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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 177


Chapter 177 - Who Are You?

Song Jue felt the wounds on his face and spoke happily, ’’Well I kind of feel better now hearing this... That little prick will get his punishment after all. No matter how arrogant and shameless he is...’’

Speaking of that, he actually felt comfortable.

Ye Nan-Tian was stunned.

Looking at his sworn brother, he was speechless. [What kind of person are you? Is that how an uncle should be? That must be rare in the world...]

Yet he didn't know that Song Jue had been 'tortured' for a long time by Ye Xiao recently. Song Jue nearly lost his mind because of that and he actually couldn't say a word about it. He was even too embarrassed to say anything to Ye Nan-Tian.

What could he say though?

'Your son is truly a genius. He is a wonder. A miracle. A legend. No, he is actually a complete monster.'

'He is more experienced than me. He is smarter than me. He is foxier than me. He is even stronger... Hmmm, well he is not stronger than me for now, but he could actually easily capture a man who was even much stronger than me. And he fooled around someone who was more capable than me. It is just a matter of time that before he becomes stronger than me...'

'I am going to be driven crazy by your dear son.'

'Your son is just a monster. I admit that I can't handle him...'

'Those troubles your son has made, I couldn't solve most of them. I have just been someone who only do something to act like I am helping him...'

Yet he didn't say anything about all these words. He would be embarrassed to death if he said so.

Besides, he could imagine how Ye Nan-Tian would react. 'What the hell are you talking about? Xiao Xiao is a monster? My son is a monster huh? You can't handle him? You old bastard are this older than my son. Have you been living as a dog or something? You can't even handle a sixteen years old kid? What the fxck have you been doing then?'

Or maybe it would be like, 'You are so much stronger than him after all. And you actually can't handle him? I wonder if you have been eating rice all you life or you have been eating shits? Are you insane?'

Ye Nan-Tian would surely say that easily.

He would just say anything to his brother.

So, Song Jue would never say anything to him.

[I see. I should just let you handle your son. He is your baby son after all, not mine.

When you realize what kind of a monster he is, you better cry somewhere in private.]

Ye Nan-Tian's face was dark. He sat in Ye Xiao's room and breathed heavily.

He was so mad.

Nobody would have imagined that a war god like him would be like this.

The sky was turning darker and darker, yet Ye Xiao was still not home.

Ye Nan-Tian was still breathing heavily. Song Jue didn't even dare to breathe. He just stayed at a corner pretending to be a wall. He was praying that Ye Xiao would come back soon though... [I can't stand the horrible face of your father anymore. Just come home soon to share the pressure on me... I am going to freak out under such pressure...

I think I must be owing this life to you... I don't even dare to breathe any heavier in front of your father, and I was actually being played like a fool and being a scapegoat for you...]

Well, the gods always answer your prayers.

Ye Xiao had thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of being the monarch in Ling-Bao Hall. He was finally home. He sneaked to his room and saw that the room was dark.

He smiled, [Uncle Song is really good at faking. He actually can bear it for such a long time. Even I admire him about it...]

He sneaked into his room and laughed in a low voice. ’’Uncle Song, I am back. Have you rested enough for today?’’

Nobody answered.

Yet he obviously sensed someone in the room. And there was more than one presence. He was alerted, so he asked again, ’’Uncle Song?’’ When he was talking, his body was suddenly moved away from where he had stood just now.

And he felt a slight sound of movement at the place where he once stood.

He was shocked, ’’Who are you?’’

Truth could always be seen through some tiny details. That movement showed that there was a master superior cultivator in the room. This cultivator was actually stronger than everyone Ye Xiao had met since he was reborn. Song Jue was not a match to him. Even Guan Zheng-Wen, Master Guan, from the royal house and the No.1 assassin, Ning Bi-Luo, were all under his range.

He was sure that if this man got to Uncle Song, Uncle Song would even have no time to react. Ye Xiao had called Song Jue twice and no answers were made. He felt worried. [Did Uncle Song die in this man's hand?]

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao suddenly raised his killing intent. He swung his left hand and clapped his right hand. Suddenly, a golden glow appeared and the gelid qi showed up;they surrounded his body. While carefully observing his backside, he suddenly made an attack.

In the dark, a big hand, as though breaking the rule of nature, came to Ye Xiao's neck through a weird path. Ye Xiao stepped back and turned over with some tricky steps. He shouted, ’’Where is my Uncle Song? Who are you?’’

That man kept silent. His big hand was still aiming for his neck in an even faster speed.

It had been real fast at the first time, yet the second time, it was even faster. That was horrible. Ye Xiao actually couldn't dodge. Luckily, he was clever. He raised his golden hand and struck on the wrist of that big hand.

- Pang! - That was a firm hit.

He was just feeling happy that he made it, yet he suddenly felt that his arm was in pain. It was actually nearly broken because of the reversal impact. He was frightened, so he immediately took his hand back.

Ye Xiao thought he was overestimating the enemy, yet he was actually underestimating him. That golden hand's attack was combined with the gelid qi. It was the limit of Ye Xiao's cultivation capability at the moment. Ye Xiao was confident that even superior cultivators at the grandmaster levels of the Grade of Tianyuan would not want to be hit by that. It should have been an indestructible attack. Yet the man wasn't even affected at all, and his own attack even damaged himself. His arm nearly got broken. He was wondering about this man who was so strong in cultivation.

It was at least over the Grade of Tianyuan.

’’Oh?’’ That man was surprised. Yet he didn't stop his hand, continuing to reach for Ye Xiao's neck.

It was like impossible to get rid of.

Ye Xiao's golden hand attack didn't really work, yet it had slower that man's hand. Within a short time, Ye Xiao had changed about eighteen kinds of comportments to dodge. He was even operating the gelid power in full range. He instantly struck with eighteen palms and eighteen fists on the enemy in the darkness.

Ye Xiao knew that if the golden hand couldn't hurt that man, the gelid power couldn't hurt him too. He still used the gelid power only to try to slow down that man. The man's attacks were truly too fast. Although the man just kept trying to attack on his neck, it was just some super powerful move. Ye Xiao had been trying his best to defend and it was the only thing he could do.

That man was truly unbelievably strong in cultivation. It was totally unreachable. The gelid qi was almost doing nothing good at the moment.

That man didn't even dodge at all. Yet that big hand had always been close to Ye Xiao's neck.

That was perseverance.

Ye Xiao thought for a second and stamped on the floor. His body was like a lightning rapidly getting away.

The enemy was too strong to deal with. Since he couldn't handle it, he should just escape for a while and think about what to do next.

If he kept forcibly defending, he would only find himself in an even more perilous situation. Maybe he would even lose the chance to live.

He didn't hesitate at all.

’’Little bastard truly moves fast though.’’ That man said smilingly as that big hand acted even faster. It was like breaking the limit of time and space. When Ye Xiao was getting out of the room, it actually grabbed his foot at once.

That was even faster than light.

Ye Xiao didn't have time to react at all.

He didn't panic though. He turned his body and a flying knife flew out from nowhere right to that man's throat.

And then he moved his head aside as two flying needles flew out like lightnings to that man's eyes.

He operated the gelid qi in full power on his foot that had been caught. Suddenly, that foot was cold like a thousand years old ice. Ordinary people would have been frozen by that.

That man spat and shouted, ’’Where did you learn such evil moves?’’

And then he took in a deep breath and spat it out fiercely.

That was like a huge river floating. That breath actually had blown those knife and needles down to the floor. He dragged with his hand and Ye Xiao's body flew back into the room. The next moment, that man's hand was firmly holding on Ye Xiao's throat.

Ye Xiao sighed and gave up fighting. He just felt helpless.

He wasn't acting slowly at all. It was just that his enemy was too strong. It was far beyond what he could handle at the moment.

That was even above the cultivation limit of the Land of Han-Yang.

That man should even be a top-ranged superior cultivator in the Qing-Yun Realm.

That was more than the Grade of Tianyuan or the Grade of Lingyuan. It was actually in the Grade of Mengyuan.

And it was at a high level.

Ye Xiao couldn't even escape facing such a strong enemy, not to mention fighting back. Even if that man stood there and let Ye Xiao just punch and kick him, Ye Xiao would fail to hurt him at all.

That man was not stronger than Gu Jin-Long though. Yet it was a fact that he was invincible in the Land of Han-Yang.

Who was it then?

Haha, who was this man?



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