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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 167


Chapter 167 - Breakthrough! Enlightenment! Assassination!

Ye Xiao felt painful in his heart. That was something sticking deep inside his heart and could never be removed.

[I actually had nothing in my previous life.

What I had was only the world-shocking cultivation capability. That's all.

My only friend got killed...

This life...

Although I am in another Ye Xiao's body, since I am living in this body, it should be my body, my responsibility and my home.

In my present life, I have parents and friends. I have families, brothers, lover and home country.

They are all my responsibilities. They are what I should protect.

I turned out to be so wealthy this life.

Those I longed for in my previous life, now I have them all.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath. It seemed he had to let it go... Or maybe he just suppressed the feelings. He was relaxing himself.

[I have them all.

I should protect them all.

I am protecting them all.

I have them, and I don't want to lose them.]

Su Ye-Yue's cute face showed up in his mind looking at him smilingly.

Ye Xiao was motivated. He couldn't help smiling.

[This little girl is truly cute.

I will live this life carefully for all the things and people I should protect.

I will never miss any bit of the wonderfulness in my life.]

Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts. Gradually, he became fully relaxed.

While he was relaxing, the purple qi inside his dantian was running.

A mass of purple qi bursted inside his dantian and filled it up.

The change inside Ye Xiao's body actually caused the change of the astronomical phenomena.

It should be a cloudy dark night, but suddenly, the clouds were all gone and the moon was hanging in the sky brightly splashing the silver glows to the world.

A few rounds of purple glow appeared around the moon.

That was a wonderful night.

Lots of people looked at the moon;this night was a night they would never forget it until they died.

Yet nobody knew that, at the moment, the purest purple essence in the world was bursting in the moonlight towards somewhere in the world.

One after another, streams of purple light entered the Chen-Xing City, the General's House, the back yard and entered Ye Xiao's body.

The purple qi in his dantian was increasing in a crazy rate.

In the Boundless Space, the purple qi was like huge waves. It nearly made the whole Space covered by a layer of crystal purple color.

In the place where the egg stayed, a huge amount of purple qi had gathered. It nearly became solid. It was like a big piece of purple amber. The egg was swallowing the purple qi like mad. Every single bit of the purple qi was absorbed immediately when it entered the egg's range. At the moment, the purple qi in the world was rushing toward and into Ye Xiao's body. Thus, even though the egg was swallowing the purple qi wildly, there was endless purple qi for it. That was balanced anyway.

As more and more of the purple qi entered the egg, the egg became more and more crystal-like. The patterns on the egg became clearer and clearer, and it became as big as a small watermelon from as big as an apple...

The nine spaces were also filled with purple qi. Luckily, the purple qi didn't work like the gelid qi. It didn't hurt anything in the Spaces. Instead, it was helping the Spaces.

In the Wood Space, the precious plants grew crazily fast after being touched by the purple qi. The Tree of the Cultivating Tea actually became as thick as a bowl. The leaves were growing bigger like a huge umbrella. After a while, the crown of the tree became ten meters big.

The leaves became a bit crystal silver like the moon light.

Ye Xiao didn't know any of all this.

Because the voice was still sounding inside his mind. Ye Xiao was like swimming in the long river of life. He couldn't feel anything else.

The purple qi had filled his dantian after just a while. His dantian was completely full. His dantian turned out to shrink automatically. It was actually purifying the purple qi by compressing it. And then his dantian was full again and it compressed the purple qi again. Again and again...

When it was full the ninth time, it exploded along with the compression.

The pure purple qi that was compressed for nine times suddenly disappeared, and there showed up a small bit of purple light.

At the same time, Ye Xiao felt extremely comfortable. He unconsciously threw out some dark purple thing. He didn't feel painful. He didn't even wake up from his mind trip.

After a while, the world became normal again.

The moon was bright in the sky. The moonlight was splashing around the earth. There was nothing related to the purple qi anymore.

Ye Xiao opened his eyes slowly. His eyes were bright. He felt that his body had been totally different now.

He was no more a man without destination.

He was no more a man without love.

Families, lovers, brothers, home, country...

Ye Xiao breathed out and murmured, ’’God, is this how you make up for me?’’

Suddenly, he felt the Space shaking.

The reason it shook was that the gate to the second level of the East-rising Purple Qi had opened a crevice.

Ye Xiao was of course overjoyed seeing so. He motivated his mind and peered at his sea of consciousness to check on it.

At the moment, he suddenly had a scary feeling.

A sharp light with a bunch of sword breaths rushed over from outside the window like a lightning.

It was a sword move filled with killing intent.

It was a killing move.

It was an assault from an assassin.

It must be from a top-ranged assassin.

He was here to assassinate Ye Xiao.

At the moment, sounds of shouts appeared around the House of Ye. Countless black figures jumped and flew over to the house. Some of them were coming from outside, while the others were jumping in the house.

There were over fifty men in black. There were also about forty men fighting against them with swords.

A horn was resounding in the sky from the watchtower.


Song Jue shouted loudly and his sound had shocked the silent night. There was a stream of a bloody red color with blue and yellow covering the long-sword in his hand. He was running to Ye Xiao's room rapidly. The weapon had a name, Blood Glow.

However, there were six masked men trying to stop him on his way.

One of them seemed to recall something. He suddenly shouted, ’’Blood Blade General! Are you Song Yi-Dao? No wonder you haven't shown up in the battle for so many years. You have been hiding in the House of Ye.’’

Song Jue's eyes were sharp. He shouted fiercely, ’’You know shxt!’’

The Blood Glow moved like the wind. - Boom! Boom! boom! - The six men spat out blood at the same time and stepped back staggering.

Six men at ninth level of the Grade of Diyuan actually couldn't stop Song Jue's fierceness.

One sword move had already caused huge damage.

’’Wait... You are not Song Yi-Dao... Even the Blood Blade General doesn't have the capability of this...’’ The man was coughing and he shouted, ’’Who are you? Who the hell are you?’’

Song Jue's sword flashed again. He didn't stop rushing. He was like a long rainbow moving forward as he spoke coldly, ’’I did tell you that you know shxt! You don't even know shxt!’’

He swayed the sword and six heads dropped down to the floor.

With the color of blood shining, Song Jue didn't stop a bit. He was rushing forward like death itself.

There were two other masked men in black trying to stop him. Although they were just two men, they were much stronger than the six men earlier.

When the two of them moved, there were blue glows flashing. They were apparently cultivators of the Grade of Tianyuan.

Yet they had tried so hard and just temporarily stopped Song Jue.

Song Jue shouted to the sky, ’’KILL!’’

A fierce vigor of killing suddenly filled the whole house.

The desire for killing in his heart was now fully released at the moment.

He felt so oppressed.

He felt even more oppressed than when he had lost all his cultivation. Now he had already recovered, yet he was still oppressed.

He had the capability that was over the limit of this realm, yet he was restrained because of his injury. He was so angry that he had actually been stopped by two men that were only at the Grade of Tianyuan.

He wasn't just saying. 'You know shxt!'

[Song Yi-Dao?

Yep! I am Song Yi-Dao, the Blood Blade General indeed.

Yet you will never know who I really is!]

He was not only oppressed, but also hurried.

How could he not be hurried. The enemies had apparently sent out their main force this time. They must have wanted to finish it all at once.

The assassination was a huge one.

Among the assassins that had already shown up in the House of Ye, there were forty over the eight level of the Grade of Diyuan. There were also eight men at the Grade of Tianyuan. It was enough to even kill a king.

Yet now they were all here to take Ye Xiao's life.

They had only one job. They just can't let Ye Xiao live.

That meant it should be the Absolute Killing Order in the assassination world.



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