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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 189


Chapter 189 - All Of A Sudden

’’It turns out to be such a wonderful feeling being held by the one I love! I would have no regret in my life if I can die in your arms like this.’’ Su Ye-Yue murmured.

She stretched her arms and kept her body firmly pressed to Ye Xiao's body. At the moment, she truly gave out her heart, her body and her soul to the man who was holding her.

It was a pity to her that Ye Xiao didn't hear any of the words she murmured. He was concentrated on defending the attacks from the enemies. He truly couldn't be distracted by other things!

While he was operating his martial arts, his body was covered by a light blue glow. It kept floating over his body. Although it was in light color, it had a fierce vigor that couldn't be hidden.

’’Ah, he turns out to be close to the Grade of Tianyuan. No wonder he is hard to deal with!’’ One of the enemies humphed, ’’But you are still in the Grade of Diyuan after all. You are still too weak to stop us!’’

And then a sky blue sword light appeared and struck over. A blue light wave suddenly came over to Ye Xiao who was running.

It was an area of effect attack!

The real killing strike finally showed up!

It meant the end of Ye Xiao's escaping plan!

Ye Xiao was rushing down off the mountain. He was nearly putting his head down below his feet. Basically, it was impossible for him to just stop immediately.

However, when the area of effect attack was about to get to him, he suddenly stopped. And then he struck with his right hand and Su Ye-Yue was pushed out off him. She moved in an even faster speed to the foot of the mountain and completely got out of the enemies' reach.

Su Ye-Yue had been holding Ye Xiao tight. Suddenly, she was pushed out without any preparation. A small piece of Ye Xiao's clothes was ripped apart when she was pushed out from him. The piece of clothes resounded in the wind.

’’Go!’’ Ye Xiao didn't even turn over his head;he only shouted to her. And then he rushed out to the opposite direction and twitched his body again to dodge the attack. And then his body suddenly shook! His cultivation capability was fully unleashed at the moment!

’’No!’’ Su Ye-Yue screamed in despair. She could only keep looking at Ye Xiao sentimentally. Her slim body was flying out in the cold wind. Her eyes were fixated on the man she love!

It took Ye Xiao's full effort to push her away, so Su Ye-Yue was now far away from the mountain.

In fact, Su Ye-Yue regretted when she screamed out 'no'. She knew that she was only a burden to Ye Xiao. [Xiao Xiao is apparently risking his life to make me survive! My scream have done nothing good, in fact, it only distracted him!]

Su Ye-Yue was a smart girl. She then stayed quiet after that scream. She just moved her body to make herself rush out faster. After she got to the highest point, she started to fall.

When she lost sight of Ye Xiao, she felt her heart in great pain!

[Can I see him again?!

Under the encirclement of all those enemies, can he survive?

No! I want to see him!]

She screamed inside her heart. Tears filled her eyes. And then she thought of something.

When Ye Xiao unleashed his all of his strength, something like fog exploded on Ye Xiao's body and covered the sight of the enemies.

Suddenly, dozens of lights flashed.

At the same time a massive stream of gelid qi spread around covering everything.

A golden color suddenly appeared on the white ice mountain!

Ye Xiao struck out his Demonic Weapons in an instant along with the gelid palm and the golden palm. He was also operating his One Laughter in Skyline flying martial art!

Ye Xiao swayed himself when he operated the One Laughter in Skyline. Suddenly, dozens of his figures showed up in different places. The sound of wind appeared in the air! - Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! -

There was no trace of him.

As he started to fight back, people in the enemies died!

’’Ahh....’’ Some screams sounded out one after another.

On the ice mountain, countless blood flowers bloomed on the ice!

All the enemies were stopped by him alone with the explosion of his cultivation capability!

At least twenty of them fell on the floor screaming. Over a dozen were dead on the floor and would never get up again.

The others kept hiding anxiously including those Tianyuan cultivators.


When Ye Xiao got down to the floor after flying rapidly, he staggered and spat out blood.

That was unavoidable. He had operated his full power rushing down the mountain earlier and dodging the attacks from the enemies. He had to maintain utmost accuracy on each of his moves. And then he forcibly stopped himself. That would surely cause a negative impact to his Jing and Mai. Ordinary people might die for that!

Yet Ye Xiao had not only stopped, but he also fought back fiercely!

That was not just simply rushing back. He was striking with extremely powerful attacks while he was rushing!

He was filled with vigor!

With his limited cultivation capability, he had actually let the enemies fall into such a disturbance and even a quarter of the enemies fell down. That was horrible!

It was like a wonder, like a legend!

Maybe it was even more than a miracle. It was a myth, since he was only at the ninth level of the Grade of Diyuan! At least the five Tianyuan cultivators who were chasing him could never achieve such success!

However, he paid a huge price to make such a myth though. After bursting out like that, Ye Xiao spat out blood. His Jing and Mai had reached their breaking point. He was seriously injured!

- Shoot... shoot... -

About sixty people got to the floor from the sky and surrounded Ye Xiao. Their eyes were all full of cruel fierceness!

[This bastard actually killed twenty of our brothers within an instant!]

Only a dozen people were on their way to get Su Ye-Yue.

They all hated Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao coughed and his body was shaking. He waved his hand all of a sudden.

The enemies saw it and dodged immediately. Yet they saw nothing coming out of Ye Xiao's hand. However, they could feel some black points flying from all directions back to Ye Xiao's hand.

’’The bastard is taking back his flying weapons! He actually did that under our encirclement!’’

When they realized it, Ye Xiao had already acquired all of it.

’’Who are you?’’ Ye Xiao wiped the blood on his mouth and spoke indifferently.

His eyes were calm and profound. There was no fear, no joy, no anger and no surprise in it.

’’We are here to take your life!’’ An old man in white who seemed to be their leader replied coldly, ’’I didn't expect Su Ding-Guo would arrange such a Tianyuan cultivator on his daughter's side... He truly is wise. He is a war god indeed. However... I am afraid it is far from enough to only arrange one though...’’

Ye Xiao didn't even look at him. He said blandly, ’’Although there is only me alone, it is still more than enough to deal with you bunch of bastards who only know how to plot against people.’’

’’Hahahaha...’’ The enemy sneered, ’’Do you really think it is enough?’’

Ye Xiao smiled as blood came out from his mouth. He said lightly, ’’Talking will never prove it, will it?’’

At the moment, a man in white behind the old man who had been checking the wounds on himself suddenly stepped forward and said angrily, ’’You... You dirty asshole! What kind of evil martial art are you cultivating? You... You despicable bastard! You actually used poison!’’

The others heard that and felt frightened. They looked at those who were injured the most and they turned out to be totally dead.

Their bodies were all green including their faces, and they were all turning purple.

They were dead, but their skins were still changing colors. Gradually, they became dark cyan!

Those who were still alive fearfully sucked in a deep breath!

[What is that weapon? What is this poison?

It is actually this vicious!]

Ye Xiao sneered and said, ’’You ignorant fools. That is no poison!’’

He spoke casually, ’’Besides, even if it is poison, so what? It is either you kill me or I kill you in such a fierce battle. You have such a ludicrous amount of people setting up a trap for us. And then you all gathered together to hunt the two of us with all you've got. Now you actually accuse me that I used some dirty ways. I have to say that you are a bunch of unbelievable guys. I wonder in what position did you actually say those words that sounded exactly like joke. The reverse impact is no poison at all. However, if you insist that it was, so be it then.’’

He then continued sneering, ’’You truly have no experience and knowledge at all. Yet you actually dare to show up in the martial world. How shameless! Who is your master? I am going to have some serious talk with him. He really doesn't teach you well!’’

Although he was saying so, he himself was also surprised.

It was his first time to use his Demonic Weapons to take someone's life!

He didn't expect that the Demonic Weapons could cause such a great damage when working along with his gelid power!


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