen at where they were a moment earlier.

So was the mountain.

So was the sky.

So was the clouds and the wind.

And so was the sword.

That sword, which had been fiercely flying fast in the air, actually stayed where it was in the air in front of Su Ye-Yue's chest. It just stopped in the air.

The next moment, a clean and pale hand suddenly reached out. The whole world couldn't even move a bit, except this hand.

The hand grabbed the sword and swung it tightly. The sword then became pieces and fell to the ground.

People were all staying still, yet they were still able to see things.

So they saw what happened with that sword.

It might be normal for someone powerful to destroy a flying sword in the air. Yet this was rather shocking and terrifying.

The next moment, a voice sounded with relief, ’’I have worked so hard to find myself a disciple. You nearly got her killed in front of me... How dare you fools. How dare you.’’

The voice sounded serious, yet it was also soft and gentle.

It was a lady's voice.

It was actually a lady who made such a shocking scene?

The next moment, in the sky, there was like a glass board cracking into pieces. In fact, the space was like a breaking glass.

They could see a black fissure appear in the space all of a sudden. And then it returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

And then they found themselves able to move again.

They were all shocked and terrified, including Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao looked forward being extremely shocked.

He saw a woman casually walking over to Su Ye-Yue from nowhere.

She was like opening a door curtain and walking out of a house to embrace the nature. She didn't look like any vulgar person at all.

Those assassins could tell that she was an extremely superior cultivator, yet they didn't know how strong she was.

Ye Xiao knew it.

Ye Xiao knew that even in his most perfect condition during his previous life, he could never be as strong as that woman.

He was far from it. He was totally not a match to her.

In fact, she was far more than the ninth level of the Grade of Daoyuan.

In other words, she was over the limit of the cultivation levels in the Qing-Yun Realm to a great extent.

Ye Xiao was astonished, [Is this woman... from the Grand World?]

After the woman showed up, the ice mountain actually turned warm as though the spring came to the place and all flowers were blooming.

However, the mountain was still covered by boundless ice. It was still a freezing world, yet it felt warm somehow.

There were colorful clouds gathering in the sky.

The woman was showing a vigor like she was the dominator of the whole world.

Under her feet, there was a piece of colorful cloud supporting her.

Although she was standing right there, she seemed to be in another world. Even the air of this world couldn't touch her skin.

[Who is this woman?

Who on earth can be so vigorous?]

Ye Xiao kept thinking about it, yet he couldn't think of anyone at all. He felt it difficult to truly understand it.

He had never experienced anything from the Grand World, that was the reason why he couldn't understand anything about the woman. He just knew a bit about the existence of the Grand World and that was all.

’’Who are you?’’ A Tianyuan cultivar of the assassins asked with fear and carefulness, ’’Why are you stepping into our business?’’

The woman didn't respond. She just kept glancing at Su Ye-Yue from her feet to her head;she was scrutinizing her and she didn't miss any details.

Su Ye-Yue was scared being watched, so she leaned to Ye Xiao and fearfully spoke, ’’Who... Who are you? What do you want?’’

After a while, the woman finally showed an expression like 'I am satisfied' and said, ’’Good girl. You value love and relations. You have a pure heart and ingenuous spirit. You are smart and beautiful... You are indeed the one I need.’’

Ye Xiao coughed and said, ’’Who are you? What do you want from my fiancee?’’

’’She is your fiancee?’’ The woman frowned and glanced at Ye Xiao.

The woman had been ignoring those assassins as well as Ye Xiao. If Ye Xiao didn't say the word 'fiancee', she wouldn't even glance at Ye Xiao.

It was only a glance, yet Ye Xiao felt a strong sense of crisis. He tried to stay calm and said, ’’So she is. What?’’

The woman smiled blandly, ’’If you don't want to die young, I suggest you should take your time and find another one. You don't deserve her.’’

Su Ye-Yue heard that and suddenly forgot about her fear. She said angrily, ’’Nonsense! I am going to be his wife!’’

The woman shook her head with disappointment like she was looking at an ignorant kid. She spoke gently, ’’You don't understand yet. He doesn't deserve you. He is far from qualified.’’

She lightly waved her hand, pointed towards the assassins and asked, ’’Are they all your enemies?’’

Su Ye-Yue answered angrily, ’’They are all bad people. They can't defeat my father, so they use such dirty scheme to capture me and threaten my father.’’

’’Hmm.’’ The woman said, ’’They are the most disgusting kind of people. I hate such people the most in my life.’’

She paused for a while and continued, ’’Since so, let your master clean them up for you. Take it as a small gift from me to commemorate our first meeting.’’

Su Ye-Yue asked confusedly, ’’Master? What master?’’

The women smiled softly and said, ’’Your master is me. I am your master.’’

Su Ye-Yue was totally confused, and she felt shocked, [How come you become my master? Since when do I have a master? Why can't I remember anything?]

A Tianyuan cultivator said angrily, ’’Who are you? Do you even know who we are? You are making yourself a big trouble messing with this. Let me tell you. We are from the House of Chaotic S...’’

The woman finally showed emotion and she frowned. She said blandly, ’’I really haven't thought that there is actually anyone in this world who dares to threaten me... Heh, heh... That is rare.’’

And then she casually waved her pale hand without even turning her head to the assassins.

It seemed the whole space was frozen again.

Yet this time, not everyone was frozen.

Ye Xiao and Su Ye-Yue were both fine. They could still move themselves. Those assassins were all locked in space.

They just stood there and couldn't move a bit. They couldn't even blink.

The woman looked at Su Ye-Yue and spoke gently, ’’Good girl. Don't be afraid. Close your eyes. You shouldn't see such a bloody scene.’’

Su Ye-Yue was confused and said, ’’What?’’

The woman shook her head and smiled. She reached her hand and spoke softly, ’’Smash.’’

- Pah! - The space broke again.

Yet this time, it was breaking with all those people who were locked.

All the assassins fell down when the space broke. They were all dead bodies without any bones...

They were like some piles of meat spreading slowly on the ground. It only took a blink of an eye and they instantly became piles of crushed meat from standing men.

Over eighty people were now like over eighty red futons which were silently spread on the ground.



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