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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 168


Chapter 168 - Kill Or Be Killed?

The assassins tried everything to stop Song Jue.

They knew that once Song Jue got Ye Xiao, things would be totally different.

Song Jue kept trying to get through, but he couldn't. He was quite anxious. His condition hadn't fully recovered yet. Sometimes the enemies were showing their shortcomings. He could see them clearly, yet he just couldn't seize the chance. He had no choice but to keep roaring with a voice like a thunderclap, ’’Go protect the young lord, you bunch of dead men! Go quickly!’’

The assassins kept defending Song Jue's attack and sneered, ’’Song Yi-Dao, no more dreams now. The one who should be in that room was one of the most famous figure in the assassination world, Liu Chang-Jun, Brother Liu, who was called the Instant Killer. Ye Xiao should be dead right now.’’

Song Jue was shocked and several fatal attacks got over to him. He forcibly kept himself stable and defended the attacks. He shouted, ’’Liu Chang-Jun! I, Song Jue, swear that if you dare to kill Ye Xiao, after tonight, everyone in your clan, old or young, women or men, will all get killed one after another!!!’’

The man opposite to him sneered, ’’Hahaha. That's a scary useless threat. You should say that when you survive, well, if you can. And I think I should tell you that Liu Chang-Jun is always solitary. He just belongs to no organizations and has no families. Hahahaha.’’

Song Jue was furious. He kept attacking more and more fiercely. The situation became rather tense at the moment.

However, nobody knew that the so-called Instant Killer, Liu Chang-Jun didn't really dare to move now in the room.

Earlier than this, Liu Chang-Jun used his fiercest sword move, striking a sharp sword light through the window of Ye Xiao's room.

It was a killing strike.

That was Liu Chang-Jun's most famous move.

A long sword sent his enemies to the grave.

The sword light was sharp and fast.

He thought that Ye Xiao would surely die for it, so he started to think about how he could escape a thousand miles away. He thought that even though Ye Nan-Tian was a powerful man, he wouldn't be able to find him.

However, when he was feeling extremely confident and entered the room vigorously, what he saw was the black cotton quilts.

When Ye Xiao saw the sword light getting close to his body, he knew that the guy who struck it must be some superior cultivator. The sword light was pure blue. It meant the man was at least at the middle levels of the Grade of Tianyuan.

Ye Xiao had improved a lot recently, yet he was still not a match to such a strong opponent.

Since he couldn't fight against him face to face, he had to use some tactics.

He got off the bed and casually threw the quilts that had been under his body. The quilts flew like a spinning dark cloud and became a perfect parclose.

He was covered behind the quilts.

The whole process made Ye Xiao feel that his body was so light all of a sudden. He was lighter than a swallow. No. It was more than that. He was actually lighter than fog. He didn't even feel difficult doing all the moves. He felt like he could do much more than just escaping the enemy's attack.

At the moment, the hidden energy inside his body suddenly bursted.

He felt like he would explode if he didn't emit the energy as soon as possible.

He had moved faster than he thought. He just casually struck with his palm.

Liu Chang-Jun's attack missed. The breath of the sword had tear the quilts apart and the cottons flew over the room.

He realized that no one was there and saw a white palm coming so close to his face.

The counterattack was so quick, yet he knew that the one who struck was not strong enough. [He must be lower than the Grade of Tianyuan. Look at his attack. It isn't even light blue.]

So he humphed and sneered, ’’He was over-confident.’’

So he didn't even think much and struck his left fist on it.

A fast attack and a fast counterattack.

- Boom! -

The palm and the fist crashed.

Liu Chang-Jun thought that it was merely the attack of a low-level cultivator. He was striking a full power fist back. He thought he should have at least broken the palm at once.

However, things were out of his imagination and against the natural law.

Ye Xiao wasn't damaged at all. His hand was fine. He just staggered a bit;his face suddenly turned purple for a second and then recovered to normal. He didn't step even a single step back.

There was a more astonishing thing.

Liu Chang-Jun felt a stream of gelid qi, which seemed to be able to freeze the whole world, enter his hand through the palm.

That was too surprising. He didn't have time to react and his body was completely frozen. His fist was covered by a layer of hoarfrost. Half of his body was unable to move even a bit.

This weird gelid qi that had never appeared in this world had truly shocked Liu Chang-Jun. His Jing and Mai were instantly damaged.

[What the hell! What happened?]

He was, however, an experienced guy. He didn't panic. He took a breath of the spiritual qi in and out. All of his cultivation power bursted. His arms were shining with blue glow. That had quickly removed the gelid qi inside his hand. He was already sweating coldly.

He felt like he had already gone around the door to the hell for three times. If Ye Xiao was a bit stronger, he would have died ten times for now.

’’What is this martial art? Who are you?’’ He suddenly realized the man he was dealing with was never a small figure. That palm had prove his high-level cultivation capability. He realized that his opponent might be even stronger than himself.

’’You are here to kill me. Yet you asked me such a question. Are you here to kill me, or to amuse me?’’ Ye Xiao smiled and sneered.

’’You are Ye Xiao?’’ Liu Chang-Jun shouted in astonishment. He felt scared at once.

Ye Xiao laughed and said, ’’You are so smart. I have to praise you for that.’’

Liu Chang-Jun felt like being fooled.

He was so confused at the moment.

He had heard a lot about Ye Xiao. He was told that Ye Xiao was extremely useless and he was at his last breath.

However, it turned out Ye Xiao was alive vividly.

[I am here to assassinate such a superior cultivator, who has been faking ill...]

He was blank and confused. [Well... Is this supposed to be a trap?

Well urh... As an assassin, am I here to kill or to get killed?]

Ye Xiao clapped his hands twice. - Pah. Pah. - His one hand became golden and the other became pure while. They were a golden hand and a gelid hand.

The palm strike he had made had given him much confidence.

He realized his cultivation capability had improved by leaps and bounds.

He struck it because he felt he had to. Yet he still felt the same after that because the energy in his body was still bursting.

Most importantly, the strike had caused nothing harmful to his body. He even noticed that his strike was a bit light blue.

That was shocking to Ye Xiao.

He should have been at the fourth level of the Grade of Diyuan.

But he was stably at the eighth level now.

And he didn't feel it would become unstable at all.

[The enlightenment to me earlier must have boosted my cultivation. It was just the understanding of love that opened the gate to the natural law. It must have given me a surprising improvement.]

He was thinking while his hand was attacking. The golden one was flashing with golden flow and the other one was striking cold qi. He was smiling coldly. His eyes were looking at the masked assassin.

His hair was flying in the air while he kept moving his hands.

What his feet did was the famous move of the Xiao Monarch, the One Laughter in Skyline.

Three marvelous martial arts struck together. Liu Chang-Jun was complaining of suffering. He tried so hard to defend. He almost didn't have time to breathe. He was so focus on defending from the attacks. He had no time to speak, not to mention looking outside the window.

He could just curse in mind.

[This... Is this the 'useless foolish foppish young lad' the employer told me? Is this what they say 'hanging there with his last breath'? Is this Ye Nan-Tian's useless son?

Who the fxck posted such a reward? This is simply deceptive!

It is going to fxck me up so bad this time!]

Liu Chang-Jun couldn't help cursing in his mind. Other than that, he even wanted to cry.

The guy in front of him was obviously a vigorous and healthy man, and the guy even had an outstanding cultivation capability.

[So this is the 'dying man' you all have been talking about huh?


And he seems to be more experienced than I do...]


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