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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 182


Chapter 182 - The Life And Death!

’’A person becomes friends with another in order to get something. It may be friendship he wants, or maybe love, respect, glory, money... Aren't these all profits he can get? A usual citizen wouldn't respect a beggar on the street and certainly won't be friends with him, because they are in different heights. One is giving while the other is simply taking.’’

’’I felt comforted that you know that.’’ Ye Nan-Tian said, ’’But remember one thing. Even though the whole society is built up under such rule, you can't just deny true love in the world.’’

’’Sure.’’ Ye Xiao nodded seriously.

Ye Nan-Tian was making a good point.

Even though people are all living for profits, no one should never deny true love. Otherwise, those people would become less than a human being.

Human beings are, after all, sentimental beasties.

’’Well, if we only think of the king, it is ok that we do something to keep the kingdom safe.’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’Yet when I think about what kind of pricks his three sons are... The king passes away and the throne is passed to one of his sons' hand. I just can't feel good about it.

So we fight like mad to get an iron kingdom for such pricks? It is of course a problem in the future, yet it is just a matter of time before we have to face it!’’ Ye Xiao looked at his father.

Ye Nan-Tian didn't say anything for a long while. And then he said, ’’The country should be in good hands.’’

Ye Xiao nodded.

Their conversation was coming to an end.

There was nothing more to discuss.

’’You will do the 'cleaning' this time and the king may be annoyed, but we have to be concerned about something more important. We have to disregard the king's feelings. When the world returns to peace, there will be more and more people that need to be cleaned.’’

Ye Xiao smiled, ’’So... You can never wipe them out. The king will not be restrained all the time by those loyal guys. So I don't think you need to worry too much.’’

Ye Nan-Tian stayed silent.

It might be the night that he stayed silent the longest!

He looked at his son and lost his bearings. He couldn't believe that his son actually understood all these things so much and clearly He still thought Ye Xiao was a bit extreme... but the way Ye Xiao talked made him sure that there wouldn't be any big problems in Ye Xiao's future...

He finally felt relieved. He smiled and stood up, clapped on Ye Xiao's shoulder and said, ’’Maybe there will be a place for you in the Qing-Yun Realm in the future.’’

Ye Xiao was shocked and he raised his head smiling, ’’That is a certain process of my life. My life goal wouldn't be so short.’’

[A place in the Qing-Yun Realm!

What a loser's goal!

Qing-Yun Realm will only be a temporary stop for my future!]


Is my son saying that's short?]

Ye Nan-Tian looked at his son and couldn't say a word for a long time. It all became silent.


It was the next morning.

The generals in the northern army got together. Ye Nan-Tian raised his sword fiercely!

He cut lines after lines of the people in the enemies' houses in a cruel way!

The sky of the Chen-Xing City was covered by the smell of blood. It was like a bloody hell.

The northern army rushed into the Right Prime Minister's house and locked the door. And then they drew out their longswords and cut heads one after another. They didn't say anything, so the opponents wouldn't have the chance to say anything to defend themselves!

They simply slaughtered.

In front of the blades, even the most marvelous words wouldn't work!

The next target was the Minister Jiang.

Jian Tai-Sui, his son was the reason of all the mess. They surely wouldn't let him get away!

When the northern army got to their house, they found that all men in the house were dead.

'To evil and corruption, we are here to take your lives!'

There were words left in the house which was followed by a sign 'Life And Death Board'!

In the Minister Jiang's house, there were 103 people's bodies, 2 dogs and 3 cats, as well as 80 chickens lying in the yard.

The people's bodies were in a row;the dogs' in a row;and the same with the cats and chickens.

Not a life could escape the punishment!

Not leaving even a dog or a chicken!

The only thing that was left were the blood words on the wall.

Among those dead people, Minister Jiang and his son were cut by their heads, arms and legs. They didn't even have a whole body.

The news had spread all around the capital within a short time.

At the same time, there were also news about some other evil officials getting their whole house wiped out. There were some cruel rich men too.

People knew they were killed by the same group of people because the same six words were always left on the scene 'Good and bad;Life and death!'

Countless citizens clapped their hands with happiness about all this!

Those who had always been bullied by these houses hung some fireworks and started to celebrate it.

Many of them decided to memorize their ancestors that day.

They all said something to their ancestors like, ’’Those who kept bullying us in the old days are dead. Good and bad;life and death! Please rest in peace...’’

Although Ye Nan-Tian's army was acting in high key, the 'life and death board' was apparently more popular these days.

Many officials felt terrified. Ye Nan-Tian was accused of 'ignoring the national safety and breaking laws;over-standing the king and being arrogant'. In the future history books, he was described with many bad statements because of this.

However, the wise men surely knew how important the 'cleaning' was for the kingdom!

Only some of the people Ye Nan-Tian killed were proved to betray the country. Most of them were just killed noncommittally.

The cleaning became only slaughter at the end!

However, after that day, the opponent kingdoms suddenly realized their intelligence network had stopped working. Their sources just disappeared...

Countless pigeons carried the news to all around the world.

It was said that there were two great generals in the enemies who had broken the tables and cursed that Ye Nan-Tian was cruel and brutal! Well, it was really difficult to develop a spy in the Kingdom of Chen.

They had spent a long time and a lot of human resources to build their intelligence network...

Many of the people that were killed by Ye Nan-Tian hadn't really done any work!

In the court, there were many officials kneeling on the floor.

Ye Nan-Tian had surely pissed many people this time.

Well, in face, maybe these people were just scared that Ye Nan-Tian had really gone mad!

Those who had been working well were lost in fears. They were scared that the brutal sword might get to their necks someday.

They thought that there was nothing a mad man wouldn't do!

And the mad man was a man with invincible power! What should they do?

They could only beg the king to do something!

So they kneeled down in the Cheng-Tian Hall and begged.

They only asked for one thing punish Ye Nan-Tian. They begged with tears.

The king just announced the court held a pause. He was also cruel.

’’The kingdom is in danger, yet you guys are still concerning your own profits! How stupid! The inside peace comes before the outside success. The great general sacrifices his own reputation and work so hard to help the kingdom get rid of its shortages. He is doing it only for the kingdom! I don't have time to hear your nonsense talks!’’

The king's words had set a baseline to the whole situation.

The officials were all lost in anxiety.

They didn't know that the king was showing a great kindness to them by saying some words to them. He truly had no time and no spirit to deal with those officials. The battles didn't stop for even a while. The war reports kept coming back to his room.


’’The four battles are in a dire situation! Wen-Ren Jian-Yin of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng arranged 600 thousand men to start the attack. The great general Wu Gong-Lie has been fighting with his full effort but failed to hold it. The Black Wolf Mount, the White Cloud Village, The Sky Horse Passage, The Wolf Teeth Mountain and the Jade Gate Passage are all snatched by the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. The great general Wu Lie-Gong is putting all his men to defend the Iron Line Passage. But the enemy's force is too strong. General Wu is waiting for support!’’

Bad news like this kept coming to the city, and all the officials felt like being dropped into the cold water in a cold winter. They felt extremely cold about the war. At the same time, the news about the war had drawn their attentions away from Ye Nan-Tian for some time.


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