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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 184


Chapter 184 - Three Kinds Of Supreme Dan

Looking at the tiger token and dragon token in Ye Nan-Tian's hands, the officials felt the time and space must have gone wrong.

’’At the noon tomorrow, there will be a big ceremony to tell the world about granting the tokens!’’ The king said.

’’We better not do it.’’ Ye Nan-Tian replied immediately.

’’Why?’’ The king frowned.

’’If we make it known to the world, the enemies would know it in advance.’’ Ye Nan-Tian said, ’’The wolves struck with all forces this time. It is a perfect chance to wipe them out. If they know that I am taking charge of the army again, the circumstances may change. If they get back to the boundless grassland, they will remain a hidden threat to us like the old times.’’

’’That's true.’’ The king was lost in thoughts.

The officials all hoped that Ye Nan-Tian could save the kingdom from the crisis, yet they were also afraid that some accident would happen. The kingdom had fallen into another's hand. The one who could save them became a man who could push them to the hell.

They were all frowning with sadness.

Nobody noticed that the king and Ye Nan-Tian had showed each other a hint through their eyes.

The king was relieved, yet he sighed, ’’General Ye, the kingdom is totally in your hands. I hope you won't let me down!

Please save the kingdom from the crisis!’’

The king spoke with great expectation.

’’Don't worry, your highness! The Kingdom of Chen will last forever!’’

Ye Nan-Tian's answer was powerful and firm.


That night, the five tiger generals, who led the half of the northern army and was on vacation, got together in Ye Nan-Tian's home.

At the latter half of that night, the three capital gates of the Kingdom of Chen secretly opened. Several troops got out of the city.

One of the troops marched for the west through the west gate.

Another one to the east through the east gate.

The last one marched for the south.

When the troops arrived at the camps at the gates, an order was given, and they immediately left. Several lines similar to dragons marched to their destinations like rushing arrows!

The camps were still there. For a long time after that night, there were still smoke going up to the sky from the camps, as though there were people cooking inside them...

The flags were still flying there.

Only a few men knew that the camps were already empty! There were only some horsemen and cooks taking care of them. The others had all gone to the battles.

Ye Nan-Tian stood on the wall looking at the south quietly.

’’The east and the west are still safe as for now. Only the pressure from the south was overwhelming. I hope Brother Su can handle it...’’

Ye Nan-Tian frowned. His anxious eyes stared in the middle of the night's darkness like he could directly see the north battle.

’’Brother Su, I need only three months! Please hang on!’’

Ye Nan-Tian murmured.

The next moment, he got off the wall, rode his horse and rushed to the House of Ye.

The horse steps were like thunders breaking the silent night of the kingdom.

Ye Nan-Tian's hair and clothes were fluttering in the breeze of the night.

’’If it goes well, this should be the last war I fight for the Kingdom of Chen. After this fight, the north will be in peace. The world will be in peace... I should take Xiao Xiao and Song Jue back to the Qing-Yun Realm!’’

’’I am going to regain what I have lost! I am going to rescue the woman I love! I am going to get what I deserve!’’

’’Wait for me!’’


The son of the Great General was curable.

That made many people feel relieved.

When General Ye was with his son and didn't have time for other matters, he had said something, 'If my son dies, I will wipe the whole city down!'

That was an immoderate and crazy statement. It despised the honor of the whole royal clan!

The point was that Ye Nan-Tian had the power to say such words!

So it was just informing or stating a truth!


’’It's so lucky that Ye Xiao didn't die. Ye Nan-Tian saved him. That man is so powerful. He can actually cure the wound of the Melting Bone Palm. That is a terrifying strength. It is lucky that he is so powerful, otherwise...’’ In the Crown Prince's Palace, Guan Zheng-Wen still felt terrified when thinking about all this. He didn't say anything about the Crown Prince, but he had been complaining about it.

During the days when Ye Nan-Tian was in the city, he barely slept at all. He was just too anxious to sleep.

He knew that if Ye Nan-Tian got to him, it would only take several fists to get him killed. Now that Ye Xiao was still breathing, there was still hope that things would get better for him. He really felt lucky about it!

However, what if Ye Nan-Tian got to know the truth? If Ye Nan-Tian wanted to dig out the truth, he would surely get to the him. It wasn't an easy thing to hurt Ye Xiao like this after all. It must be done by a man above the middle levels of the Grade of Tianyuan. There were not many people in the Land of Han-Yan above that level...

[If the truth is revealed, what should I do?

It is only my thought that things are still in a good side. Would Ye Nan-Tian think so too?

If he really wants to condemn this, it will not be about whether things are in a good side or not, it will be in what way I should die... It will be in what way my whole clan should die...]

Thinking of that, Guan Zheng-Wen felt terrified as cold sweat dripped all over his body.

He had dreamt about Ye Nan-Tian killing all the way to his house during those days. He woke up from the horrible dreams with sweat all over him. He felt scared once he woke up, even though he knew that he was just dreaming!

In fact, he had only seen Ye Nan-Tian once from distance. That was when the horror was planted deep inside his heart!

That was the first time Guan Zheng-Wen saw such a terrifying man.

He used to be holding thoughts like 'power, wealth, those are nothing but disappearing fogs;all men need to piss and shit after all'. However, now he knew that there was some kind of man that was so special that he could never afford messing with...

The Crown Prince felt relieved too. He said, ’’That's good. I never expected that Ye Nan-Tian could be so capable... He actually cured a man who was sentenced to death by the royal doctors!’’

Guan Zheng-Wen just nodded without saying anything.

’’I really didn't know Ye Nan-Tian was that powerful.’’ The Crown Prince looked at Guan Zheng-Wen and said, ’’Please don't feel strange. Ye Nan-Tian has always been maintaining a low profile. He always hides his true capabilities. And he seems to have some kind of privity with my father. Me and my brothers didn't know he had actually hidden himself so deep...’’

Guan Zheng-Wen smiled bitterly, ’’I only hope that the truth can be buried forever. Otherwise, my old cracked body will fail to bear the torture of the General Ye. Your highness...’’

The Crown Prince promised solemnly, ’’Please don't worry. Only the sky and earth, you and me know about the truth. There will be no other man who knows about it. Revealing the truth means looking for death. I am on the same side with you on this.’’

Guan Zheng-Wen nodded to agree. Yet he was still worried.

’’Tomorrow, I will go to the House of Ye again.’’ The Crown Prince said, ’’I must draw this strong figure to my side.’’

The figure of the Crown Princess showed up behind the curtain. She sighed with disappointment.

It was full of helplessness.

Since the day Ye Nan-Tian vigorously returned like a thunder, the Crown Princehad obviously changed his attitude to her.

The Mu Clan, which used to be the super powerful clan, was now below the Crown Prince's sight.


While they were having conversations in the Crown Prince's Palace, there was also a conversation in the House of Ye.

It was indeed the conversation between Ye Nan-Tian and his son, Ye Xiao.

’’Where did you get these dan beads?’’ Ye Nan-Tian asked with three jade bottles in his hands. Each bottle had three dan beads!

They were the Connecting Mai Dan, Bone Ablutionary Dan and the Limit Breaking Dan!

Those were nine supreme dan beads in total!

These three kinds of dan beads weren't very precious for Ye Nan-Tian. After all, they were only at third or fourth level, and they had limited efficacy.

However, they were all supreme dan beads! That was a different thing!

Three kinds of supreme dan beads showed up in the same place at the same time. That was some good fortune that only happened in dreams. It was even more beautiful what myths could tell!

Ye Nan-Tian suddenly realized that his son became somewhat strange to him. He felt like everything was so unreal, especially when the supreme dan beads showed up in front of him in his son's hands!

If he could get some dan beads like these years ago, he would have been fighting back to the Qing-Yun Realm long ago!

’’Usually, when father, you, ask me something, I should tell you whatever I know. But these dan beads are presents from my secret master. He doesn't allow me to expose any details...’’ Ye Xiao was used to make such lies now.

’’Secret master...’’ Ye Nan-Tian looked at Ye Xiao with sharp eyes, ’’Xiao Xiao, I don't care who he is. I just want to know one thing... Is he from the Ye Clan? Or is he from the Qiong-Hua Palace? Or... is he merely some stranger?’’

Ye Xiao was stunned.

[Ye Clan? Qiong-Hua Palace?]

So he shook his head, ’’Absolutely not.’’

Ye Nan-Tian sighed with relief and said, ’’That's good. I won't ask you anything about your master then... However, how much do you know about those things back in the old times?’’


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