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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 187


Chapter 187 - Mother? Queen?

Ye Xiao, as the Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall, was naturally extremely busy at the moment.

At the same time, there was an unexpected guest in the mysterious bamboo forest where Master Bai was located!

Even the extremely mysterious Master Bai was shocked when he saw this guest!

In the bamboo forest, Master Bai was wearing white as usual and was sitting casually on his wheelchair. His eyes were calm and clear looking at the waving forest. He was actually wearing a smile on his face.

[The whole world is changing because of me.]

That feeling of having everything under his control was extremely pleasant, especially when he first did such things.

Yet as time passed, he just got used to it. Maybe he had already been through such a situation too many times. It was as normal as drinking and eating daily for him.

He even felt a bit tired about it.

It might be most people's dreams which were steering the chaos of the whole world. Yet it was never the dream of Master Bai.

It was just a lame game that anyone would be bored and tired!

Even though it was a big game that was shocking enough!

Yet it still meant nothing to him!

Sometimes, it was horrible to get used to everything!

’’The Heavenly Mystery...’’ Master Bai looked at the sky and he was lost in thoughts.

Since the day it was drawn down to the world, he lost every traces of it no matter how he looked for it.

It made him anxious even though he was always calm.

He just couldn't understand why it disappeared like that. He did succeed in getting it down after all.

[I spent so much and finally got it down, yet it never stayed in my hands. And it may even be in somebody else's hands!]

Thinking about that, he sighed.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were out for their own tasks.

He was the only one who stayed in the forest at the moment. He realized that he was actually so anxious, that he wasn't like who he usually was.

That was not a good sign!

Suddenly, the clouds rapidly changed in the sky.

There seemed to be some colorful glow shining behind the clouds.

A breeze suddenly brought some strange scent to the bamboo forest.

The bamboos were all shaking.

Master Bai raised his head looking at the sky anxiously.

And then a colorful glow appeared in front of him. A woman in majestic clothes showed up within an instant.

She looked at Master Bai with her bland eyes. There was a sense of anger hidden in her eyes.

Master Bai was surprised to see the woman. He straightened up his waist and cried out in alarm, ’’Ah... You... What makes you come here personally?’’

The woman said blandly, ’’Why not? You don't want to go back. Do you not welcome me here?’’

Master Bai lowered his head and said gently, ’’I didn't dare to.’’

’’Didn't dare? I really have no idea what on earth that you dare not to do?’’ The woman humphed and got close to him.

Most cultivators could operate flying martial arts. They usually just jumped up off the floor and moved in the air in a short time. It could never last long because of the gravity!

Yet this woman actually flew in the air.

While she was moving, the colorful clouds kept rolling under her feet. She didn't touch the floor at all. She waved her hand and the clouds in the sky suddenly came down. A mass of clouds immediately formed into a chair on the floor.

She actually made a real chair using the clouds.

It was all white and clean.

And then she casually sat on it.

Master Bai's eyes twitched. He smiled reluctantly and said, ’’My Queen Mother, you still dislike any dirt in this world. I better not serve you any tea then.’’

The woman made such an effort to turn the clouds into a chair only because she couldn't stand the dirt in this world. She didn't want to touch anything in the mortal world.

The woman humphed and said, ’’Where are the two little birds?’’

Master Bai said, ’’They are out for some businesses. I will summon them back if you want.’’

’’No need.’’ The woman said blandly, ’’I will only get more annoyed seeing them.’’

Master Bai stayed silent for a while and said, ’’Why? They are good.’’

’’Oh?’’ The woman looked at him and frowned. She obviously had doubts.

Mater Bai stopped talking.

He knew that if he truly told his mother that he wanted to marry Wan-Er and Xiu-Er, or even only showed some tiny affection for them, his mother would kill the two girls immediately.

They both kept silent for a while. The woman spoke again, ’’When do you plan to go back?’’

’’I don't want to. I really don't.’’ Master Bai was being frank, ’’There are so many people fighting for that throne. I don't want it. I just want freedom.’’

’’Freedom?’’ The woman sighed. There finally appeared a sense of softness and pity in her eyes while looking at her son. She spoke gently, ’’It is always too simple to just say the word 'freedom'. Who on earth doesn't want freedom? Yet you are meant to be what you are going to be because of your identity. How can you possibly have that kind of freedom? You know your father like you the most. And just because your father like you the most, your brothers, they will never let go of you.’’

Master Bai smiled blandly and said disdainfully, ’’My brothers? We are all your own sons.’’

The woman frowned and sighed.

’’However, I truly am surprised that you would come down yourself this time.’’ Master Bai said.

’’I am not here only for you though. I felt that there actually showed up a Phoenix Body in this world. So I figured I should get down and see it.’’ The woman frowned and said blandly, ’’But what I see is actually your flaccid expression. I am annoyed. If the two birds are here, they should be dead now. They deserve to die because they failed to protect their master!’’

Master Bai smiled bitterly.

He knew that his mother's martial art was one of the best martial arts, Dancing Phoenix Art. It was a wonderful martial art that had the power to shock the heavens and earth. It contained a secret that was above the nature of the realms. It was indeed marvelous, yet it also had strict requests for the cultivator. Only the ones who had the Phoenix Body could cultivate such martial art. That had shut the door to most people.

If his mother wanted to have a descendant of herself, she needed to find someone who had the natural-born Phoenix Body.

That was her long-cherished wish that hadn't come true yet. It kept troubling her in her heart all the time. She had been looking for the right person for many years, but couldn't find one. And it turned out there was one showing up in the Land of Han-Yang, a low-class world!

It was never a joke that she said she would kill the two girls!

Well maybe she was just saying it!

Xiu-Er and Wan-Er treated the people in this world like ants. In fact, they were also like ants in their queen's eyes!

It was a casual thing that they died;it was also a casual thing that they live!

It was just an inconsequential matter!

’’Congratulations, Queen Mother. Your dream is coming true.’’ Master Bai said with respect.

’’You know it is only coming true. I haven't seen the person yet. It really isn't anything good yet.’’ The woman spoke blandly, ’’Chen-Er, are you really not coming back with me?’’

’’My cultivation is at the last step. I cannot be distracted.’’ Master Bai kept his head down, ’’Please don't worry. I will return as soon as I finish it.’’

The women sighed and said, ’’Fine. Take care of yourself then. I can't stay here long. It may damage the time and space if I stay here too long. The land will fall.’’

’’I understand.’’ Master Bai said with respect.

’’This is a little thing that I prepared for you this time.’’ The woman threw down a five-colored ring and said casually, ’’Don't lose your life in such a low realm. I don't want to be disgraced even if you don't care.’’

Master Bai held the ring with his head low. After a while, he calmed himself down himself and said, ’’Don't worry, Mother.’’

The woman nodded and moved forward to touch his face gently. She then tidied up his clothes and stepped back. She spoke while looking at him, ’’I am off.’’

Master Bai actually didn't look up;he only said raucously, ’’Yes, Mother.’’

He was afraid that if he look up at the eyes of his mother and found the expectation in those eyes, he would feel soft and promise to return.

The woman sighed again and said with disappointment, ’’It is alright that you don't come back though. I won't have to feel headache while watching you lads fighting against each other...’’

She then flickered and disappeared instantly.

The colorful clouds suddenly gathered around in the sky. It was a wonderful scene.

Master Bai raised his head and stared at the chair his mother had sat on just now. It was totally formed by the white clouds. His eyes were soft and gentle.

’’Mother, I will be back.’’ He murmured, ’’But... not now...’’


On the other side, Ye Xiao was meeting Su Ye-Yue on the ice mountain.

He wasn't interested in the ice mountain that he had created. He surely wouldn't want to go and play there...

Su Ye-Yue, however, was quite interested in it. She had been feeling down recently. She had even felt like dying because of the grief when she heard that Ye Xiao was dying. It had been only a few days yet she already became a lot thinner. Ye Xiao couldn't bear that she actually suffered in such sorrow. After he had confirmed the plan with his father, he took a chance to tell Su Ye-Yue all the truth as soon as he could. Su Ye-Yue finally turned happy after all.



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