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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 191


Chapter 191 - Live Together, Die Together

The assassins heard what Ye Xiao said and turned furious. They burst with fury and the Tianyuan cultivators shouted, ’’Brothers let's go put him to death!’’

They all rushed over to Ye Xiao at the same time while shouting.

Ye Xiao smiled and used all the energy he had left to instantly struck eighteen needles at the same time!

Simultaneously, three knives that had been hidden in his hair and feet were prepared to fly out!

That was his last strike.

This battle was an extremely cruel incident to him. Ye Xiao actually didn't have the time to swallow any supreme dan beads. After the last strike, Ye Xiao understood that his life was going to end!

However, at this moment, everybody suddenly stopped.


Because an accident happened to them.

It was happened out of nothing!


It was an extremely strident voice, a girl's scream.

It was a voice that was full of terrors and worries, as though if she came a tiny bit later, she would lose the most important thing in her whole life!

Everybody was shocked.

Ye Xiao was stunned too.

They all looked to the direction where the scream came from.

They only saw a girl in unkempt white dress with her dark hair fluttering in the air. She had a pretty face that was covered by her tears. She was indeed Su Ye-Yue. She was trying her best to run close to Ye Xiao while gasping, like she was going to fall down at any second!

She could barely breath while gasping. When she saw Ye Xiao standing straight there, she rushed forward to him with an energy which nobody knew where she got!

It was out of everyone's expectation.

Those men who had been chasing her earlier were coming back from another direction though. Su Ye-Yue wasn't from where she was pushed out.

Ye Xiao was stunned looking at the running beauty. His heart was touched.

When he pushed Su Ye-Yue away, he had used a huge power on it. He just wanted Su Ye-Yue to straightly fly out and take a turn down when she passed a mountain. The destination of the push was the cave where he killed Gu Jin-Long!

As long as Su Ye-Yue got to that cave, she could be able to go anywhere she wanted because the cave was connected to many places.

However, she didn't run away. Instead, she found a way back to him.

’’You fool!’’ Ye Xiao's eyes were blurry and he shouted angrily!

Su Ye-Yue kept running fast. There was only one man in her sight. She just ignored all the dangerous men around her. She actually just showed Ye Xiao a soft eye contact when she heard what Ye Xiao shouted.

At the moment, the enemies shockingly looked at the crazy girl and couldn't help giving a path to her.

- Puff! -

She rushed into Ye Xiao's arms and held him tight.

She finally felt relieved when she heard the breath of Ye Xiao. And then she started to cry like she was letting out the endless grief in her heart!

Ye Xiao could only sigh.

He couldn't tell how he was feeling at the moment.

’’Why did you come back... Now we are both in their hands.’’ Ye Xiao smiled bitterly.

He could only give her a bitter smile. There should have been one of them surviving this. If Ye Xiao chose to give up on her and escaped alone, he would have a ninety percent chance, yet he chose to save the girl and be willing to die. As he had planned, she should have been in a safe place now, yet she actually returned because she couldn't let go of Ye Xiao. They had different plans, yet they were all doing the same stupid thing. That was to get themselves killed. They were truly two fools in love!

’’We are both going to die?’’ She finally realized how severe the situation was. She rolled her eyeballs anxiously. And then she humphed and irritatingly said, ’’I just want to die by your side!’’

’’But the problem is not about dying by my side or not...’’ Ye Xiao smiled bitterly. He endured the pain on his body that came from all his organs, and he smiled, ’’Now you turn yourself into their hands... It may get your father killed. They are planning to kidnap you to threaten your father...’’

’’What?! I just forgot about that...’’ Su Ye-Yue spoke anxiously and looked at Ye Xiao sentimentally. She asked, ’’What should we do then?... I don't want you to die!’’

Ye Xiao felt touched with a complex feeling at the moment.

When he made a full effort to save Su Ye-Yue, he surely did it for love, but it was also because he had androcentrism. Yet when Su Ye-Yue came back to him, she just didn't want him to die!

Maybe she was stupid doing that, but it was so moving!

Looking at the silly girl in front of him, Ye Xiao felt like holding her in arms and kissing her heavily.

[I have prepared to spend my life to get her out of this.

I did. And I thought my death would have its value after all.

Yet she actually just came back...

That made all my sacrifices wasted. Now my efforts mean nothing.

What she did may even have a great impact to the war in the south. If she ends up in these men's hands, it will be a huge strike to Prince Hua-Yang.

But can I blame her?

Can I?]

Ye Xiao realized he couldn't blame her at all.

He understood that she only came back because she love him so much. That was why she came back to this death trap.

How could he blame her pure love?

He could only look at her face filled with tears and sigh.

[Fine. Let's die together.]

’’Ah. They turn out to be a pair of lovers. No wonder he has been fighting so desperately. They actually gave up the chances to live and embrace the death.’’ A big man with muscles on his face sneered, ’’Look how I strike the couple apart!’’

’’Wait!’’ Su Ye-Yue suddenly got off Ye Xiao and wiped her tears. She turned to the enemies and said, ’’Aren't you here for me? You can have me! But you have to let him go!’’

’’Let him go?!’’ Some of them laughed, ’’He has killed so many of our men. What makes you think that we will just let him go under your words? You two are both in our hands. Do you think you can just fly out of this?’’

Su Ye-Yue stared at that man for a while and then spoke while gritting with her teeth, ’’You want to capture me and threaten my father. What makes you think you can still threaten my father with my dead body? If I die now, your plan will fail. And it will instead arouse the anger of my father. If I go with you willingly, it will be a different thing. I am sure you understand the rule.’’

She was actually quite clear in her mind. She continued slowly, ’’As long you let him leave, I will go with you! And I will never try to kill myself! I promise!’’

A man sneered, ’’You are truly in a hot relationship. A daughter is alway the useless one. You actually give up on your father's life for a man you love. Ha ha ha ha! Look what a good daughter Prince Hua-Yang has!’’

Su Ye-Yue gritted with her teeth and said nothing. In fact, she was thinking, [As long as Xiao Xiao is gone, I will kill myself immediately! How will I let you threaten my father like that? I won't keep any bullshit promise in front of you bunch of pricks!]

’’Cut the bullshit!’’ The man who was probably the head of them humphed and said, ’’Tie her up and cut that guy into pieces!’’

They didn't accept her suggestion eventually.

It was too dangerous for them to let go of Ye Xiao.

They knew they might fail to make it back home if Ye Xiao was still alive... Besides, an enemy that was strong like that would remain a huge threat to them all their lives!

- SHOOT! - A sword flew over like lightning.

It was going to hit Ye Xiao's chest!

Ye Xiao saw the killing move was close and smiled bitterly. Looking at the sword getting closer and closer to his chest, he was actually too exhausted to even step aside.

When he saw Su Ye-Yue was running back to him, he suddenly released the only power that he had been holding. He was now forcibly standing straight on the floor. Surely, he was unable to dodge the attack again.

- Shring! - Su Ye-Yue drew out her sword and knocked the flying sword. The next moment, her longsword was broken into two pieces and her hand was bleeding. The flying sword was still on its way fiercely to Ye Xiao's chest!

Su Ye-Yue made a extreme scream and jumped over shouting, ’’I am your wife today!’’

Her weak body actually stopped in front of Ye Xiao. She was rushing to the flying sword.

Everybody was shocked.

They never thought that this girl was so staunch that she would rather sacrifice her own life to save her beloved one!

She knew it won't stop the sword from getting through Ye Xiao's chest, yet she just wanted to die before Ye Xiao. It really astonished everyone there!

Ye Xiao looked at Su Ye-Yue's slim body between himself and the flying sword with his blurry eyes. He showed a bitter smile. He didn't say anything to stop her.

His heart was in great pain.

[Why did I always fail to take my responsibilities?


Although Su Ye-Yue might die in front of him, it was still better if she was captured to threaten Prince Hua-Yang. She would end up dead after Hua-Yang fell after all. However, Ye Xiao felt pain in his heart with that shame and failure. That was memorable.

[Why am I so useless? If I am stronger, I can solve this problem!

If I am strong enough, how would she die in front of me!]


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