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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 174


Chapter 174 - The Crazy General Ye!

If Wan Zheng-Hao was a mad man, he would have never developed a small salesroom to a huge salesroom!

All the sects and clans, including some hidden sects that hadn't shown up last time, all prepared to attend the auction!

Endless superior cultivators and dan-makers were moving towards the Chen-Xing City.

So many super powerful forces were going to get together in the Kingdom of Chen.

This time, it was much more like a big scene than the last time! All the elites in the Land of Han-Yang seemed to be moving towards the Chen-Xing City! It was bound to be an influential event!

It was right in the middle of the war!

People felt there must be something tricky about it.

After that, Wan Zheng-Hao added another announcement. It truly pleased the Kingdom of Chen though, so the Kingdom of Chen provided many supports to Ling-Bao Hall this time. Suddenly, the Ling-Bao Hall had some official background now.

'It is the year of war. It shouldn't be a good time to hold such a great event. It is also inappropriate to have so many foreign cultivators in the Chen-Xing City... However, now that my country is in danger, I, as a citizen of the Kingdom of Chen, have the responsibility to protect my home country. So, 60 percent of the profits we gain in the auction will be devoted to the national treasury, hoping that it would help our soldiers win their battles!'

'Moreover, we will take 10 percent of the profits to support the lives of the families that had lost their men in the war. I hope they can feel my warm heart even though I will only offer some tiny thing.'

Even the king was shocked by that announcement.

The sum of the trading prices of the auction this time should easily reach tens of billion. It might even reach a hundred billion!

If it really fetched a hundred billion, there should be at least fifty billion as the profits. And there was ten billion which should be paid as the tax, so there should be forty billion for the Ling-Bao Hall. 60 percent meant 24 billion!

The Kingdom of Chen wouldn't have such an amount of money even after fifty years of saving!

It was apparently an extremely huge number!

It was enough to change the result of the war!

It was no doubt a benevolent event for both the kingdom and the citizens.

So the king gave an order, 'Nobody and not any force is allowed to disrupt the auction! The auction should be held successfully!'

In the peaceful time, the king would never make such a 'frank' order, but in such a dangerous time, the auction was a super powerful support of the kingdom. It was truly providing warmth in the cold winter.

The military group was pleased about what Ling-Bao Hall promised. Ten percent for the families of the sacrificed soldiers. Ten percent wasn't a big number, but it amounted to an enormous money! That ten percent was several billions!

That was enough for those families to live much better.

It could even ensure they all could be fed well for the rest of their lives!

So the military group was supporting the auction this time. Many superior cultivators in the army decided to protect the auction themselves. Some troops around the city had cancelled their vacations to help with the auction.

If there was anything that happened against the Ling-Bao Hall, they would show up and suppress it!

People all believed Wan Zheng-Hao's words, because they knew Wan Zheng-Hao didn't dare to lie on this.

It was an imperative action once he made the announcement!

If he lied about that, what he was going to face would be much horrible than getting his whole clan killed.

Wan Zheng-Hao specifically emphasized, ’’The event is all decided and arranged by the Monarch Feng, Feng Zhi-Ling of Ling-Bao Hall.

(ED Note: I'll change the former chapters' Feng Monarch to Monarch Feng. My bad.)

The Monarch Feng regards money as dirt. He full-heartedly concerned about our country and our beloved people. He made such a suggestion and decisively put it into practice, for everybody other than himself. I feel shameful when compared to him...’’


The name Feng Zhi-Ling became famous all over the world all of a sudden!

Suddenly, he became a new hero in the Kingdom of Chen, an idol. Nobody even know what their idol looked like though.

Many citizens made tablets and put them in their house to show their worship.

Some of them just had marvelous imaginations. [This Feng Zhi-Ling benefits the country like this, he really is putting himself behind all others. He must be a heroic figure. He must be generous, handsome, kind-hearted, expansive and strong.]

Many girls in the Kingdom of Chen shouted 'I will only marry one man, Feng Zhi-Ling!'

So, Feng Zhi-Ling's name suddenly resounded all around the world!

So, some people summarized this event and gave it a name, 'Feng Ling Tian Xia!'[1]


’’Feng Zhi-Ling?’’ The lady in white who was heading to the Kingdom of Chen asked. She frowned and looked at Wen-Ren Chu-Chu, ’’Is he this guy that everybody keeps talking about? How come he is so popular?’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu bit her lips and said with uncertainty, ’’Uhmm... I didn't know he was the monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall though... Since when was there a monarch in the Ling-Bao Hall? I urh... I can't be sure...’’

She said she was not sure, yet in her heart, she was quite sure about it!

This Feng Zhi-Ling must be the guy who had cured her!

[I truly didn't know that he actually hid himself so deep!]

She gritted with her teeth!

[Humph! No wonder that bastard was capable to get the supreme dan bead that day...

Humph! What a prick! He actually treated me as a fool!

I am going to give him some lessons the next time we meet!]

The lady in white looked at Wen-Ren Chu-Chu and said, ’’You should always keep behaving yourself. Do not make any mistakes!’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu once again bit her lips and spoke in a hushed voice, ’’Yes, master. I will.’’

’’The martial art of our sect requires a virgin body. Once you lose your virginity, you lose everything you achieved.’’ The lady in white sighed, ’’You are the only hope among the young generation of our sect. Do not fall down in your bright way to the top of the cultivation. You will regret it the rest of your life.’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu took in a deep breath and said, ’’Master, please don't worry. I know what to do.’’

She then smiled and said with confidence, ’’I believe it is difficult enough to steal my heart...’’

And then she laughed playfully.

While they were chatting...

Something was happening in the Chen-Xing City.

The guard on the wall at the border of the city saw an extremely bright sword light rushing over like a flying star. The next moment, a figure bathing in blood had arrived at the city gate.

’’Open the gate!’’

The figure shouted with extreme vigor.

The whole wall seemed to shake under his shout.

It was so vigorous and fierce as if the heavens were frightened!

’’The General Ye of the north!’’ The guarding general recognized him and shouted with fear. He shouted, ’’Open the gate! Quick!’’

The city gate opened slowly. Ye Nan-Tian rushed in like a lightning, and then he disappeared right away!

’’Why is General Ye so hurried? His body is full of bloodstains. I wonder if he is hurt... What the hell happened anyway?’’ There are people asking.

Someone who knew about the truth sighed, ’’He must have rushed out after the numerous traps of the enemies... Ah... His son is now in a very dangerous condition. I heard that his son only has a slight of breath. I think he only has a few days left... General Ye is surely in a hurry.’’

’’Urh... What happened? Tell me something.’’

’’It is said that... The Minister Jiang and some other officials' children sent an assassin to take Ye Xiao's life because of some small reason... Ah... Now that General Ye is back, I am afraid the Chen-Xing City is going to fall into a crisis!’’

’’Those bastards! They should have been punished long ago! Now that General Ye is back, they are going to meet their bad days now!’’ Most people are happy about it.

’’They will suffer for sure. Yet I hope the young Lord Ye can survive this. It will be good for both the House of Ye and our country.’’

The guards all lowered their heads and prayed.

At the moment, an explosion sounded in the air above the city. A fire rocket exploded in the sky. It was in black color like the dark of the night. It appeared as a word!

It was 'Ye'!

The next moment, a shout sounded loudly as if the whole world was shocked.

’’Soldiers of the north army! Gather in the House of Ye!’’

The vigorous shout was surely from the owner of the House of Ye, Ye Nan-Tian!

People in the capital were all shocked!

[General Ye must be crazy this time!]

He hadn't even reached his house when he gave the gathering order. He commanded all the soldiers of the northern army to gather straightaway. It seemed that if the young lord truly couldn't make it, he was truly going to wipe down the whole city!

The next moment, there sounded the voice of the soldiers from all directions like thundering!

’’Yes, General!’’ That was what they were shouting.

And then the horse steps were like thunderclaps that echoed everywhere in the city.

The shouts actually made the whole city become silent like the the city was facing the end of the world!

All citizens felt their hearts shaking!

Those who had been messing with Ye Xiao before were especially scared. Their faces were all pale! They were like losing their souls!

The feeling of death kept haunting them.

The soldiers of the northern army all gathered in the city. Some of them got close to the gate and directly took over the position of the guards!

Their general had given them the order to take over the city. The whole Chen-Xing City was immediately restrained. People were only allowed to enter the city, but not leave the city!

The shout of Yen Nan-Tian shocked the kingdom! Now the whole capital knew that Ye Nan-Tian, the General of the North, had returned!


It was in the Royal Palace.

The king sighed with a complex expression in his eyes.

In the Crown Prince's Palace, the crown prince's face was ashen.

He heard the noise outside the palace which came from the air, causing his body to tremble.

This was the first time they discovered about the anger of Ye Nan-Tian!


[1] Feng Ling Tian Xia. Feng Ling means the name Feng Zhi-Ling. Tian Xia means the world. And Feng Ling Tian Xia is the author's name... (Ya, I know... narcissism...)

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