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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 183


Chapter 183 - The Four Battles Had Fallen;General Ye Took Charge

Even though people all knew that the Western General, Wu Gong-Lie, was very possibly not a match to the prince of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, Wen-Ren Jian-Yin, nobody had expected that he would fail within such a short time so miserably!

It was only a half month, and 3 thousand miles of the western territory had already fallen in the enemy's hands!

Wu Gong-Lie was forced back to the Iron Line Passage. It was the last passage from the west to the Kingdom of Chen, an important place in military strategy. That was the only obstacle holding back Wen-Ren Jian-Yin.

If the Iron Line Passage fell, there would be nothing to stop the enemy from getting into the capital.

If Wen-Ren Jian-Yin broke the Iron Line Passage, that meant lots of lives would be massacred!

The situation had been under such a serious situation!

’’What now?’’ The officials were all worried.

They were also worried about the killing monster around them Ye Nan-Tian. How could they not be anxious!

’’Report! Urgent report from the east battle!’’

Another report arrived with terrible news!

’’What again? The east shouldn't be as bad as the west...’’ The officials all nearly cried out with tears.

’’Report! Zhan Qian-Shan from the Kingdom of Tian-Yu has been leading millions of men pushing the eastern frontline! The Eastern General, Gon-Sun Nu, fought with full efforts but kept failing to defend. Now the battle has been drawn back 700 miles to our kingdom. The Army of Tian-Yu kept attacking at all times. The east battle is falling! They request support!’’


Both the east and the west were in danger.

The officials looked at each other and couldn't think of any practical things to help.

It was the first time the Kingdom of Chen encountered such a severe situation since it was built.

’’Report! Report from the north!’’

’’The tribes of the north have gathered as one troop. The vanguard of the Wolf Army has 400 thousand men pushing through the borders. There are also another million men waiting behind them. They will get to our men straight away within a month... The northern army needs help...’’

The north was at least temporally stable. However, General Ye wasn't in the north at the moment, if the enemy attacked, there would be 1.4 million men rushing over...

Well, it wasn't a good situation though.

’’Report! Report from the south!’’

’’Prince Hua-Yang and his army has arrived at the south! He has won the first battle and struck back the enemy for 300 miles. The battle is still tense...’’

That was at least a good news.

There was at least good news from one of the four battles. The kingdom wasn't falling in all sides.

However, people still felt hard to breath with such an enormous pressure.

The war was ongoing;the whole world was shaking in chaos.

The officials decided to make a report again, asking the king to send Ye Nan-Tian back to the north.

They all realized that the north would become the most dangerous battle of the four without Ye Nan-Tian!

The wolves were gathering a million men. They apparently planned to take over the north once and for all and march to the south!

It was a situation that would never have happened in the past...

The tribes must have realized there was something happening in the Kingdom of Chen, because Ye Nan-Tian took leave all of a sudden, leaving the whole army behind. They didn't care what was happening there. As long as Ye Nan-Tian wasn't in the north, the men that were left there were never a threat to them. So they became encouraged and struck with all their forces...

The war was in a clear situation. It wasn't needed to analyze a lot to know which side was the most dangerous one.

If the Kingdom of Lan-Feng and the Kingdom of Tian-Yu won the war, the country would fall, but people could still have their homes.

If the wolves from the north got into the kingdom, it would be far worse than losing the country... All citizens would fall under the iron feet in misery.

It was the only wise thing to do to send Ye Nan-Tian back to the war!

Because only Ye Nan-Tian could control the north. Even Prince Hua-Yang wasn't able to!


The king was finally tired of receiving this kind of news all the time. He gathered the officials for a meeting.

When Ye Nan-Tian entered the hall fully in arms, the officials were all silent.

Their eyes were all full of complex expressions.

[This man sees lives as if they were grasses. He is dominating and law-breaking!]

Yet this man was the only hope of the kingdom at the moment.

He was the only one who could save the kingdom in the chaos!

Maybe that was why he could keep acting above the law!

’’Great General Ye.’’ The king's voice was vigorous, ’’Are you done with your mad actions?’’

Ye Nan-Tian had to show some respect to the king in front of the officials after all, so he slightly bowed and said, ’’Almost... It was far from what I expected, but since my son can still be cured, I will just keep some of their lives. The war is in a tense situation. I think I should think more of the war at the moment.’’

Some old officials kept shaking their heads hearing those words.

[You have killed thousands of people... And you are just 'almost done'?!

The thing is... We thought your son is not going to make it, so you started to kill like that, but in fact your son is still alive and still curable...

You son is curable, then why are you still so mad?

What if your son is sure to die? Would you kill all the people in the city?!

The most overwhelming thing is that... after killing all those poor men, you actually said that you should think more of the war... That... What should we say about it? What do we dare to say? What on earth?]

The king nodded and said blandly, ’’Your son is fine. That's good. But my court became much more spacious now.’’

Ye Nan-Tian said, ’’The new will never come with the old here. Your highness, there are lots of wise men in the Kingdom of Chen. They are enough to bring peace to the kingdom.’’

When he said 'the new will never come with the old here', he intentionally glanced at the officials.

Many of them felt cold on their backs.

Ye Nan-Tian was making a clear statement to them, 'if you dare to mess with my son, you will be the old ones.'

What a threat it was.

The officials were all mad, but they didn't dare to say anything. There was no difference between reasoning with a mad man and asking for death. The military group in the court were all standing proudly!

[General Ye is a great man indeed!

His vigor is even bigger than the whole kingdom and even the whole Land of Han-Yang!]

The king twitched his lips and said, ’’Now the four sides are in danger. General Ye, do you have any plan to deal with it?’’

Ye Nan-Tian spoke calmly and confidently, ’’We defend when the enemy attacks. What is so hard to do? The situation looks difficult to deal with, but in my eyes, those are only some stupid little animals that are unable to bear even one strike!’’

An old man with white beard couldn't help but stood out with his body shaking. He said with disappointment and anger, ’’General Ye, I have been admiring you since you had worked so hard for the country and for the people. I wouldn't want to say anything. But now it is the dangerous moment of the kingdom. Our kingdom is falling in front of us. Yet you actually said those words so casually. I want to see what kind of plan you have to lead us to the victory!’’

Ye Nan-Tian said with pride, ’’The old Master Wang, I promise you will see it! I promise!’’

And then he bowed to the king and held his fist, ’’I ask your highness to grant me the position of the Kingdom's General Commander. I will need both the tiger token and the dragon token! All the men in the kingdom should be under my lead! I will lead all the forces of the kingdom to fight against the enemies! Let me fight on the land for your long lasting empire!’’

It made the whole hall turn silent all of a sudden.

In such a dangerous situation, Ye Nan-Tian actually said such a grandiose request. The officials realized how brave this general truly was.

However, many of them still felt scared.

Ye Nan-Tian was the commander of the north and he already acted beyond the law and killed as he wished. If he controlled all the soldiers in the kingdom and became the General Commander, wasn't the kingdom's future in his own hands?

Would the kingdom fell under his control?

Suddenly the hall was silent. The officials kept looking at each other.

The Crown Prince's face turned pale at once. He looked at Ye Nan-Tian who was standing in the middle of the hall. He felt the man was like a huge mountain!

It was like the man was immortal!

That was a 'the world is in peace in my hands' kind of vigor!

The Crown Prince felt terrible regret.

[Why did I mess with such a man...?

Wasn't I asking for death messing with a man like him?!]

After everyone remained silent for a while, the king suddenly stood up from his throne. His eyes were full with glow staring at Ye Nan-Tian. For a long while, he didn't say a word.

He just stared at Ye Nan-Tian.

Ye Nan-Tian didn't step back at all. He stared back to the king's eyes and didn't even blink!

After a while, the king shouted all of a sudden.

’’Come! Bring me the dragon token!’’

The officials were in a panic!

[What is happening?

Will he get it so easily like this?]

’’Come! Bring me the tiger token!’’

’’Your highness! Your highness!! You cannot do that!’’ Some officials nearly cried out with tears. They kneeled down and begged, ’’Don't do it, your highness! Please don't...’’

The king waved his hand and spoke decisively, ’’I have decided!’’


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