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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 173


Chapter 173 - Chu-Chu Is Coming

A wonderful life might be awaiting him, but... there would surely be many difficulties and sacrifices ahead of him. It was simply unavoidable.

Ye Xiao's heart perfectly fit the words, 'love of the nature'.

[The beautiful things in my life are things that I never want to lose.]






[These must be the reason why I acquired the Purple Qi Descends and the Cultivation Of Love at the same time.] Ye Xiao thought and he murmured, ’’Because a man has love while the nature has rules.’’

Dramatic things kept happening all the time in the Land of Han-Yang. The battles were on heat. Everyday, there were over dozens of thousands of letters going in and out the kingdom through the sky...

It was in the frontier.

The armies were fighting and bleeding in the battle. About half a million men were fighting and shouting in the battle. It shocked the world. Endless blood was splashed on the battlefield.

Not far from the battle, there were two figures sitting and drinking tea on the top of a mountain. They just watched the fights with cold eyes, like everything was normal to them.

They both had long hair and wonderful bodies. They were two beautiful ladies.

- Chic.-

A bird sounded clearly.

A swallow rushed down through the clouds making a beautiful arc in the air. -Shoot. - It stopped in front of the two ladies. Its little eyes stared at them quietly.

One of them was covered by white silk on the face. On the silk, there was a mist lotus.

She reached her hand and took a small pipe from the bird's body;there was a note inside.

She unfolded the note and read it. Her eyes flickered.

'117 assassins went to assassinate Ye Xiao. 114 of them died while two of them escaped with severe injury. Liu Chang-Jun is missing. Ye Xiao was completely unharmed.'

It was quite a short note.

The lady murmured, ’’It is almost a total destruction... Is the House of Ye really such a dangerous place?’’

The other lady softly said, ’’Chu-Chu, what happened?’’

’’My Assassination Reward failed.’’ Chu-Chu smiled blandly, ’’Almost all the assassins were slaughtered.’’

The other lady nodded slightly and said, ’’I see.’’

She sounded like nothing special had happened.

’’It is reasonable though.’’ The girl who spoke was surely Wen-Ren Chu-Chu. She said, ’’Well, since the House of Ye is under such protection, I don't think it is a good time to arrange another action... Master, we need to move.’’

The other lady looked at Wen-Ren Chu-Chu and said blandly, ’’Oh?’’

’’Master, we need to go to the Kingdom of Chen immediately.’’ Wen-Ren Chu-Chu spoke with anxiety, ’’Your illness brought by your martial art is getting real dangerous now. Trust me. The guy, Feng Zhi-Ling, he is truly able to cure it.’’

’’...’’ The other lady in white looked at the sky for a long while and then murmured, ’’I surely trust you. Your existence is the best proof for it. However, I don't want the way he cured you. I would rather die... than letting a man's hand touch my body.’’

Speaking of that, Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's face turned like a big red napkin. She spoke embarrassedly, ’’Master, you don't have to be like that in front of the chance to survive... You... You...’’ She couldn't finish the talk because she was too embarrassed about it.

She herself had been touched by that man the other day...

’’Master, if you don't want to go... Then I... I...’’ Wen-Ren Chu-Chu gritted her teeth and said, ’’Then I would have been touched by a guy for nothing... I...’’

When she thought about the day when that warm hand touched her belly... she felt that hot and soft feeling, and she felt like she was going to lose her mind. She blushed even more.

’’Master... No matter what you think... You have to go and have a try... Maybe there can be alternative... If you really abhor it...’’ She gritted, ’’We can try something else. There will always be another way...’’

The lady in white frowned and stayed silent for a long while. And then she sighed.

She raised her head, looking at the anxious eyes of her apprentice. She felt soft.

’’Chu-Chu, I know you care about me. Fine then... I shall go with you.’’ The face of the lady in white was also covered by a white silk. She was obviously troubled. She then said softly, ’’Even if there is nothing useful for me, I can go and clean some troubles for you there.’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's face turned pale, ’’Master, how can you hold such thoughts. We should only think about one thing this time when we reach the Kingdom of Chen. It is to find a way to cure your disease.’’

’’I know you truly care a lot about me.’’ The lady in white reached her hand gently to touch Wen-Ren Chu-Chu's hair. She spoke gently, ’’That's why I want to do something for you... If there really is no proper way to cure me, I will spend every single second of the rest of my life to wipe the troubles in front of you and for your father's hope. That's what I should do to cherish the sincerity between you and me.’’

She smiled, ’’You are a good child. I know you are not doing all this for yourself. If you do... maybe I won't do anything for you then.’’

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu embraced her master and felt warmth in her heart. She murmured, ’’Master...’’

The lady in white smiled with eyes full of kindness. She was not upset about the truth that she was dying at all.

She had made up her mind that she would never let Feng Zhi-Ling touch her body even if he really could cure her... [I won't let a man's hand reach my body. I would rather die. If I eventually cannot continue my life and break through a new level, I will accept death and stir the Kingdom of Chen upside down before I die.]

She came to the Land of Han-Yang to spend more time with her good prentice before she died... And she saw that as the last period of time in her life.

Wen-Ren Chu-Chu closed her eyes and kept her head in her master's arms. She made up her mind that no matter what happened, she would cure her master.

Her master was a very sensitive person, so she kept ignoring everything when she was with her master.

Her only concern was how to cure her master.

[There is still time for the ambition... And I only have one master.

If I have to choose one between my ambition and my master, I will choose my beloved master.]

At the moment, they held each other tight. They were thinking about different things though, but they both felt the warmth from each other.

In the afternoon, Wen-Ren Chu-Chu gave an order to pause all military or political affairs she had been planning.

She wanted to focus on being with her master.

’’I am in a sect of the Qing-Yun Realm after all. I can't stay in the mortal world for too long. The wealth and the dominant position in the mortal world are yours anyway. So you need to fight for them yourselves.’’

She said.

It gave people a feeling of dignity. Those who had insisted she shouldn't hold a post now shut their mouth.

[She is our princess, the daughter of our king, but she is now halfway to immortality. She doesn't belong to this world... Why should we force her then?]

However, Wen-Ren Chu-Chu said something to leave a backup plan for herself.

’’Maybe I will do something, but... Well let's just see what will happen. I only hope that nobody interrupts my decision anyway.’’

That day, she and her master left the army. They were heading to the Chen-Xing City.

When they left, it was the fifth day since Ye Nan-Tian left the battle, and the second day since Ye Xiao accounted the assassination.

That night, there was a world-shocking news about Ling-Bao Hall in the Kingdom of Chen. Wan Zheng-Hao, the mysterious boss of Ling-Bao Hall, decided to hold an auction of supreme dan beads after one month.

There would be some supreme dan beads at the auction.

The supreme dan beads were as follows:

First-class dan, Pei-Yuan Dan, 50;

Second-class dan, Muscle Stretching Dan, 10;

Third-class dan, Bone Ablutionary Dan, 10;

Third-class dan, Mai Connecting Dan, 10;

The upper fourth-class dan, Limit Breaking Dan, 3.

The news had shocked the whole world. It even overwhelmed the news about the wars.

The last time when there was a supreme dan bead auction, it created a miracle. And it was just selling some Pei-Yuan Dan beads. Not long after that, now there were going to be some second-class, third-class and fourth-class dan beads.

And those were all supreme dan beads.

[Where did they get those dan beads really?]

If Ling-Bao Hall wasn't a famous salesroom in the whole Land of Han-Yang, no one would believe such news. Ling-Bao Hall had never lie about such things after all.

That was why the news truly aroused a huge disturbance.

And then Wan Zheng-Hao made a public announcement: If there was anything fake in the auction, Ling-Bao Hall would dismiss right away in the Land of Han-Yang.

Those were some powerful words he announced.

A super salesroom which had billion of billions of gold made such an announcement to the whole world... If the auction was fake, then Wan Zheng-Hao must be mad.

But was Wan Zheng-Hao mad?


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