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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 161


Chapter 161 - The King's Concern

Wan Zheng-Hao's face was twitching as he looked miserably at Feng Zhi-Ling, who was laughing wildly at the moment. He felt embarrassed... Yet there was nothing he could do. This gloating man has become his boss now...


After a while, they finally calmed down. They sat together. For the first time, they had their friendly intersection... discussion!

’’Master Feng, I just want to ask when we will start our cooperation.’’

’’Haven't we started already?’’

’’Well then... The dan beads I need... I wonder when you could give them to me?’’

’’Haven't I handed it to you already? Apparently, it worked well, the Slimming Dan bead!’’

’’Hey... I mean urh... The other ones...’’

’’You want more Slimming Dan beads? Also the Life Extending Dan beads?’’

’’Yes, yes. Well I can hold it some days for the Life Extending Dan beads, but I am going to need the Slimming Dan beads urgently!’’

’’Heh, heh. No problem. But I don't have time for that.’’

’’Why? Do you have any difficulties?’’

’’You asked while knowing the answer. Haven't I told you that I don't have enough materials for that? The Slimming Dan bead I gave you was just a half-done work, because I didn't have enough materials.’’

’’I apologize. It's my fault... I shouldn't have asked...’’

’’So, when I can give you your dan beads depends on when you can prepare the materials for me.’’

’’I see. Please give me a list of the materials. I will try whatever I can to collect them as soon as possible.’’

’’Oh right. I have to let you know that the materials for these two kinds of dan were not rare ones, but it is still difficult to get them all in a short time!’’

’’I will do my best.’’

’’I don't care. It is you who want the dan beads so much, not me.’’

’’Yes. I understand!’’


’’Since we are in the same group now, I think we should have a title for you. Can I reveal your identity to the public?’’

’’Well, as you wish.’’

’’Good. How should we call you in work then?’’

’’Hmm, call me... Monarch then.’’

Thus, in the Ling-Bao Hall Salesroom, there was a Monarch who had an extremely high position, even higher than the big boss, Wan Zheng-Hao... This event had shocked the world!


’’Feng Monarch, is there anything I can offer you?’’

’’What I need are quite a lot, including dan-making materials, weapon materials, treasures. I will need them all. Oh, and all kinds of rare metals. All kinds of rare jades and stones. I need them all! All of them...’’

’’Ahem... Well.. Urh... If all these resources are offered to you, the salesroom will... urh...’’

’’It won't be a problem. Give me whatever I want. Every now and then, I will give you some supreme dan beads for the auctions. It will perfectly solve the financial problem...’’


’’Absolutely! And there may be other precious things other than the supreme dan beads. All in all, from the day I am in the salesroom, it will never lack good objects to auction. So there won't be any financial problems. The salesroom is going to earn dozens of times more money than before.’’

’’That's great. No problems then...’’

’’I think the next time when we put the supreme dan on the auction, we should make the auction much bigger than the last time. That will make the dealing price much higher.’’


At the end of the conversation, as Ye Xiao told more and more, Wan Zheng-Hao felt it unbelievable that he actually knew that much. Bit by bit, he became more and more respectful to Feng Zhi-Ling. It was a sincere respect from the bottom of his heart.

Besides, although Ye Xiao was in a higher position, he didn't show any fierce vigor like Gu Jin-Long did. Instead, he was like a spring breeze blowing to the face silently, which could change people's thoughts...

Gu Jin-Long only had the key that kept Wan Zheng-Hao alive.

Yet Xiao was controlling everything of Wan Zheng-Hao after all!

His life was under control.

His weight was under control.

His pleasure was under Ye Xiao's control!

Even the possibility for him to regain his male capability was held in Ye Xiao's hand!

Step by step, Wan Zheng-Hao became fully loyal to Feng Zhi-Ling!

That was a complete loyalty!

In fact, it was not hard to understand. He had been loyal to Gu Jin-Long before.

Now he just shifted his loyalty to another master. That was all.

Besides, he would gain lots of profits that he couldn't have received from his past master and didn't dare to even dream of.

In fact, it was quite a happy situation for Wan Zheng-Hao being like this.

Well, it would be perfect if he didn't eat that meal... in which all the dishes were cooked with his own fat...


On the other side, something happened in the Royal Palace.

It was filled with sorrow.

The king's second war affair meeting had lasted for two days.

The officials had thought of all they could. At the moment, both bad and good officials, as long as they were not provocateurs, all racked their brains because of the crisis of the kingdom. They had tried their best to figure out any practical methods to save the kingdom.

People in the military group were all asking for joining the fight.

Even though they knew they would very possibly lose, they still wanted to offer their strength in the battle.

The kingdom was in vital danger. None of the soldiers would be stingy on offering their warm blood!

So far, there were many things that had been proposed.

The only thing they wanted was to defend. They wished to seize all chances to defend the kingdom and delay the time of the war!

The longer, the better...

There was going to be a chance showing up!

Some important passes were marked clearly. Those were the keys of the whole war.

’’The most practical method should be the Tortoise Tactic in all the four battles! No matter what the enemies do, we don't answer. We don't attack! We draw back our neck and we wait! They attack our camps, we defend. They stay out of the line of our camp, we stay still. Even if they abuse everyone in our clans, we don't move!’’

The Zuo Prime Minister's words had aroused many disdainful emotions. Especially people of the military group, their eyes were sharp like knives!

[We are all honorable men! Yet you see us like tortoises...]

After rounds after rounds of discussions, all the officials found that this Tortoise Tactic seemed to be the only method to deal with the current situation!

It was the only practical and efficient tactic!

The camps were definitely strongly fortified;as long as the commanders were not fools. The camps must be full of traps. If the enemies forcibly attack the camps, they would inevitably pay a big price.

If they didn't attack, no one would move. There was nothing the enemies could do about it...

’’First of all, the royal stock holds still. We call up food and materials from all over the kingdom. At the same time, we control the prices in the market quickly, so that there won't be any inside disturbance aroused. All the officials in their city should start transferring the resources to guarantee the supply to the battle...’’

’’We will not use a single thing in the royal stock until there is a urgent need for it. The over years' stockpile in the royal stock can surely support our armies for three years... Three years should be more than enough.’’

’’Secondly, recruit young soldiers in a national range. Announce an urgent mobilization order. Increase the amount of rewards and punishment in order to arouse the minds of war.’’

’’The king should make a decree to comfort all citizens.’’

’’Inform all the spies to make disturbances in the enemies' kingdoms and make their forces start inner-fights.’’

’’Send some good men to get deep inside the enemies' place to make troubles. Even putting a granary of a town on fire would do better than nothing!’’

’’Send some assassins to get into the heart of the armies to kill their leaders and to kill some important figures in their court... Even if they fail, it will stir up some disturbances.’’


There were hundreds of this kind of suggestions being proposed!

The king went through all of them and listened carefully. In the two days, the recording officer had nearly tired his own hand to the point of disability...

The meeting in the main hall finally came to an end after two days.

The king returned to his study room and called for the two royal doctors and one master.

’’How is Ye Xiao in the House of Ye?’’ The king asked directly.

’’It doesn't look good. He is most possibly not going to survive this.’’ Master Sun's rugate face was solemn, ’’We have tried our best on it, and we even have used the supreme dan bead. Although all we did have kept Ye Xiao breathing, he has merely ten days.’’

The king was silent.

It was a rather unexpected result.

As Ye Xiao was dying, Ye Nan-Tian would definitely come back.

His son was dying. The king couldn't be that cruel not to allow them to have a final meeting, could he?

The man was Ye Nan-Tian after all!

’’You highness, is General Ye going to... come back?’’ Master Sun asked hesitantly, ’’Now it is the dangerous moment of the kingdom. If General Ye comes back, especially for his son... he is ignoring the need of the kingdom.’’

The king sighed and smiled bitterly.

He knew that others might not come back. Took Prince Hua-Yang for an example, even if Su Ye-Yue was in vital danger, he would probably stay focus on the war first. However, Ye Nan-Tian was different.

The reason why the king could have the support of Ye Nan-Tian was that he wanted to save his son, Ye Xiao!

Things he had done for his son had clearly shown that he was a man who could ignore everything for his son!

If his son was ok, he would fight for his best in the battle and frighten his enemies.

However... everything was wrong when his son was in danger!

Even if the king gave a hundred orders to forbid him from coming back, he would absolutely never hesitate to come back!


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