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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 190


Chapter 190 - My Responsibility;My Protection!

Some of the dead men were only wounded lightly on the skin. Yet such a small wound had actually made them die with their blood veins frozen.

That was much further than what Ye Xiao expected.

He knew that although his gelid power was marvelous, it had different influences to people in different cultivation levels. It worked perfectly on those who were under the eighth level of the Grade of Diyuan. It could kill them instantly with only one strike.

When dealing with the Tianyuan cultivators, its efficacy decreased more when the enemy was stronger. When he was fighting against Liu Chang-Jun, he needed to continually make attacks to make him suffer the negative effects like freezing and paralysis. It was difficult to completely freeze him though.

Liu Chang-Jun was merely at about the fifth level of the Grade of Tianyuan. For people like Ning Bi-Luo, Guan Zheng-Wen and the Master Sun of the royal house who were at the grandmaster levels of the of Tianyuan, Ye Xiao reckoned that his gelid power could barely hurt them.

The strongest one of those men who were chasing him had merely half the cultivation capability of Liu Chang-Jun. Ye Xiao's gelid power could surely work perfectly. However, there were just too many people. And he had to keep them around to save Su Ye-Yue. His strength would be decreased when he was distracted. That was why it was difficult for him to make a perfect outcome from using the gelid power.

Yet it turned out to be a perfect outcome.

There was only one reason for that. The Sky Demonic Steel on the Demonic Weapons met the blood with the gelid qi and produced a huge damage.

That was the only reason Ye Xiao could unexpectedly hurt the enemies like that.

That meant he could create a lot more fighting strategies with the Demonic Weapons.

Such thought only came to his mind for seconds.

Because the enemies were taking their moves again.

Ye Xiao had no time to think more about other things with the enemies coming over to him.

Three grandmaster level cultivators at the Grade of Diyuan surrounded Ye Xiao and stood in a triangle. One of the Tianyuan cultivators joined them and kept suppressing Ye Xiao. The others just stood aside looking at them with utmost concentration. When they think that something was wrong, they would all strike out and stop Ye Xiao.

They knew it was the territory of the Kingdom of Chen after all, so they wanted to end it quickly, and they just couldn't care about any martial world rules.

If it was too narrow where they fought and they couldn't all attack together, it would take some time to take down Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao didn't panic. He calmly dealt with the attacks from the enemies. He kept defending it with his shiny golden hand and didn't step back even a bit.

He knew the limit of his own capability, and he was sure that Su Ye-Yue wouldn't be discovered if she was not stupid. But he just wanted to hold the enemies as long as he could so that Su Ye-Yue could have a bigger chance to survive.

Ye Xiao always cherished his own life.

He had been isolated all his previous life being a dominator. He cared about who obeyed him and abandoned those who defied him. He would fight when he needed to and would also cut and run when things were hopeless to him.

He wouldn't care about anything or anyone.

However, he actually chose to stake his life so that Su Ye-Yue would have the chance to survive.

It was impossible and unbelievable for the Xiao Monarch in his previous life.

At the moment, even though he knew he might die if he insisted pushing Su Ye-Yue to a safer place, he didn't feel wrong about it.

Instead... he was decisive.

[It is my responsibility. A man's responsibility.]

He said so to himself in his mind.

It was a foolish move in most people's eyes though.

But he felt that he had spiritually improved a lot when he did that.

[A man without responsibility will never go any higher and further. It was the basic rule that a man should keep in his life.

Responsibility comes first before the life and death. That was the only way not to disgrace oneself as a human being.

And that was the only way not to disgrace oneself as a real man.]

He was proud of himself at the moment.

The enemies were attacking like crazy from all directions. Ye Xiao kept defending and dodging while taking chances to fight back. The Demonic Weapons showed up in his hands from now and then and his face turned fierce.

Every time when the black glow appeared, the enemies escaped.

The way the others had died earlier had truly left them a deep impression. Nobody wanted that thing to happen on themselves.

Everybody had only one life. Ye Xiao might be careless about his life at the moment, yet they were still quite cherishing their own.

No matter how they tried to be careful, one or two of them would fall down when Ye Xiao struck out his weapons.

The flying needles were nearly invisible. They were also vicious. Ye Xiao had never thrown them to those Tianyuan cultivators, because he had no confidence to kill them by that.

He would rather killed as many as he could before he died.

So his needles never missed.

Whoever was hit by the needles would die for sure.

The blood splashed everywhere on the mountain.

After a short time, Ye Xiao's body bore about seven more wounds. Yet there were also seven more dead bodies around.

Those Tianyuan cultivators were fine at the moment, but they were in an embarrassing situation too. Whenever the black glow appeared, they had to step aside to dodge it. Even when the black glow was going to the opposite direction of them, they still stepped aside because they were scared.

Ye Xiao's power had stunned all of them.

They had known that this 'guard' was no higher than the Grade of Diyuan. They thought he must have been using some tricks to produce that light blue glow on him earlier.

Even a grandmaster level cultivator of the Grade of Diyuan should have long died under such attacks. Yet Ye Xiao had only been hurt about seven small wounds. He had damaged his own Jing and Mai earlier, yet he actually could still handle it.

Under the encirclement of so many superior cultivators, he was fighting desperately like a cornered wild beast. It looked like he was going to die at any second, yet he actually still stood up straight there after killing a lot of enemies.

He was truly like a monster to them.

All the enemies felt admiring somehow. But they mostly felt hatred for him.

How could a tough man not earn people's admiration. Yet when he was their enemy, they surely hated him the most.

As he was strong, it meant that they would lose a lot of people. Everyone was afraid that they would be the next to die under his hands. No matter how they admired him, they just wanted to get him killed as soon as possible.

Things were getting tougher for Ye Xiao because of that. - Shoot! - Some blood splashed. Ye Xiao's face was still calm, yet his eyes couldn't help twitching.

A big piece of flesh on his shoulder was gone.

At the moment, a flying needle hit the Diyuan cultivator who attacked him on the eye. The needle had actually entered his brain.

The needle was still shaking on the man's eye, producing a deep sound. That man screamed painfully and rolled on the floor holding his wounded eye.

As the fight went on, Ye Xiao had spent more and more of his energy. He couldn't call back his needles anymore.

’’Got you!’’

- Bang! - Three palms hit on Ye Xiao at the same time fiercely. Ye Xiao couldn't hold it anymore and shambled. And then he was like a kite with a broken string flying out fast. His eyes were blurry.

He felt reluctant.

[These ants...


If I am in my perfect condition, I can even blow you all to death at the same time. What a pity that I can only be teased by these ants and couldn't do anything about it.

If they are half the number they are now, I can easily run away after killing a bunch of them.

But there are just too many people.

Am I going to die here? After I got reborn with so much difficulty?

Am I going to fall down like this?]

His eyes were still blurry. He forcibly stood up and blood was coming out of his mouth. He suddenly had a thought.

[If I had the chance to make that choice again, would I give up on Su Ye-Yue and run away myself?

They were here for Su Ye-Yue, not me.

If I want to be safe, I have at least 90 percent assurance to survive.


And then he smiled while mocking himself, [If I gave up on her and escaped, will I still be a real man? Will I still be a human?]

’’Hey, hey, hey...’’ He smiled and suddenly felt relieved. He thought, ’’If I could treat that girl like I do to Su Ye-Yue now in my previous life, how could she be so sad?

Why wasn't I aware of the importance of being a real man? How come I didn't understand a man's responsibility?

It turns out the Xiao Monarch is such a weak man.]

He was lost in thoughts and he felt a bit dizzy. He casually waved his hands and the black glow showed up again. Two needles were back in his hands. He had to give up hiding the secret of the needles.

Everybody clearly saw the needles in his hands this time.

Ye Xiao's weapons were no more mysterious now, yet the threat of them were still there. And it became even more threatening.

People who had been rushing to him suddenly held their breaths when they saw the needles. They stared at Ye Xiao who seemed to be at death's doors with the killing black glow in his hands. Their eyes were full of complex expressions.

’’Come on! All of you.’’ Ye Xiao smiled, ’’Let me kill some more before I go to hell.’’


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