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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 176


Chapter 176 - I Am Pissed!

Song Jue's face was dramatic at the moment.

It looked like there were tears in his eyes.

Yet Ye Nan-Tian's eyes were like looking at a freak!

[Why is this face so familiar...]

Song Jue was stunned!

[Big brother!

Ye Nan-Tian!

Holy motherfxcking hell! I... an accident actually happened in my perfect plan!

My perfect plan actually encountered an accident!]

Ye Nan-Tian was obviously the accident!

Song Jue truly hadn't thought that he would get caught by his big brother while he was pretending as his 'ill' nephew!

[Why am I so unlucky!

I am so going to die!] That was Song Jue's thought at the moment.

Ye Nan-Tian instantly calmed down from being shocked. He half-closed his eyes and two cold lights were coming out from his eyes!

Ye Nan-Tian was such a wise man. Although he didn't fully understand what was going on, he realized that... somebody was playing some tricks on this. Most importantly, he reckoned that his son was fine...

Otherwise, Song Jue would have been crazy with anger at the moment and would never be so leisurely playing as a fool like this!

’’That seems to be comfortable!’’ Ye Nan-Tian gritted with his teeth while looking at Song Jue.

’’Urhh... Bi... Big Br... Big Brother...’’ Song Jue totally didn't know what to say at the moment. His brain went blank.

’’Does it feel good lying to me?’’ Ye Nan-Tian's face seemed to be even colder.

’’I... I urh...’’ Song Jue's forehead was full of sweat. He looked around in a panic. [Where is that little prick? Where is he? Why isn't he here to bear the anger of his father for me... I... I want to cry...]

’’What the hell happened? Talk to me!’’ Ye Nan-Tian spoke with a deep voice while gritting his teeth.

Song Jue hurriedly got up and spoke bitterly, ’’Big brother... Big... Big...’’

He just couldn't finish a full sentence.

If somebody else saw him like this, it would be the most memorable thing in his life!

However, there were only two of them in the room!

’’Since you have been faking this, please do continue! Lie back down!’’

Ye Nan-Tian raised his foot and stepped on Song Jue's belly. He was so fierce at the moment, ’’Song Jue! Look what you have done! Heh, heh, heh, heh... Nice! Very good!’’

Song Jue was under the quilt when a mighty food suddenly struck him. He couldn't move even a bit. He begged with a bitter face, ’’My beloved old brother, let me explain... The truth is... It is that...’’

’’Old? Am I old now? You profligate sick liar!’’ Ye Nan-Tian didn't let him finish talking. He turned furious and hit him with a fist!

- Boom! -

’’Oww...’’ Song Jue screamed in pain. One of his eyes turned black, ’’Brother, you... you...’’

- Boom! -

It was another one!

’’You scared me to death! You son of a bitch! You prick! You... You...’’

Ye Nan-Tian was truly mad.

He had nearly killed himself with depression because of the letter from Song Jue. He hadn't stopped traveling for 2300 miles. Normal people would have to spend over a year to go that far, yet it only took him seven days this time!

He never stopped whether it was day or night. And he had encountered over a hundred attempts of assassination!

His way home was full of blood...

Yet everything turned out to be a big lie that was made up by his sworn brother and his son!

How could he not be angry about it?

And his son was not home at the moment...

There was only Song Jue covered by a quilt!

How could Ye Nan-Tian not be angry!

He hit Song Jue to half death and finally felt better. He picked up Song Jue like picking up a fish. He spoke furiously, ’’Talk to me! What the hell is happening? Why did you stir up such a big trouble! Do you know what severe consequence you guys are making?’’

Song Jue was moaning and murmuring, ’’You... You... Brother, put me down please... I... I... I can't breathe...’’

After a long while...

He finally finished telling Ye Nan-Tian everything. Ye Nan-Tian's mouth remained opened. He just didn't know what to say about what he had heard.

He couldn't believe his beloved son had actually made so many troubles in such a short time...

And he actually made up such a huge lie...

Ye Nan-Tian was stunned and he looked at Song Jue.

Song Jue spoke bitterly, ’’Big brother... It truly is not my responsibility... Please you have to understand this...’’

He shouldn't have said that though... Ye Nan-Tian turned furious again and beat him up again. ’’Not your responsibility! I don't blame you! I don't! Ok! Then who the hell should I blame?!’’

’’Oh god. Oh no. I am just a scapegoat...’’ Song Jue was so upset. He was beaten up again and his eyes began to roll up.

Some noises resounded outside.

The blood guards from the north had rushed into the house.

Somebody was shouting with anger. It was the head of the blood guards shouting at the thirty blood guards who had been staying in the house. ’’You bunch of rubbish! You are here to protect the young lord! Look how well you work! You bunch of bastards! How can you still live so well when our young lord has become like that?’’

The thirty blood guards were standing in row while their heads were lowered. They felt shameful.

Those other blood guards back from the north glared at them like they wanted to kick their asses hard.

Inside the room, Ye Nan-Tian was listening to the guard shouting. He felt his face blushing...

He wanted to curse someone so badly, [FXCK!]

Stirring up such a huge disturbance and it turned out to be a complete lie!

The footsteps sounded.

Some of the northern army soldiers who had been in vacation were getting into the house.

They stood in rows and waited in the yard.

’’General! What should we do? We are waiting for your order!’’

’’As long as you give your order, we will go anywhere and do anything! To the mountain of knives or to the sea of fire! We will just do it!’’

’’Screw the Right motherfxcking Minister or the others! We hated them for a long time!’’

’’Please give the order, General!’’

All the soldiers shouted.

Ye Nan-Tian looked at Song Jue, ’’Look what you have done to me! Tell me! What should I do!’’

Song Jue was upset and he murmured, ’’I swear to god. I had exactly no idea things would reach this point...’’

Ye Nan-Tian was furious. He shouted with a low voice, ’’You have no idea! Tell me what you know then! You bastard! I should have known that if Xiao Xiao was truly in danger, you would have lost your mind before I come back! Yet you actually sent me a letter! I would have seen your dead body when I returned! Now you are doing so well, yet all the others are anxious like hell! You stupid fool! You never have brain! Your brain must have been eaten by a dog or something!’’

Song Jue lowered his head, ’’I truly didn't know...’’

Ye Nan-Tian made a long sigh and pushed him with a finger. He spoke angrily, ’’My good son has been taught to be so awful by you!’’

Song Jue raised his head, ’’Brother, you can't say that... Please... Be reasonable... Your little son is truly foxy and tricky... I am the one who has been taught...’’

Ye Nan-Tian got even more furious. He pointed at him and his finger was shaking, ’’You... You... You bastard! I am not done with this yet! Wait and I will get to you again...’’

Song Jue murmured, ’’Not done yet? I have been beaten up like my mother couldn't even recognize me now... How will you get to me again... I am so wronged being beaten like this... I am so done in you and your son's hands... The younger one is shameless while the older one is a monster. Why am I so unlucky!’’

Ye Nan-Tian sighed. He was upset and didn't say anything for a long while. There were so many soldiers waiting for him outside.

He just said to the soldiers, ’’Brothers... Go back to your places and wait for my further instructions after I check on my son's condition... I think I have returned in time and it may be possible to cure him... Let me work on it for now... You have done well and you have been through a long day, brothers.’’

The well-known war god finally lied for the first time in his life.

Yet it was all because of his son and his sworn brother. He simply had no alternatives...

The soldiers were all happy about it though. [The young lord can be cured!


That is some real good news!]

’’Let us go see him and show our concerns!’’ They all shouted.

Ye Nan-Tian was frightened, ’’No, no, no... I am working on it right now... Just wait. Let me keep him stable...’’

The soldiers suddenly felt shameful, [That's true. We are being too impetuous... We truly deserved to be blamed...

Commander Ye must be working so hard curing the young lord, yet we have disturbed him several times. We should be blamed!]

They all had the same thoughts. So they just kept their mouths shut, and suddenly, the house was silent. Even a needle dropped on the floor could be heard!

In the room, Ye Nan-Tian wiped the sweat on his forehead. He sat down to the chair and still felt angry about all this. So he kicked on Song Jue's butt and said angrily, ’’Look what you have done to me!’’

Song Jue screeched in pain while holding his butt. He felt wronged and said, ’’Can you just stop? Your son is the boss of all this! Why don't you kick him? You just keep beating me up! You are bullying only the weak!’’

Ye Nan-Tian was furious. He nearly beat him up the third time. He spoke with anger, ’’When that little prick gets home, I will show you what a punishment should be like! If I fail to let you two know how important it is to behave yourselves, my past life must have been wasted for nothing!’’



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