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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 172


Chapter 172 - The Purple Qi Descended

As Ye Xiao said, it was always the hardest thing to die on one's own wish. When a man's wish to die failed, he would be more afraid of death than other people!

Whenever Liu Chang-Jun thought of Ye Xiao's smile, he would tremble.

However, he was never a coward.

At one moment, he was suddenly enlightened. He realized it might be a change of his fate! Once he bowed, he might actually receive a brighter future!

That was his instinct;his real thought.

So he didn't even hesitate to say yes to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was right though.

Liu Chang-Jun didn't realize how lucky he was to have such an instinct! He didn't even know what it was.

’’Fine. I will do some arrangements then. Look, what we need to do is...’’ Since Liu Chang-Jun had the token, Wan Zheng-Hao had to accept Liu Chang-Jun and explained everything to him.

Talking to an assassin so closely... That was truly his first time in his life. Before this, assassins were the crowd that Wan Zheng-Hao feared the most.

He was a capable man and he was always mysterious, yet he was truly afraid of death. So when he faced Liu Chang-Jun, he felt terrified somehow. That must be some kind of instinct he got!

He didn't respect Liu Chang-Jun though. As he said, 'why should I respect the poor trash?' However, he would still feel fearful.

That wasn't contradictory... I guess?

Wan Zheng-Hao finally finished talking about the great plan of Feng Monarch. It was the first time he realized that the things that Feng Zhi-Ling only used several sentences to explain, would actake him a huge lots of talk...

Liu Chang-Jun was shocked. He said, ’’You are going to rule the assassination world?’’

Maybe Wan Zheng-Hao didn't realize it.

As a famous assassin in the martial world, Liu Chang-Jun surely got it.

Getting into the assassination world with such power and wealth, it was going to turn the assassination world up side down.

That meant no matter who, as long as he was an assassin, he was bound to be one of this special assassination association!

That was scary.

Liu Chang-Jun was thrilled though. [It... is a great business!

And it seems very possible to succeed!

I don't know much about Ye Xiao, the mysterious guy, but look at the guy in front of me! The big boss of the Ling-Bao Hall!

He is quite a mysterious figure in the world too!

Ling-Bao Hall has a huge amount of money to support such plan and it will be the cover of the assassination association... It will be just a matter of time for the association to rule the whole world.

And I must be the first one who join... That means I am one of the founders... My name is going to resound for centuries in the assassination world. I am going to be the legend, a long lasting myth...]

’’Life And Death Board...’’ He murmured as he felt his blood boiling.

’’And our goal is to surmount the House of Chaotic Storms...’’ He suddenly felt full of the sense of mission!

Who else on earth dared to aim on surmounting the House of Chaotic Storms?

A huge danger meant a huge opportunity!

The one who won would be the rightful king, while the one who lose would always be a thief. He would love to fight for the glory!

As they had shared the same goal, they started to discuss with huge passion... They discussed everything, including how they should begin with it, what they should be noticing, how to use the money, how to hide from behind, how to charge, how to attract customers, how to get well known...

They were in full swing.

What surprised Wan Zheng-Hao was that the one who talked 'too much' was the... cold-hearted assassin!

[Is he really one of the top-50 assassins? ...] He thought, looking at Liu Chang-Jun's mouths which was incessantly moving. [He is actually chattier than me...]


The young lord of the House of Ye, Ye Xiao, surely didn't care about that. Since Liu Chang-Jun left, he had continued playing sick. His spiritual mind didn't rest though. He was in the boundless Space.

After receiving the purple flare of the moon, his East-rising Purple Qi had finally entered the second level.

Ye Xiao had been waiting eagerly for a long time to get inside and see what really changed.

When he entered the Space, he felt the difference right away.

The dense purple qi in the space made it difficult for him to see his own figure!

When he just entered it, he even felt hard to breathe. He breathed in a dense mass of purple qi and coughed for a while.

That was a luxurious experience for him though!

’’Cough, cough, cough...’’

Ye Xiao coughed and murmured, ’’I mustn't get used to those rubbish food. I can taste such great thing now, yet my body actually couldn't handle it. That is a hard thing to do...’’

The nine Spaces were still there.

The dense purple qi was obviously a great nutrient for the Spaces. The Wood Space was extremely lively at the moment. He felt refreshed when he entered it.

Things were changed on the egg too!

The strange egg, which could kill a cultivator of the Grade of Daoyuan... was actually as big as a watermelon now!

That was like a totally different egg!

A watermelon was nothing special, yet an egg at the size of a watermelon was quite an eye-catching thing!

Ye Xiao got close and touched it. There seemed to be nothing inside... It must still need a long time to hatch.

Most importantly, in the main space, there was a table. On the table, there were two books.

One was 'Purple Qi Descends'.

That was the second level of the East-rising Purple Qi. The first one was the 'Purple Qi First Arrives', and the second one actually was 'descending'!

'When the world began, the East-rIsing Purple Qi first arrived. The rivers and mountains were formed among the chaos. When the purple qi descended, it was colorful and dazzling. With my name, it will last forever...'

The golden words rushed into Ye Xiao's brain when he just opened the book. The formula of the second level was clearly much more domineering than the last one! Ye Xiao instantly began to cultivate with all his heart, like he had forgotten everything including himself.

When he focused on this, he just ignored everything, so he didn't noticed at all that the egg was swallowing the purple qi. It was all going to the egg like tides.

Ye Xiao's physical body was changing now. He should look pale in the face, yet he actually look a bit glittering now...

He was like a fine jade flashing its glow silently.

Song Jue entered the room after his job was done. When he looked at Ye Xiao, he was terrified.

’’What the fxck!’’

He was shocked!

[What the hell is going on? It only happens when someone achieves some success in cultivation and gets to the stage of the three flowers blooming and five qi starts.] His eyes nearly popped out because of being surprised. [Usually, it requires a cultivator to reach the latter period of the Grade of Lingyuan to have such a phenomenon. How come this lad...

What the hell happened?]

As an experienced cultivator, Song Jue realized Ye Xiao was at a very important moment right now.

He knew he couldn't disrupt him!

He quietly left and gave out the order, ’’No one is allowed to enter this room! Whoever defies this order should be sentenced to death!’’

And then he sat at the door to guard. He was confused, ’’What... is going on?’’

It was in the Spaces.

After quite a while, Ye Xiao came back to himself. He opened his eyes and murmured, ’’I see!’’

He stood up and took a breath out.

The first stage of the East-rising Purple Qi was the aura of living, while the second one was the aura of hegemony!

That was... the purple qi descending when the sun was rising. It was incomparable!

No matter what happened, the fierceness of it was never going to change!

And it was never going to be stopped!

’’That is the East-rising Purple Qi!’’ Ye Xiao made a long sigh. His eyes were sharp.

And then he looked at the other book.

It was 'Cultivation of Love'.

'The nature has rules while mankind has love. A man with love can go for the rules of nature. A man with love can get through the mortal world. The seven kinds of love are the foundation of mankind. To cultivate love, is to live the life...'

’’Cultivation of love...’’

Ye Xiao murmured. He felt like he understood it, yet he did not .


Cultivate love... That seemed cruel...

Ye Xiao sighed and murmured, ’’I hope my love doesn't need to be cultivated.... Because... cultivation always takes sacrifices!’’

’’I don't want sacrifice!’’

He was a smart guy. When he read those, he realized the future of his cultivation life would be totally different from now on...

There would be a lot of things on his cultivation path. There was nothing of them he could escape.


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