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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 169


Chapter 169 - Fishing In Troubled Waters

The thing that confused and upset Liu Chang-Jun most was that... the guy who was called a useless loser was even better at assassination than himself.

That was totally a nightmare to him.

Was the end of the nightmare his death?

Liu Chang-Jun had one of the most outstanding capability in the assassination world, yet he couldn't use any of it in front of Ye Xiao.

That's right. He was at the middle levels of the Grade of Tianyuan already. That was way beyond Ye Xiao's. Even though Ye Xiao had improved a lot, there was still a huge gap between them.

Such advantage didn't give Liu Chang-Jun a bit of confidence at all.

His opponent's martial arts were really too aggressive. The golden hand was nearly invincible. It was an extremely sharp weapon crashing his longsword. The longsword started to be breached, yet the golden hand was still totally unharmed.

If the golden hand didn't hit the sword and instead hit his body, he would be smashed.

The other hand, the gelid one. It was even more horrible.

Liu Chang-Jun could at least defend the golden hand with his sword, yet he could only keep dodging the gelid qi. He totally didn't want to touch the gelid hand at all. He didn't even want his sword to touch the gelid hand.

The gelid qi would transfer through any materials and froze him instantly. That was totally freakish.

As the fight went on, the room became a gelid ice cave.

Liu Chang-Jun started to feel really cold. His teeth were shaking. He became slower and slower bit by bit. When he struck, it didn't even show the blue color...

His eyes lit up and he started to step back.

He had made up his mind. He wanted to escape!

It was an impossible mission to him now. He had to escape and survive this.

[As long as I am alive, I will hunt the employer who posted this reward forever to the end of the world!

Fxck that shit! It sucks!

I am a fox and you told me there was a rabbit here, who was supposed to totally have no power to fight back. You told me he was like a dish. I fxcking jumped in here and found the rabbit turned out to be a big tiger, you motherfxcker!

It is a tiger with sharp teeth and claws!

Wasn't it a trap?]

’’Oh, you want to leave? So soon?’’ Ye Xiao slowed down and smiled.

’’I was fooled! Am I supposed to get killed here? I am able to leave now. I might lose this chance soon.’’ Liu Chang-Jun shouted in a low voice.

And then he continued discontentedly, ’’Even when you are well, you shouldn't be so good like this... What is that with you?’’

Ye Xiao raised his golden hand again and it struck several times instantly. The gelid qi was flying in the air with golden glow. He grinned and said softly, ’’Oh. It was a true information you got though. You just came here at a real bad time. When you just got here, I hadn't break through yet. However, when you entered the room, I just finished the breakthrough! You are a lucky man. Don't you think?’’

’’What the fxck!’’ Liu Chang-Jun nearly passed out.

[Lucky? I am a lucky man?

Is it a lucky thing?

Wait... Did you mean if I got here a tiny bit earlier, I wouldn't have fallen in such a mess? And if I got here a bit later, I would have avoided facing your bursting qi? Yet I got here right at the moment you got strong?

And you think I am a lucky man?

Lucky your mother's ass, you asshxle!]

’’From now on, I will never return to this place!’’ Liu Chang-Jun kept defending. He felt like his blood veins were all going to be frozen. He felt difficult to even defend from the attacks.

What he just said was apparently showing his thoughts. It was like begging for life.

’’But if you go out, my secret will be revealed.’’ Ye Xiao grinned, ’’So you can't go.’’

’’Do you have to kill me?’’ Liu Chang-Jun's face turned green.

Ye Xiao threw up his eyebrows and said, ’’As an assassin, didn't you just break the professional ethics?’’

Liu Chang-Jun nearly cried his tears down.

[You are really an abnormal weirdo. You actually talked about my professional ethics...]

Liu Chang-Jun was technically much stronger than Ye Xiao for sure. However, under the threat of such strange martial arts, he couldn't have a way to fight back.

It was like facing an inherent bane to him.

He felt himself moving more and more slowly.

Now he realized that he couldn't even escape this. Ye Xiao was not only handling some marvelous martial arts, he was also good at flying art. Liu Chang-Jun couldn't be a match to him even when he was in a perfect condition, and now he was influenced by the gelid qi.

Ye Xiao smiled, ’’I have been fighting without weapons against you with a sword. Now it's time I take out my weapons.’’

Liu Chang-Jun was totally frightened. Ye Xiao had beaten him like shxt with only his hands. Now he actually started to use weapons...

[That is so going to take my life.

That is bullying...]

He saw something flashing in Ye Xiao's hand rapidly getting over to him.

He actually couldn't see what that was.

He raised his sword to defend, yet he could only feet something blink in front of his eyes. His sword missed the attack. He felt his chest was stabbed with a strange needle as quick as lightning. It contained the gelid qi that exploded inside his Jing and Mai after it got into his chest. It stopped his energy from running.

’’It's over.’’

Ye Xiao sighed. Under Liu Chang-Jun's unbelieving gaze, Ye Xiao hit eighteen palms on his chest in the blink of an eye. Liu Chang-Jun staggered back and fell to the floor like a pile of mud. He felt sweet in the throat, yet the blood was forced back before it was spitted out.

His entire Jing and Mai were locked by Ye Xiao.

He was totally unable to move.

- Shrag -

Ye Xiao took off the black clothes of Liu Chang-Jun.

Liu Chang-Jun was scared. He shouted, ’’What are you doing?’’ He was anxious and he thought, [Don't tell me he is gay, please!

I am still... a virgin!

Oh no that is not cool... That is such a shame!]

’’What the hell are you thinking? Don't make sweet dreams! I am just borrowing your clothes, that's all!’’ Ye Xiao smiled and said, ’’I don't want people to know my true capabilities.’’

- Shoot shoot shoot -

He took off all of Liu Chang-Jun's clothes and put them on himself. And then he covered his face with the mask too and nodded, ’’You can get some rest here, dude. When I finish the mess outside... I will be back here to talk to you about some life stories.’’

Liu Chang-Jun was relieved, [Thank god... He isn't gay. That was close. I nearly got scared the hell out of me. I have never seen anybody who will take off the opponent's clothes...]

After that, he felt worried again.

[This man is horrible!

I am afraid I am going to beg for death in his hand this time.

The most scary part is that this Ye Xiao is always calm and casual doing all these things. He isn't even a bit anxious.

Every move was so elegant.

Yet that is the most terrifying thing to his enemies.

He must be the scariest opponent to his enemies.]

Liu Chang-Jun felt a bit jealous, [If... If I can be like that too, I will definitely be some great figure as an assassin in the world. It is such a shame this Ye Xiao isn't an assassin... What a waste... However, I am confused with one thing. All these should never be found on a teenager.

Is this freak... a sixteen years old young man?]

- Poof! -

Ye Xiao didn't care about what Liu Chang-Jun was thinking, and just put him under his bed. And then Ye Xiao span his body and became a dark shadow flying outside the window.

In his hand, it was the longsword of Liu Chang-Jun.

It was a narrow longsword.

It was shiny with a blood-colored glow.

At the moment, the battle outside had become dense. Song Jue was striking his longsword like mad. He was alone against eight assassins at the same time, trying his utmost to get close to Ye Xiao.

No matter how hard he tried, there were people stopping him with even their bodies. The enemies just didn't let him through.

The eight of them kept stopping Song Jue.

The Blood Guards were busy fighting too. The royal guards had already flown up the firework asking for help several times. Many shouts kept coming from outside the house. Apparently, more and more enemies were coming. They just wanted to make sure Ye Xiao's death.

Ye Xiao was in black clothes and he moved lightly and rapidly. He was full of killing intent.

That was actually the special aura of Liu Chang-Jun.

He actually acted so well.

The eight men saw 'Liu Chang-Jun' and felt relieved. They just wanted to talk but Ye Xiao talked first, ’’Finish it quick!’’ And he struck.

- Shoot! -

The longsword was struck out.

The eight men heard the words 'finish it quick', so they turned around to attack Song Jue at once. They thought their chief was going to join them. They became extremely confident and concentrated on the battle.

However, after a sword light flashed, eight heads dropped down to the floor at the same time.

The eight pairs of eyes on the heads were filled with confusion, [Why... did chief do this to me?




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