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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 163


Chapter 163 - I Am Not A Hero!

The generals truly looked down upon the Wolf Army, even though it was the most famous force in the Northern Grassland.

It was full of laughter in the main camp.

The cruel and bloody battle outside the camp seemed to be a funny game to them.

As long as Commander Ye was here, the battle was just like a funny game to them.

It didn't threaten anyone at all.

However, something absonant happened.

The messenger shouted outside the camp, ’’Lord Commander, an emergency letter from your family.’’

Ye Nan-Tian frowned, ’’An emergency letter? Why now?’’

The young grand archer, General Ma, was sitting outside the camp and he laughed, ’’Well get it in then. Our beloved commander hasn't received anything from his family for half year already.’’

He walked forward to the messenger and walked back to the camp with stride. He came to Ye Nan-Tian and showed him a letter on his hands, ’’Lord Commander, it is indeed an emergency. There is a blood clubs stamp.’’

Ye Nan-Tian nodded blandly and got the letter. He unsealed it in the camp.

After just a glance, his face changed.

The calm and vigorous face suddenly became pale like a paper.

His big and strong body began to tremble.

The generals realized something was wrong. [General Ye has always been calm like a mountain, how come he is acting like this?] They all stood up immediately and asked anxiously, ’’Lord Commander, what happened?’’

[Something big must have happened in his family that it could actually make our commander act like this.]

Ye Nan-Tian seemed deaf. His hands shivered and the letter fell off.

A general with black beards grabbed the letter before it touched the floor. He put it close and read loudly, ’’Big brother, quickly return please. Xiao Xiao has been hit by the Melting Bone Palm. His bones all became like cotton. He is in vital danger. Please, come back to see him one last time.’’

He got stunned before he finished.

Everyone in the camp heard it.

The camp became extremely silent.

They were all astonished.

The words were like endless thunders striking loudly upon everyone's head. It stroke in their hearts. They felt their heads resounding bombs. They felt a bit dizzy. They just couldn't believe what they had heard.

[Xiao Xiao is the commander's only son.

Now he is in vital danger?

How come?]

Ye Nan-Tian was shaking. He clenched both of his hands.

At the same time, a purple glow started to appear on his body.

An extremely shocking vigor appeared and filled the camp.

The sword that was hunging on the wall suddenly came out 15 cm from its sheath, shining in cold glow.

And then an enormous killing intent suddenly covered the entire grassland.

At the moment, it was like the sky was falling down.

The black-bearded general took a deep breath in and continued with the letter, ’’... The army of Hua-Yang departed and Xiao Xiao saw them off. The grandson of the Right Prime Minister, the son of the Revenue Minister, the son of the Rites Minister... Several foppish young lords came and made troubles after the army was gone... Xiao Xiao returned to the house and suddenly spat blood and passed out. His bones were soft like cottons... It was obviously the Melting Bone Palm... I reckon that it must be those foppish young lads who secretly assaulted...’’

The black-bearded general couldn't help shouting in anger when he read up here, ’’Fxck those political dogs. They have done nothing but make shxts all the time.’’

It was full of anger in the camp all of a sudden. Everybody's eyes were red.

’’A bunch of assholes! We are fighting with our lives in the frontline and they were having good days behind us. Fine, no problem. Yet they actually messed with our families!’’

’’God damn it! How dare they actually hurt our young lord so bad. When I am back there, I am going to wipe out their clans!’’

’’Fxcking assholes!’’

’’We are splashing bloods here! Countless brothers died in the battle far from their families. Those bastards are enjoying the peace we made with our lives, yet they are actually bullying our families!’’

’’They are a bunch of sick bastards that are even worse than pigs and dogs!’’

The generals were shouting in great anger.

Many concerning eyes were looking at the quiet Ye Nan-Tian.

[The Great General only has a son.

His son is all that his hopes rely on.

Now... his son is dying.]

’’Lord Commander, go home!’’

’’My lord, go home quickly. The young lord needs you now.’’

’’Lord Commander!’’

Ye Nan-Tian sighed and spoke in sorrow, ’’In my whole life, I have a clear conscience, with which I can face the sky and the earth fearlessly. Yet there is one person that I feel sorry to.

That is my wife.

My wife has been locked up till now for me, for our son, and for our clan. I am a man, yet I am not able to suffer for her. I can't save her. I am truly ashamed.

Xiao Xiao's life has been the only thing that she is concerned with.

So I care about my son the most. He has lost his mother since he was a baby, so I have tried my best to raise him...

That's why I would sacrifice anything for my son... That is the ultimate cause of the current situation.

If I can't even protect my Xiao Xiao, I...’’ Ye Nan-Tian took a deep breath and spoke coldly, ’’I don't think I deserve to live in the world any longer!’’

He turned around quietly looking at the sword on the wall.

He reached his hand gently and the sword and the sheath were in his hand.

’’Country...’’ Ye Nan-Tian was in a pain and he murmured, ’’Where there is my country, there could be my home. Where my home exists is my country. Country and home, which one is more important? My home has been broken. Who is going to help me though?


Maybe I am selfish.

But... I am just a person with blood and flesh. I am a husband and a father.

I have to return.

It may leave me a disgraceful history, but I can't care about that now.’’

Ye Nan-Tian talked to them blandly with his back to them, ’’Please, brothers, you should continue the fight here. My mind is distracted. I cannot come up with any good plans though...

If my son dies, I will never come back.’’

His eyes were cold looking at the air and said, ’’If my son dies, I will kill a lot of men in the capital for revenge.

Maybe I will come back and fight with you guys side by side, as long as my son is alright.

I am not a hero. I can't be selfless.

I apologize, brothers.’’

Right after he finished talking, his figure flashed and he instantly vanished without a trace.

A broad and bright sword light suddenly flashed in the sky and then disappeared.

The fierce killing intent that covered the entire grassland rapidly moved south.

Ye Nan-Tian left alone.

He didn't even bring a trustful guard of his.

All the generals in the camp looked at each other without talking.

The leader in the north was gone.

The black-bearded general suddenly shouted, ’’How the hell can we just stand here doing nothing while our beloved commander's family is in a misfortune! The 300 blood guards take the order! Hurry back to the capital immediately and support the Great General. Follow every instruction of the Great General!’’


The 300 guards answered with a shout outside the camp at the same time.

The 300 blood guards were the best guarding force of Ye Nan-Tian. These guards were strong enough to get in and out from thousands of enemies safely. They were the best force of the northern army.

Ye Nan-Tian kept them here to help with the battle. However, the black-bearded general's order made the 300 killing machines leave for the capital.

The next moment, a sharp voice sounded loudly, ’’Brothers! Follow me! To the capital for our commander!’’

Within a short time, it was full of the sound of horse steps outside the camp. The 300 blood guards, the most intimate troop of Ye Nan-Tian, left rapidly like a big mass of dark cloud.

They were marching south with flying dusts.

It was like a huge Chinese dragon, long and vigorous, moving on the land.

The generals felt a bit depressed watching the flying dust getting far away.

’’If the young lord couldn't make it... I am afraid the commander really will wipe the capital down...’’ One of them spoke worriedly.

Another guy humphed and said, ’’Wipe it down then! Those bastards deserve to die anyway! I hope none of them could escape! The only person I am worrying about is the commander... I wonder if he will ever return to the north.’’

Everyone sighed.

The black-bearded general sighed, ’’You may not know this... The commander... He never belonged to our world. He should be from the upper realm above the sky... The reason why he stays here guarding the north is that he owe it to the king, because the king saved his son. If the young lord really couldn't make it, there will be nothing that could hold him here in this world... Why should he return to the north then?’’

Everyone was sad.

It meant they had just spent their last time with their beloved commander.

’’I usually hear people saying... that there was some hero who always care more about country than his own family. The hero's parents died and he didn't even go back home and just kept busying himself with the war affair while holding his tears. It became quite a moving story...’’ A young general sighed and spoke, ’’Well... I thought our commander may be the same...’’

’’Bullshxt!’’ Another man shouted angrily, ’’That man didn't even go back home to see his parents even though his parents were dying! That made him a most disgusting animal! And it is a moving story huh? I am going to punch you down to death if you dare to say that again!’’

’’That's just a story.’’ Another general humphed and spoke, ’’Let me ask you something. We fight so hard here, and for what?

For the safety of our country, surely. Yet if you spend your whole life in the army and you couldn't even get a single damn piece of silver, will you still stay here? Will you? Of course you won't. But why? You are here to protect your country aren't you? What's wrong with the silver then?


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