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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 164


Chapter 164 - A Leaf To The South;The Distant Snow Of The Moon Palace.

The general stared at the young general who had just talked and spoke coldly, ’’Vice-general Qu, you talk like you are such a noble and honorable man. From now on, why don't you just give your salary to me. You can just live with your honorable ideal and be a noble royal man, can't you? There are food and drink and clothes in the army anyway. It will keep your alive and enjoy your unforgettable glory. You will be a legend. You will be the next moving story.’’

The vice-general's face turned red and he said with anger, ’’Bullshxt. I didn't finish yet. Why are you all talking against me? When did I say the commander shouldn't return? I meant heroes are humans too.’’

Everyone else humphed with disdain.

The black-bearded general spoke in a low voice, ’’For the country. For our home. Protect our home country. But what is a home country?’’

He continued blandly, ’’Home country is a home and a country. They are never the same subject.

If there is only a country without a home, we never fight with our lives. If there is only a home without a country, we will live in danger... It is a question that will never be answered. Look at you quarreling? What's the point?’’

The others all lowered their heads sadly.

’’We are just worrying about the commander... I wonder whether he will come back...’’

’’This misfortune... Really is a big strike to him...’’

’’That's true... Will he come back?’’

’’No matter if he will... or not, we have to protect the north.’’

’’We will not disgrace the commander.’’

Would Ye Nan-Tian come back to the battle?

It was a question even Ye Nan-Tian himself didn't have the answer.

At least at this moment, he didn't.

He hadn't even thought about this question.

He just kept thinking about whether he could make it to see his son for the last time.

He was rushing like a lightning all the way back to the capital.

There seemed to be a mass of burning fire inside his heart.

He had always been calm, but was utterly upset now.

It was like he had been stuck in a ten thousand years old ice cave;like his blood was all frozen.

’’Xue-Er, I am afraid I can't keep our son well.’’

’’Xue-Er, I am so sorry.’’

’’Xue-Er, I am such a loser.’’

’’I can't help you with your suffering. I can't save you. Now I can't even keep our only son alive. I am such a useless loser.’’


It was dozens of thousands miles from the north to the capital.

Ye Nan-Tian rushed on the land like a shooting star crossing the sky.

A leaf rushing to the southern sky;the distant snow of the moon palace.[1]

[I am Ye Nan-Tian. My wife if Yue Gong-Xue. My son is Ye Xiao.]

A sword kept rushing south.

[I am coming back.

Xiao Xiao, hang in there.

You must wait for me.

With father, death itself will have to give up.]

After Ye Nan-Tian just left the army, the enemies of the Kingdom of Chen in different directions all gave out an order.

The oder suddenly spread all around the Land of Han-Yang resounding inside every killer's heart.

’’Reward is 50 million bars of gold. Stop and kill Ye Nan-Tian on his way.’’

The northern battle was always their strategic point. Ye Nan-Tian had been the only difficulty that stopped them from snatching it. He was worse than a nail in their eyes or a thorn inside their flesh.

In fact, lots of assassin associations had placed their men in the north preparing to assassinate Ye Nan-Tian at any moment.

However, Ye Nan-Tian had always been staying inside the camp that was surrounded by countless soldiers and guarded by his trustful men. It was not easy for any countries or organizations. Thus, for a long time, all hostile forces were just watching.

They knew they had to be sure they would succeed before they took a move. Otherwise, they will be cruelly stricken.

If the soul figure of the northern army was messed with, the millions of soldiers would get furious at the same time.

There had been far more than a dozen tribes in the northern grassland;a total of twenty-three. The head of them was not the Hu-Lun Wolf King;it was the Snake King, Tie-Mu Jia, who had been brave and vicious at the same time. He had been rather powerful that over seven tribes had pledged permanent loyalty to him. He was heroic and strong, and that made him in the highest position of the northern grassland. He had a cruel heart with which he would do anything to get what he wanted. His name had been a scary thing to mention in the north at that time.

He had been the biggest threat to the Kingdom of Chen. He was even more dangerous than the other two kingdoms.

However, Ye Nan-Tian's presence had ended the dominating path of Tie-Mu Jia.

Sixteen years ago, when Ye Nan-Tian first arrive in the north, he led the soldiers of the Kingdom of Chen to fight against the united army of the grassland tribes that was led by Tie-Mu Jia. Even though Ye Nan-Tian's troop was short in number, with his smart tactics, he won all of the seven fights and overwhelmingly defeated the united army of the grassland.

The Snake King realized that Ye Nan-Tian was a powerful opponent. He didn't dare to fight against Ye Nan-Tian in a frontal battle. When Ye Nan-Tian was heading back to the capital because of some other reasons, the Snake King set up lots of traps and men on his road trying to kill him. However, Ye Nan-Tian survived all those like a myth. He returned to the capital safely and got his work done quickly.

When Ye Nan-Tian came back to the north, the nightmare of Tie-Mu Jia started. In the coming one and a half years, Ye Nan-Tian kept making fatal strikes to Tie-Mu Jia. The end of the Snake King's nightmare was death.

The dominator of the grassland, Tie-Mu Jia the Snake King, finally fell down under the sword of Ye Nan-Tian.

The seven tribes that had sworn loyalty to the Snake King were also defeated by Ye Nan-Tian. These tribes were all merged by other tribes and their names became historical records too.

If Ye Nan-Tian didn't come to the north, there would never be a place for the Hu-Lun Wolf King. Every tribe in the grassland wanted to kill Ye Nan-Tian, yet no one dared to move, because if they failed, they would be messing with death itself.

That was why the tribes of the grassland still didn't dare to move, even though the war had been in an important moment.

Ye Nan-Tian finally left the north. They all knew it through the spies.

Ye Nan-Tian was never the invincible commander when he left the army. That meant it was possible to kill him now.

So all the forces gave off the killing order at the same time.

Countless assassins started to move.

That was a job of millions of gold.

The ten thousand miles long way suddenly became full of dusts and fierceness.

Countless killers all crowded along the road for the super reward.

Before Ye Nan-Tian completely get out of the grassland, he had encountered three assassinations.

One was more dangerous than another.

However, he showed a truth to the entire grassland;even to the whole Land of Han-Yang.

The truth was that the myth about how he survived the endless traps of the Snake King was true. He truly had that unbelievable kind of strength that was like a miracle.

Ye Nan-Tian was holding his only sword rushing alone. He killed every man or thing that ever tried to stop him. All the way to the south, nothing could really stop him even a bit. He was like a sharp blade cutting through the sky. It was utterly sharp. He kept rushing madly.

He was like a glowing shooting star flashing away on the land.

To the south.

To the south!


However, there were still lots of killers and traps waiting ahead of him.

Those were men that didn't believe in myth or miracles. They never knew that they were not expecting the reward of millions of gold. Instead, they were only waiting for death.

In the Land of Han-Yang, there had never been a man's head that could be worthy of 50 million bars of gold in the history.

If there really was one now, that meant he was a man that could never be killed in the Land of Han-Yang. After Ye Nan-Tian killed countless men and created a ten thousand miles long blood path, the whole land had come to this conclusion.

All this way, the path he trekked on was afterwards called 'the dead path of assassins'.

In the coming millions of years, every assassin would feel scared when stepping on this path.

They realized that there was a myth and also a miracle in the world.

In fact, another order was given off right after the first order was out.

’’Kill Ye Xiao immediately.’’

At the end of this order, there was a signature. It was a misty lotus with a drop of blood on it.

That was a first-class killing order.

Apparently, the enemies knew that if Ye Nan-Tian was impossible to kill, they better kill Ye Xiao before Ye Nan-Tian arrived.

As long as Ye Xiao died, Ye Nan-Tian would turn mad and he would never serve the kingdom.

The man who gave off the order knew clearly.

It was a more secret and private order than the last one.

It was a perfect way to solve many problems.

If Ye Nan-Tian wanted revenge, he could naturally kill whoever had laid his hand on Ye Xiao. It wouldn't have anything to do with other people or organization.

An order with a sense of blood entered the Chen-Xing City.

The northern wolf troops were overjoyed too when they knew that Ye Nan-Tian had left. They immediately made crazy strikes to the northern army like mad. All of a sudden, the battle was rather tensed.

It was even scorching in the north now than the other three directions.

As the situation was getting worse, the Kingdom of Chen started to feel overwhelmed.


[1] Ye(叶) means leaf. Nan(南) means south. Tian(天) means sky.

Yue(月) means moon. Gong(宫) means palace. Xue(雪) means snow.

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