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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 188


Chapter 188 - An Assassination;The Girl's Thoughts

Because Su Ye-Yue kept nagging Ye Xiao to make up to her, Ye Xiao picked a time to go out with her.

Ye Xiao now had an attire of a guard. He had intended to look normal.

People all thought that he was seriously ill and Ye Nan-Tian was treating him. If he showed up in the public, then the whole plan would be exposed.

The ice mountain attracted a lot of tourists. Even though the war was happening in the world, people were still so excited about traveling. That was kind of strange though.

Ye Xiao and the four other guards hiked to the top of the mountain with Su Ye-Yue, providing them a fascinating view of the world.

Su Ye-Yue looked at the south and murmured, ’’I wonder how my father is in the south. I keep having bad dreams these days...’’

Her face was full of sorrow.

That were some most depressing days for her in her life.

When her father just left the city, Ye Xiao got into such a big problem and nearly got killed. She knew nothing about the truth at the beginning, so she felt terribly sad about it. If not for her mother who kept taking care of her all the time, she might have really ended up in a miserable situation. That was why Ye Xiao had to tell her the truth as soon as he could.

She knew Ye Xiao was fine, yet her father in such a dangerous place had been worrying her.

Even though she had Ye Xiao's company at the moment, she still couldn't be happy.

’’Don't worry. It's going to be fine.’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’Your father is a good man. A good man will surely be blessed. Besides, he is such a strong man. Even if there was a frontal fight or an evil trap placed against him, he will always win. What are you worrying for after all? I think you are just worrying because of overthinking.’’

Su Ye-Yue smiled and spirited up a bit. She said, ’’I know that my father is a great war god. I know he is going to be fine. But I just cannot stop worrying.’’

Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’That's true. You know what he is, then you shouldn't worry about him. I thought you forgot how strong he was.’’

At the moment, a cold voice sneered and said, ’’Even a war god will die. War god? Hahaha. So what? Is this war god immortal?’’

Suddenly, a mass of arrows came over to them. That was like a rain of arrows shooting at them.

It all happened in an instant.

Even Ye Xiao was shocked.

He was only stunned for a second though. He hurriedly held Su Ye-Yue's waist and rolled aside. - Shoot! - And then he suddenly turned his direction right after the roll. - Shoot! - He took Su Ye-Yue to the back of a big rock by doing a series of unbelievable moves.

- Shoot, shoot, shoot! -

Endless arrows hit on the big rock.

Suddenly, a few screams echoed out. The four guards were now like hedgehogs with their bodies filled with arrows. And then they fell to the ground after shambling. The arrows were supporting their bodies and they actually didn't touch the floor at all.

The fastest one of them could only draw out his sword, yet he still ended up like the others.

That was so out of their expectation. They died without finishing their screams.

Ye Xiao had a real fast reaction. He had drawn out a longsword in an instant. He reached out a bit and saw about 70 percent of the tourists around them were holding their weapons while rushing over to them. They were like crazy.

It was a group of over a hundred men.

Every one of them had a fierce and cruel look.

It was apparently a well planned assassination.

And they were here to kill Su Ye-Yue.

No wonder there were such an amount of tourist in the ice mountain even in the middle of the war.

They turned out to be assassins.

Ye Xiao had just realized it and then a huge sound appeared. - BOOM! - The big rock in front of them actually cracked into pieces. Obviously, those men didn't like this rock.

The next moment, he saw a few streams of blue glow flashed like dragons. Five men flew in the sky and then got down to the floor like hawks hunting rabbits.

That really scared Ye Xiao.

[Who arranged such action?

They have actually sent five Tianyuan cultivators at a time.]

Ye Xiao realized it was a dire situation.

Except these five men, the other assassins were all showing some golden glow. That meant all of them were above the eighth level of the Grade of Diyuan.

To use such a strong force, even the super sects in the Land of Han-Yang would need to send all the forces they had.

That was a huge plan.

Yet it was only planned to kill a girl, Su Ye-Yue.

The enemy must be confident about this one.

Ye Xiao realized there was something strange about that. The rain of arrows was fierce, but it appeared to deal with the guards. There were only two of them who could have hit Su Ye-Yue and only on her shank.

That meant they were only here to capture Su Ye-Yue!

The big rock was broken into pieces. Ye Xiao stamped his foot when the rock was broken and rushed down to the foot of the mountain with Su Ye-Yue.

What a reaction!

Some of the assassins were surprised. They just couldn't believe Su Ye-Yue actually had a guard that was so strong.

The next moment, over Ye Xiao's head, there was someone chasing them.

A figure got to the floor like lightning. He struck with a palm which released a mass of fierce wind. That was a killing move.

Before the attack got close to Ye Xiao, five fierce finger strikes got to him and controlled his body.

Ye Xiao stopped and rolled himself back with his two feet kicking out.

- Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! bang! -

The five finger strikes were shattered by his kicks and the sound of crashing resounded. When the crashes happened, he suddenly started to rush again with an even faster speed down the mountain.

It was the slippery ice on the mountain where he was heading.

He used that crash to push himself down on the ice, so he moved even faster.

While going down, he suddenly opened his legs. A palm strike suddenly hit between his shanks.

And then he drew back his legs and stamped, and then rushed out like a flying arrow.

The man humphed and struck with his two arms while following him. At the moment, the other four Tianyuan cultivators also followed up to him.

Ye Xiao could think of nothing else but trying his best to get out of this predicament. He didn't even have time to look back and check on the enemies.

All the other assassins who were above the eighth level of the Grade of Diyuan followed up. They were all coming to him in all directions. The real tourists were all scared. Yet the assassins didn't care about them. They just kept chasing Ye Xiao.

Some of them even killed all the tourist who stood on their way.

Ye Xiao kept thinking about how to deal with such a situation. If he was alone, it was easy to escape. However, he was taking Su Ye-Yue at the moment. It was much more difficult to escape.

He might get killed at any second.

He was at the ninth level of the Grade of Diyuan indeed, because he had improved a lot recently. It was easy for him to defeat the enemies if they were only one or two men at the beginning levels of the Grade of Tianyuan. Yet the situation was far worse than that. He was facing five Tianyuan cultivators along with about eighty Diyuan cultivators at the same time. He didn't have a chance.

It was happening in the ice mountain that he created to deal with Gu Jin-Long, but after Gu Jin-Long died, the things he had set there were removed. He had nothing to use in this mountain.

It was a rather embarrassing situation for Ye Xiao.

He had never been in such a troublesome situation before.

Su Ye-Yue looked at Ye Xiao with an anxious expression. Ye Xiao was sweaty. Su Ye-Yue was rather scared at the beginning, but she was calming down. She kept staring at the side face of Ye Xiao while she was shaking in his arms.

Her face turned soft and gentle from panic. Her eyes were like full of water.

She spoke lightly, ’’Xiao Xiao, are we going to die here?’’

Ye Xiao glanced around quickly and kept pushing his feet. He was trying to move faster. But he still couldn't have an opportunity to turn and check on the situation behind him.

When he was highly concentrated on dealing with the situation, he actually heard Su Ye-Yue's question.

After Su Ye-Yue's words, a few palm attacks were stricken down to them. Ye Xiao kept dodging and got away from each attacks.

Su Ye-Yue's eyes were turning even softer. She was staring at Ye Xiao's face sentimentally.

She actually felt satisfied during the escape, even though they might die the next moment.

[This man doesn't think about giving up on me even under such a situation.

He is still fighting, trying to protect me with all his efforts. The fortitude on his face, the persistence in his eyes, they all prove that he will never give up on me.]

Although Ye Xiao was disguised with a stranger's face, Su Ye-Yue still kept on watching him sentimentally. The warmth and Ye Xiao's eyes were like lightnings hitting on her heart.

[What else should I expect since I have such a beloved man?]

At the moment, she actually had that kind of happiness like 'a girl finally meets her Mr. Right after being in solitude for eighteen years'.


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