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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 162


Chapter 162 - The North! The North!

If Ye Xiao died, everybody in both Minister Jiang and the Right Prime Minister's families would be killed, and Ye Nan-Tian might even get mad at the royal family.

The king was sure that an angry Ye Nan-Tian would think nothing of their relationship as sworn brothers if Ye Xiao died.

He should be thankful if Ye Nan-Tian wouldn't come to him.

[I have been guarding your kingdom and kept my son in the capital. He has been right near you. Yet my son got killed after all! The man who killed him should die for sure. But how about you, my bullshxt sworn brother, the king who failed to protect my son?]

’’I don't know all the details. I only know that Ye Nan-Tian's wife is locked by some powerful force for some special reasons. She is quite an important woman for Ye Nan-Tian and for the whole Ye Clan... Ye Xiao is the only reason that she still has hope and also the only reason Ye Nan-Tian still strives on living.’’

’’If Ye Xiao dies, how is General Ye going to face the mother? I think... That should be the reason why he can ignore everything for his son...’’

The king spoke sadly, ’’Well, it truly couldn't be blamed on Ye Nan-Tian.’’

’’The Ye Clan?’’ Master Sun frowned, ’’There is no clan named Ye in the Land of Han-Yang. It is such a powerful clan that could raise a heroic figure like Ye Nan-Tian. And there is also the powerful force that could lock up his wife. Well...’’

The king shook his head and didn't explain anything.

Master Sun and Wang looked at each other. They both felt confused. Suddenly, their eyes lit up with a glint of astonishment.

[There is no Ye Clan in the Land of Han-Yang?

Then... how about the upper realm?]

They were enlightened at the same time.

[It turns out... Ye Nan-Tian is...]

The king felt upset.

The whole kingdom's future was lying on the shoulders of Ye Nan-Tian alone...

If Ye Nan-Tian still fought after Ye Xiao died, the Kingdom of Chen would be safe.

If Ye Nan-Tian became downhearted, the kingdom is going to end.

Among the four battles, they could only depend on Ye Nan-Tian in the north. The others kept holding the battles because they were waiting for Ye Nan-Tian's help after he defeated the Grassland Wolf. That could surely turn the tables of the war.

That was the only way to save the kingdom.

If the north battle was the first battle they lost lost, the other battles would fall one after another. The Kingdom of Chen would come to its end.

The king really wanted to kill every single man in those foppish lads' clans.

That would still not be enough to express his anger at the moment though.

’’Stirred up such a trouble for the kingdom at this particular moment.’’ The king was furious, ’’They deserve to die!’’


It was in the north.

The flags were flying on the broad grassland.

Countless soldiers were moving among the grasses like tide. Their armors were clean and sharp and they looked disciplined. They were Ye Nan-Tian's Northern Army indeed.

The 300 thousand men were marching in eight groups. Although there were lots of men, they weren't in a muddle state at all.

There was an extremely grand flag flying at the center of the army.

It was the commander's flag of Ye Nan-Tian.

As long as this flag was there, the mind of the northern army would never collapse.

This flag had been filled with all the spirits of the northern soldiers.

There were a bunch of autochthons fleeing away. A general in the troop behind them held up his bow and shot ten arrows out at a time. Ten of the fleeing autochthons became dead bodies after he shot.

The sound of the arrows was echoing sharply time after time. There was only one man shooting, yet the sky was like covered by the black arrows...

It seemed never going to stop.

Till all the fleeing enemies were down, the arrows never stopped.

The man put down his bow.

His eyes were cold and sharp. He was surprisingly young.

A voice sounded behind him, ’’General Ma, the Great General summoned you.’’


The young general looked at the dead bodies far away and his face was still cold. He kicked the horse and shouted, ’’Yay!’’

He directly returned to the camp immediately.

It seemed the order of the Great General was like the god's decree for this young Grand Archer.

It seemed wrong to merely hesitate.

The other seven generals who were chasing after the defeated enemies on the other seven different directions all headed back to the camp immediately.

It was the order of the commander.

It was even important than the king's decree.

It was in the camp.

A middle-aged man who had a clean face with no beard sat on the commander's chair quietly. He sat straight up. He was dressed neatly. He wasn't even careless with his hair.

He had a handsome face. Surprisingly, he looked a bit learned and refined. He seemed to be a wise man who had read lots of books. Strangers wouldn't guess that he was an invincible Military God who was ruling over a million soldiers.

Only the ancient sword that was hanging behind him could show his real identity as a cultivator.

He was Ye Xiao's father.

He was the Northern General of the Kingdom of Chen. The real Military God on the Land of Han-Yang who had never lost a single battle.

Ye Nan-Tian.

Hurried horse steps sounded outside the camp.

Strong and vigorous figures entered the main camp one by one.

The eight of them all returned at the same time.

Except the eight men, there were two of them who had been staying in the camps. That made it ten of them.

In fact, there were ten more who were having their holiday at the moment.

The twenty generals were called by Ye Nan-Tian 'the Ten Dragons and Ten Tigers'.

Ye Nan-Tian's army was divided into five groups, East group, South group, West group, North group and Middle group.

There were two generals in each group. So there were ten of them. Ye Nan-Tian called them the 'Ten Generals'.

Each of the Ten Generals had two men from the Ten Dragons and Ten Tigers as their vice-generals.

So there were one general and two vice-generals in a group.

In total, there were thirty generals.

The thirty generals would never show up in the north at the same time.

Even if they were in the very moment of the battle, there were still five of the Ten Generals and their vice generals in vacation.

Ye Nan-Tian had given an order to not allow them to come back.

’’Soldiers are human too. They need to rest. When they are resting, they have to fully enjoy it. When they are in the fight, they have to try their best to fight.’’

That was the order of Ye Nan-Tian, a long-lasting decree in the north.

’’There will never be a thing that will be ruined because of your absence, except your own business. When you are gone, the world is running. When you are here, the world is running the same.’’

’’So in the battle, you are soldiers. You fight your best for who your are. When you are in rests, the war has nothing to do with you... There will be somebody else doing their best here. It is not your turn to worry yet.’’

That was Ye Nan-Tian's theory.

He made things clear.

Half of his men were on vacation. That was like a wonder in the Land of Han-Yang.

It only happened in the northern army, which was led by Ye Nan-Tian.

Even though half of his men were off, his army was still invincible. That was why his army was called the 'World's Strongest Army'.

A general, no matter how great and how honorable he was, would speak with respect and envy, ’’That is a miracle. A miracle that only belongs to Ye Nan-Tian.’’

Ye Nan-Tian's camp wasn't big at all.

There were only fifteen seats other than his own.

The five seats in front surely belonged to five of the Ten Generals. Behind them, there were ten smaller ones.

There were only fifteen generals who could enter his camp freely.

The generals who had made many meritorious exploits, or soldiers who had made huge contributions could enter his camp and receive the reward from himself once.

To enter this camp, this simple thing was the most elevated goal of all the soldiers in the northern army.

It was the crowning honor in the northern army.

Whoever entered the camp and came out in a short time would become like a superstar in the northern army.

’’How is it?’’ Ye Xiao smiled while looking at the thirteen men.

’’Complete victory.’’

A general with black beard smiled and answered.

The others started to laugh too.

’’It seems your perfect tactics have never led us to any bad results.’’

’’I believe the Hu-Lun Wolf King would never have imagined that their so-called 'million troops grassland union' were actually like a bunch of chickens and puppies in front of us... Hahaha...’’


The Hu-Lun Wolf King was something like a demon or a nightmare to the army before Ye Nan-Tian arrived.

After Ye Nan-Tian took charge of the army, it became something the soldiers would casually make jokes with. It became like the name of a clown.

It was a huge change.

’’The battle is never within our expectations. There will always be some kind of changes. We mustn't be reckless.’’ Ye Nan-Tian smiled and warned, ’’Hu-Lun Wolf King is not easy to deal with. The fights these days were merely his probing attacks... His main force, the Wolf Head Troop, hasn't shown up yet.’’

’’Even if that Wolf Head stupid Troop really gets to us, they will be like pxssies in front of our great Commander Ye.’’ The generals all laughed.


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