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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 181


Chapter 181 - A Private Conversation

’’How is it?’’ When the king entered the study room, he asked. It was normal, usual and simple.

’’Hmm. Not bad.’’ Ye Nan-Tian smiled. His answer was also simple.

’’That's good.’’ The king took a breath out.

’’It must have made you suffer all these days.’’ Ye Nan-Tian said.

’’Not really. I won't complain though. There are always reasons for the things happening now...’’ The king smiled, ’’What do you want to do? Just be frank with me me.’’

The king never showed himself high above in front of Ye Nan-Tian.

Ye Nan-Tian was used to it. Because he also wouldn't see himself lower than the king.

Especially when they were having a private meeting.

They never called each other brothers too, although they were sworn brothers for real!

They just never say anything like 'younger brother' or 'older brother'. They just used 'you' and 'I'!

’’The law-breaking Ye Nan-Tian has now become a myth.’’ Ye Nan-Tian smiled, ’’It is a wonderful bad title indeed, but it is a good thing. There is always a bad side within the good side of all things.’’

The king nodded, ’’I understand. How is Xiao Xiao?’’

Ye Nan-Tian sighed, ’’The kid had been holding it till I returned. Now... Things are at least not in the worst case scenario.’’

The king felt totally relieved when hearing that. He said, ’’A tiger truly won't procreate a dog.’’

As long as Ye Xiao was alive, Ye Nan-Tian wouldn't be mad and lose control. That meant there was an opportunity for the kingdom!

Ye Nan-Tian sighed, ’’It is still giving me headache.’’

The king laughed loudly. He was happy.

’’Don't be happy too early though. I am going to kill some guys this time.’’ Ye Nan-Tian spoke seriously.

The king's smile froze as he a sigh escaped his lips. He stayed silent for a while.

’’This time, there must be somebody in the royal clan involved.’’ Ye Nan-Tian spoke again with a bland tone.

He was so peaceful like talking about a glass of water. Yet what he had just said were some really shocking words!

The king twitched his face and said, ’’Ok.’’

The simple 'ok' had set the baseline of what would happen in the future.

It was not that Chen Xuan-Tian, the king, didn't want to protect his own people;it was that whoever was responsible for all this would never escape the punishment. Ye Nan-Tian was just informing him, not asking him for opinions.

Since things had developed to such a situation, the king had to choose to just get over with the topic.

It was quite a wise choice though, although it was also sad!

’’This time, the kingdom is in a dangerous moment. We have never been through such a bad situation. Nan-Tian, are you sure you can handle it?’’ The king spoke with anxiety.

’’If there isn't that guy controlling everything behind the scenes, I won't think there is any problem about all of this disturbance.’’ Ye Nan-Tian was also anxious, ’’However, that man and that house, they just make me lose my confidence. And that's why I want to clean up our inner problems first.’’

The king was silent after hearing that. After a while, he sighed and said, ’’The House of the Chaotic Storms... The chaotic storms... Bai!’’

His voice showed his fear.

Ye Nan-Tian said, ’’That is a man that can never be killed.’’

The words made the king felt depressed immediately. He said, ’’Can't you kill him even with your full efforts?’’

Ye Nan-Tian shook his head lightly and said, ’’No.’’

The king stayed silent with an ugly expression on his face.

Ye Nan-Tian frowned and said worriedly, ’’I have all the information about that man in the recent thousands of years... If the information is true, any of the three of them can easily defeat me as long as they recover to their true strength. They can kill me easily! I am telling the truth!’’

The king smiled bitterly.

And he murmured, ’’The House of the Chaotic Storms... Wan of The Cloud, Xiu of The Heavens... Master Bai! Heh heh...’’ He was helpless and he said, ’’That has been like a sharp sword hanging upon the kingdoms. Whenever they decide they should cut down any of the kingdoms, it will just destroy it! And there is nothing we can do to stop it. Oh!’’

Ye Nan-Tian said calmly, ’’The only way to deal with that man is to face him head on while using schemes.’’

He continued blandly, ’’In fact... every time he showed up, he didn't really have a particular target! He never truly want a particular country to fall. He just wants to make the world fall into chaos and take advantage of it.

Sometimes I am thinking maybe they just want to get lots of people killed. They just need blood. If that's the truth, we may still have hope.’’

His words finally made the king feel better.

’’I know something about the House of the Chaotic Storms too. You are stating it correctly. Usually, with regards to morality, nobody will want to kill the citizens in any country. The greatest success is conquering a country without killing any of its people. Yet I don't think we need to strictly follow such rule now. The first thing is to keep the kingdom safe. If the House of The Chaotic Storms get what they want and step back, we will not only survive this crisis, but also keep a certain amount of our force... This land will very likely be united in our hand!’’ The king was speaking with sparkling eyes.

Ye Nan-Tian smiled and said, ’’Well, that seems to be true regarding the facts we know.’’


They had been having the private conversation for a long time that day.

When the king left the house for the royal palace, his face looked strange. It was not all desperation, but not delight for sure. He just kept frowning on the way back.

People who had seen him didn't dare to ask about it;they feared that the king would blame them.

However, there was a rumor spreading around. 'The young Lord Ye couldn't make it this time and Ye Nan-Tian will certainly go crazy.'

They thought that was the reason why the king was so depressed....

When the king left, Ye Nan-Tian stayed in the study room for a long time alone. And then he stood up and went to his son's room.

’’Xiao Xiao, tell me your thoughts. Why would the king be so depressed?’’ Ye Nan-Tian asked.

It wasn't a question. It was just another test.

Ye Xiao frowned and thought for a while. And then he said, ’’Is he suffering hemorrhoids?’’

Ye Nan-Tian was shocked.

And then he clapped on the table heavily and shouted, ’’Be serious!’’

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes.

[Is it necessary to talk about such a thing?]

’’The king surely doesn't want me to kill anybody, but he knew that whoever I want to kill should be killed after all.’’ Ye Nan-Tian said.

’’Because... the king need to make the military group and the political group counterbalance each other. He needs to play some emperor's schemes to balance the court. He doesn't want either group get too stronger than the other.’’ Ye Xiao twitched his lips while showing indifference.

He thought that if he didn't answer Ye Nan-Tian, he would never have the chance to rest. So he decided to answer with a good one.

’’Tell me more details.’’ Ye Nan-Tian's eyes lit up. He looked at his own son and felt so happy about it.

’’Our king surely knows who are the good ones and who are the bad ones in the court. But he just keeps the court in good balance all the time.

In a country, surely, not all the officials are bad, otherwise, the country would have fallen long ago. Yet they can't be loyal and good ones either, because that would leave the king no joys and freedom in his own life. The king needs some foxy men, bad men and yes men to relax himself in his daily work. It relaxes him and also balance the court.

Yet father, what you want to do are apparently wiping out all the bad guys.’’ Ye Xiao went straight, ’’That is against the king's schemes that he has been using all his life. Those guys are supposed to be restraining the good and powerful men in the court, so that the king himself can hold the highest position...’’

’’That is the emperor's scheme.’’ Ye Xiao said.

’’That's right.’’ Ye Nan-Tian nodded, ’’But now we have to do it. Even if it will only be for the play you have put on this time, I have to do it.’’

’’Sure. It has to be done.’’ Ye Xiao seemed not so interested.

’’In fact, the king is a good man.’’ Ye Nan-Tian looked at his son hoping he could find something more in his eyes.

’’The shame is that his three sons are all pricks. Even though we are still not their people, it still sucks.’’ Ye Xiao said.

Ye Nan-Tian nodded. He felt oppressed. The lucky thing was that what Ye Xiao said only needed to be concerned in the future.

’’I agree that the king is good at the moment. But that is built by the truth that you are still obviously useful to him...’’ Ye Xiao spoke blandly.

’’Of course I know it.’’ Ye Nan-Tian nodded and said, ’’But things in the world are all because of profits. If you are useless, who would treat you well? It is not fair to judge a king with that.’’

’’I am not denying him though.’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’I just pointed out the main problem of the whole system. It is not only for the king, but also for everyone else, even normal citizens.’’


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