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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 170


Chapter 170 - Complicated

Ye Xiao moved like lightning. He passed Song Jue and intentionally blinked twice to him and then just left him. His sword flashed several times and some other assassins fell to the floor bleeding.

Song Jue was surprised and then realized what it was, ’’What the hell!’’

He recalled that blink was kind of Ye Xiao's signature move.

Ye Xiao was wearing black and rushed to the crowd like a tiger striking the sheep. Wherever his sword reached, blood splashed like the rain.

Within only a short moment, there were already over a dozen assassins dying under his sword.

The assassins couldn't believe what they saw. They saw Liu Chang-Jun, the best assassin among them, so they didn't prepare to defend at all. They didn't even have time to react before Ye Xiao rushed into the middle of the dense crowd. They thought he was their powerful support and felt like relaxing a bit, but he turned out to be the one who was to take their lives.

Many of them still didn't know what was wrong when their heads were off.

Within just a moment, dozens of men fell down in confusion. The other assassins finally realized it. They tried to do something about it, yet things were out of their control now. They had lost many good men and that made them unable to fight back. They could just try their best defending.

Ye Xiao looked around and knew he was going to win. He moved quickly and swung the sword. - Shoot! - He rushed up to the wall and then disappeared.

He used the One Laughter in Skyline again!

It was an easy job for him to use the One Laughter in Skyline now, even though he was still a bit weak. He just wanted to let everyone lose sight of him.

No one knew how the man in black just disappeared after killing dozens of men.

Anyway, Ye Xiao's absence didn't release the pressure on the assassin's group.

Some superior cultivators from the Royal House were attacking fiercely along with Song Jue. There were also horse stomps echoing from outside the house. Apparently, a lot of reinforcements were coming over them.

As a whistle sounded loudly, all the assassins turned around and rushed out. Yet they were stopped by the soldiers outside who were coming to help the House of Ye. A few superior cultivators had successfully escaped. The others were surrounded by the soldiers and got killed.

The superior cultivators from the Royal House followed Song Jue to Ye Xiao's room right away without checking the number of the dead assassins.

Ye Xiao's safety was apparently the most important thing at the moment.

Nothing else was more important.

If Ye Xiao died, they would be sentenced to a death punishment no matter how many assassins they had killed.

Song Jue was surely feeling quite well. He was the only one who knew that Ye Xiao was alright after all. He was only worrying whether Ye Xiao could get back to the room in time...

If he got caught to be faking his illness... That would be a huge trouble... Lying to the king was committing treason...

Song Jue was leading the others. He opened the door and saw the room in a mess.

Luckily, Ye Xiao was lying in bed quietly with a yellow face. He still had the same dying look. Everyone felt relieved at once.

Song Jue felt relieved because Ye Xiao made it back to the bed in time while the others were surely relieved because Ye Xiao was still alive. Song Jue was confused though, [How come the kid is so good at flying martial art. That was an outstanding move out there. It was just as good as I did when I was in my best condition.]

’’Thank god.’’

Some royal guards wiped the sweats on their forehead and felt pleased.

It was good that Ye Xiao survived.

The next moment, they started thinking about something strange back there, ’’Who was that guy in black? He was dressing just like the other assassins, and those assassins seemed to recognize him. Yet he actually helped us, and when he left, that was quite a shocking and brilliant flying martial art he was using. We actually couldn't understand how he left. That was creepy!’’

They were all confused. The man didn't even give them the chance to say thank you...

Song Jue, the oscar-winning actor, casually said, ’’I don't know.

How should I know? Who am I gonna ask about it?’’

The guards were more confused, [This is your house, man. We can only ask you, right?]

The royal superior cultivators went back to their spots guarding the house. Ye Xiao was lying in bed like a dead man. Song Jue was still watching him without even blinking his eyes...

Nobody knew that there were two groups of men that didn't show up but had a big fight too.

There were eight men in black hiding somewhere in the house when Ye Xiao rushed out as an assassin. They wanted to follow him right away, yet another man in black showed up and stopped them.

That man in black was much more stronger. He played so well with his sword. He actually stopped the eight of them easily.

That happened only in seconds. Then he just disappeared.

Ye Xiao was long gone then.

The eight men were furious.

’’You bastard, Ning Bi-Luo!’’ They cursed.

The man in black who stopped them was Ning Bi-Luo. They knew well about Ning Bi-Luo as they had fought against each other for many times. When Ning Bi-Luo struck, they recognized him at once.

The cyan sword light was just too eye-catching.

’’We took the order to protect Ye Xiao here. That was the Master's order... We haven't had the chance to move and actually got stopped... And it was the No.1 assassin in the world who stopped us...’’

One of the eight men said angrily, ’’How can we explain this?’’

They all felt upset.

Finally, he continued, ’’Luckily, Ye Xiao is still alive. We can tell the Master and see it as a job-done. However, I feel so bad about being stopped like that. That was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me.’’

’’Why does the Master want to save Ye Xiao? He has nothing to do with us...’’

They talked and disappeared in the dark night.

When they completely disappeared, Ning Bi-Luo showed up and smiled, and then he disappeared again.

As the No.1 assassin in the Land of Han-Yang, he surely got the order. So he came to the house quite early...

He had to do it.

What he had to do was not to kill Ye Xiao;it was to protect him.

[I am not going to follow your lead, but I have to return the favor for saving me that day.

I will do something if you need it.

If you don't need it, nobody would know I have ever been here.]

He didn't worry about Ye Xiao's safety. He just worried about... whether Ye Xiao could stay undercover. so he hid inside the house and waited...

In fact, even if he didn't stop those men, they would have never succeeded in following Ye Xiao. Yet Ning Bi-Luo still did it. It made him feel better...

[I finally did something for you though.]

There was another group of soldiers guarding Ye Xiao's house now.

That was rather secured.

Under Song Jue's gaze, Ye Xiao suddenly opened his eyes. He intentionally twisted his lips down.

Song Jue got closer, his eyes full of confusion, ’’Hmm?’’

’’Hmm.’’ Ye Xiao nodded.

Song Jue looked under the bed and found a naked guy who was unconscious.

He was shocked and said, ’’What the hell!’’

’’An assassin.’’ Ye Xiao said quietly, ’’He must be the head of them. I was wearing his clothes back there.’’

Song Jue opened his mouth widely.

[Isn't my nephew a crazy nut?]

He slapped Liu Chang-Jun on the face and the man woke up. He realized they had failed the mission this time.

He closed his eyes and said despondently, ’’Kill me.’’

Ye Xiao smiled blandly, ’’Oh, you want to die? That will be a lucky thing to you. Don't you know it is always the hardest to beg for death?’’

The answer scared Song Jue a little bit.

[The guy is begging for death already. How could it be a lucky thing...]

’’Who sent you here?’’ Ye Xiao asked gently.

That was a question he had been thinking about for a long time since everything happened.

The assassination was obviously in a hurry, yet whoever planned this was actually able to gather such a large amount of assassins. And Ye Xiao knew that those assassins were definitely from different assassination groups, even though they had the same clothes.

That meant whoever planned this must be some really powerful figure. He should be horribly powerful that he had such a capability to gather the assassins.

An enemy like that hidden around Ye Xiao meant a sharp knife hanging right over his head.

It was such an enemy that even Ye Xiao didn't want to face.

’’I don't know.’’ Liu Chang-Jun was still a bit dazed.

He really couldn't believe that he would have failed under the hands of such a teenager boy after spending half of his life in glory. Now he actually didn't have a chance to get away of it.

The whole thing seemed so unreal to him.



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