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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 175


Chapter 175 - Home! And Got Shocked...

The crown prince finally understood why his father treated Ye Nan-Tian like an important figure.

He finally knew about the furious side of the gentle Ye Nan-Tian.

The invincible war god had shown his power at the first second he arrived in the city.

He had perfectly shown his control of his men.

It was so law-breaking and so fearless.

[If Ye Nan-Tian wants the throne, can we even stop him?

If Ye Xiao can't make it this time, and if the crazy Ye Nan-Tian assaults the city and wipe down the capital, can anybody stop him?

If Ye Nan-Tian knows that I am the one who should take the responsibility for his son's death...]

He didn't dare to continue the thought. He would have been frightened to death if he kept being lost in such thought.

[Please, gods. Please don't let Ye Nan-Tian know the truth. When he turn mad, please make sure he won't come to me.]

He was lucky to be in his palace at the moment. If he was looking outside the city from the top of the city wall, he would have truly been frightened to death.

What could be seen were one rolling dust clouds after another going up to the sky. Apparently, an extremely strong troop was heading over the city in a haste.

The blood guards had finally arrived at the city too.

Several thousands of their war horses died on their way.

They had been following Ye Nan-Tian's steps getting to the city in time.

Everyone was tired.

Yet their eyes were all sharp and vigorous.


It was in the House of Ye.

A whirlwind blew away and the big figure of Ye Nan-Tian showed up in front of the door. He frowned and looked at the words 'General's House'. He felt like his home was somehow unfamiliar to him.

He was hurrying to know about his son's condition, yet when he stood at the door, he actually hesitated whether he should get in or not.

Because he was scared.

He was afraid that he would see his son lying in bed, enjoying his last breath.

He was afraid that he would confirm that his son was impossible to cure.

’’General Ye, you are back.’’ A few men gathered around greasily.

They had been waiting for a couple of days.

They were surely from the Right Prime Minister's house, Minister Jiang's house and the other stupid houses. Their lords had been forbidden to get out of their houses, so they were the ones here to represent their lords. They had been waiting in the House of Ye for a chance, even though they all knew that it was nearly impossible.

People in the House of Ye hated them deep inside their bones. They surely wouldn't let them in. So they had to wait at the door.

Now they finally met Ye Nan-Tian.

Ye Nan-Tian frowned, ’’What do you want?’’

The steward of the Right Prime Minister's house smilingly said, ’’The Right Prime Minister has been forbidden to leave the house by the king. He sent me here to take whatever punishment General Ye requires... He said that no matter what you want, we will accept. We will say no words to bargain. If you still couldn't get over it, we can hand over our young lord, Li Cheng-Ze. You can punish him as you wish. We won't complain anything. Even if you kill him, we will see it as something he himself deserves.’’

The steward didn't make it up. The Right Prime Minister truly had said that. He had stayed in the court for decades and was one of the two most important officials, because he always knew what he should do. And he was a tricky man. He did say that Li Cheng-Ze would accept any punishments, yet he believed Ye Nan-Tian wouldn't kill a young lad. Killing Li Cheng-Ze would be a disgraceful thing for Ye Nan-Tian. Even if Li Chen-Ze truly ended up dead, it was a good deal to sacrifice a young stupid lad to solve the problem.

The other men saw the steward had talked with Ye Nan-Tian, so they got over to say their kind words.

Suddenly the place was full of kindness.

’’Get the fxck off! All of you!’’ Ye Nan-Tian didn't have the mood to listen to their words. He swung his sleeves and a fierce powerful wind was made. Those over forty men all stricken out like a ball rolling away.

Not all of them were ordinary people though. Some of them were superior cultivators, but none of them had reached the grade of Tianyuan. These cultivators were hired by those houses with high prices to guard their houses. Those houses knew that Ye Xiao was assassinated earlier, so they sent their best cultivators here to help protect the House of Ye. However, all these cultivators had no capability to defend just a sleeve's move of Ye Nan-Tian.

Their faces all turned pale looking at Ye Nan-Tian.

That was truly a terrible force.

Far from the house, Guan Zheng-Wen was watching this. When he saw the move of the sleeve, he felt an extreme fear deep inside his heart. [That... That is absolutely not just the strength of a man in the Grade of Tianyuan...

Ye Nan-Tian is absolutely much stronger than the crown prince said. He is... actually a master superior cultivator above the limit of this world.]

He felt cold inside his heart all of a sudden.

He felt himself fooled badly by the crown prince this time.

[If Ye Nan-Tian knows that I am the one who hit Ye Xiao, I am afraid... I am at the end of my life.]

He heard Ye Nan-Tian spoke with a sneer, ’’While I was in the north fighting with my blood for the country, my son was actually bullied in the capital. I have heard that the families of my soldiers being bullied. I was thinking about taking care of this problem when I return with victory. Yet you damn bastards actually went so far. You actually dared to lay your hands on my son. Don't ever say anything about Li Cheng-Ze again. All the lives of your clans were never as important as my son's life!’’

He coldly continued, ’’I have no time to chat with you. Get the fxck out here and tell your masters that I won't accept anything from you. If my son make it through, I will still get to you about all that you have done. And if my son dies... You...’’

Ye Nan-Tian pointed at every one of them and said fiercely, ’’Your whole clans... I, Ye Nan-Tian, promise, every life in your clan, even a dog or a chicken in your house, will have no chance to live.’’


He shouted and the dozens of men all ran away embarrassedly.

Even those cultivators were trembling. The killing intent around Ye Nan-Tian had scared some of them to the point where they pissed in their pants.


The four guards at the door kneeled at the same time.

’’How is Xiao Xiao?’’ Ye Nan-Tian took a deep breath and tried to sound peaceful.

’’The young lord... He...’’ The four blood guards kowtowed and said, ’’We are to be blamed. We failed to protect him.’’

’’Get up.’’ Ye Nan-Tian sighed. He calmed down a bit. It was at least not the worst situation. His son was still alive. Since he was alive, there was still hope. Now that he had returned, he thought that he might bring a chance to save Ye Xiao. So he entered the house with big strides and said, ’’Take me to him.’’

His figure was big and vigorous. He was walking with resolutely. Yet from his back, he looked sad and piteous.

And there was the aura of huge anger that was about to explode.

As he headed forward step by step, the anger was getting stronger.

If it exploded, the whole city could have been destroyed within seconds.

However, Ye Nan-Tian couldn't see Ye Xiao again anymore...

Well, it was because Ye Xiao wasn't at home.

So Ye Nan-Tian couldn't see him at the moment. That was the simple truth.

It was hilarious somehow, yet it was the truth.

He was now in the Ling-Bao Hall discussing about the auction with Wan Zheng-Hao. He had no idea what was going on in his house though.

Song Jue surely knew it. He was now covering himself tightly with the quilt in the bed. He restricted his own breathing signs and pretended to be a living corpse for his nephew.

So he also had no idea what was happening outside.

He didn't know that his beloved big brother was back.

- Peng! -

The door was opened.

Ye Nan-Tian entered the room and saw a man in the bed. He felt no signs of life from the man, so he was scared. He waved his hand and the door was closed.

He moved closer to the bed like walking through endless mountains and rivers.

’’Xiao-Er...’’ Ye Nan-Tian stood in front of the bedside and sighed.

He slightly lifted the quilt...

The tears that had been held in his eyes were almost dropping down at the moment.

The person lying in bed was the only hope he had in his life. Now, his son was in such a dangerous situation. If his son died... How could he face his wife who had given up everything for him and their son?

[You are the only son of us...]

However, the next moment...

Song Jue had arranged some guards at the door to keep everyone from entering the room while he was pretending to be Ye Xiao. So he didn't care much about it. Even the king couldn't get in the room as long as the guards were standing there.

He was sure about it.

So he was half asleep.

Yet the door was actually opened and then closed. It suddenly became eerily silent.

’’Are the blood guards coming to check here?’’ Song Jue was just wondering, and then he felt the quilt was taken away from his head.

[What the hell! Who the hell dares to do this?

It is breaking my perfect set-up here!]

He instantly opened his eyes and shouted angrily, ’’Fxck...’’

He didn't even finish his words when he suddenly saw the man in front of him, who was also extremely shocked.

Song Jue was stunned. He suddenly lost his bearing, staring blankly like a fool.


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