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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 157


Chapter 157 - Both Hard And Soft Tactics

What Gu Jin-Long required were all the best treasures, but because he had quite a high standard about treasures, there were not many things he liked. So Wan Zheng-Hao didn't really give Gu Jin-Long a lot of treasures after all. Now that Feng Zhi-Ling got involved, he was afraid everything that Ling-Bao Hall got would all be snatched by him and would all be used to make dan beads. That meant most of the resources that used to be in his hand would become Feng Zhi-Ling's.

When he thought about seeing Feng Zhi-Ling face to face everyday, he felt pain in his heart.

He just wanted to smash Feng Zhi-Ling.

When he had such thought, his eyes would naturally be filled with a killing intent.

Ye Xiao sat opposite to him with his legs crossed. He spoke blandly, ’’By the way. Brother Gu didn't return to where he belongs. He has been taking a secret training in the Land of Han-Yang... He said he would leave after he make success in some kind of martial art. During the time he is cultivating, he wants me to make one kind of dan for him. It is difficult to make, to be honest, but the materials are easy to find. Well, it is going to be your job then. Thanks, Boss Wan. And we can't make any mistakes on this.’’

Wan Zheng-Hao trembled like he was stricken by the thunder. He laughed constrainedly and said, ’’Yes. That's right. I will do my best. I won't let any mistake happen!’’

His hostile thought against Feng Zhi-Ling disappeared immediately.

He knew how vicious Gu Jin-Long was. He knew that if Gu Jin-Long wanted him to disappear, he wouldn't even need to do anything. Simply a breath could make him disappear once and for all.

He realized that Feng Zhi-Ling was someone he couldn't afford messing with.

He had to please him and make him feel good about everything!

He was seriously upset about it.

Ye Xiao saw the expressions on Wan Zheng-Hao's face. He felt rather casual.

Now, Gu Jin-Long was one hundred percent dead in his hand.

This Ling-Bao Hall was obviously a private force that Gu Jin-Long raised for himself. He wanted a place to stay when he came to the Land of Han-Yang, and he thought maybe he could get some valuable treasures from it. It apparently was not making enough money for him.

In fact, Ling-Bao Hall had been running its business all around other countries. That was Wan Zheng-Hao's credit. The cross-kingdoms business didn't get any support from Gu Jin-Long. The Ling-Bao Hall was not good enough for Gu Jin-Long though. Yet it was quite a powerful thing for Ye Xiao, so he would, of course, take it over as soon as he can.

He knew that Wan Zheng-Hao didn't really like this;he just didn't dare to say anything.

It wasn't a good thing that his underling had any crosscurrent to him. He thought that it would definitely bring troubles if the underlings didn't fully obey him.

He spoke casually, ’’Wan, I am afraid you have to care more about your personal image. It doesn't do good to your health anyway. A king doesn't use hungry soldiers. I mean, you and I, we are like a family now. I have a recipe of Slimming Dan that can help people lose weight. If you keep taking it for a month, I think you will lose 90 percent of your fat...’’

He smiled blandly and continued, ’’Well then, you won't be 700 kg anymore... I am confident that you can become under 100 kg.’’

’’Most importantly, it works perfectly with the Life Extending Dan.’’ He smiled with his eyes closed.

Wan Zheng-Hao was shocked when he heard that!

He started to quiver.

[Slimming Dan?

There actually is such a kind of treasure!]

Wan Zheng-Hao had been through thousands of years in misery because of the fat on his body. Sometimes, he felt that he would rather die than live. He thought that it was better living miserably than dying comfortably. That kept him from killing himself overtime.

As the fat grew, from 1600 years earlier, the fat had covered all of his true body.

He had lost the pleasure of being a man. The fat covered his pxnis so he couldn't use it for se* at all. The only thing he could do with his pxnis was to pee strugglingly. He could only sigh whenever he wanted to do 'something'.

The Life Extending Dan surely did extend his life, yet every dan bead he took added more fat on his body.

When he heard what Feng Zhi-Ling said, he felt like those words were from the heavens. He was like a man who was about to drown when he suddenly grabbed a firm grass on the land!

’’Brother Feng! Is there really such kind of wonderful dan?! Hmm. Such magical dan beads, does it need your master to make them?!’’ Wan Zheng-Hao held Feng Zhi-Ling's hands. He was thrilled!

His eyes actually lit up with a green glow. That showed how eager he was.

Ye Xiao nodded seriously and said, ’’Relax, Wan. Although it is not easy to make such dan beads and it also requires a lot of materials, it is not a high-class dan. It won't need my master's assistance. I can do it. As long as I have enough materials, I promise I can make some for you.

Well, the only thing that concerns me is that I don't know why he never told you about this dan. There maybe something tricky about it though. I don't know.’’

He was attempting to get the support of Wan Zheng-Hao so he could develop the Ling-Bao Hall as his own force. So he seized every chance to smear Gu Jin-Long. He could feel free to smear him because he was already a dead man.

Wan Zheng-Hao's face turned dark.

[There is such a dan and he never told me about it! Why?

He never wants me to become a normal person! He never wants me to enjoy the pleasures in my life! Right?

That's reasonable... I am holding so big amount of wealth here. He comes down here once in dozens of years. I have the long-lasting life, thanks to him. Am I not enjoying more than he does? Even if he never cares that I hold this wealth, maybe he just cares that I am living a better life than his!

All in all, Gu Jin-Long just extended my life so that I can work for him!

I am just a tool for him. Why does a tool need to enjoy life then?]

His face turned darker and darker.

Ye Xiao spoke casually, ’’In fact, I have asked Brother Gu about it.’’

’’What did he say then?’’ Wan Zheng-Hao asked.

’’He said... He spent a lot to raise you and extend your life, so that you can collect valuable treasures and useful resources for him. If you enjoy your life too much, you will be distracted and you won't do your best in works. That would be him lifting up a stone to drop it on his own toes...’’ Ye Xiao answered blandly.

’’I knew it! Humph!’’ Wan Zheng-Hao bursted with hatred. He humphed and then remembered that the man in front of him was the sworn brother of Gu Jin-Long. He feared that if Feng Zhi-Ling told Gu Jin-Long anything...

So he looked at Ye Xiao alarmingly, ’’Master Feng... Well urn...’’

Ye Xiao acted like he was generous and said, ’’Easy, Wan. We still need to get well along with each other in the Ling-Bao Hall. I need to focus on dan-making, so the affairs in the Ling-Bao Hall will mostly be in your charge. I am not stupid enough to cut my own hand, am I?’’

Wan Zheng-Hao felt relieved and said smilingly, ’’That's true. That's true.’’

’’Well in the future, when Brother Gu fully digests the Cosmic Hades and boosts his cultivation, he won't need us to supply resources to him anymore...’’ Ye Xiao spoke slowly with his eyes closed.

[What does Feng Zhi-Ling mean? Does he want to get rid of Gu Jin-Long once and for all?]

Wan Zheng-Hao felt happy about it. And then he was scared. [I know too well about Gu Jin-Long. If Ling-Bao Hall means nothing to Gu JIn-Long anymore, he will never give me Life Extending Dan anymore. How am I going to extend my life then?]

’’Brother Feng, what... what should we do then?’’

His face turned pale all of a sudden.

Everything he learned today made him feel like he was coursing through heaven and hell. It was rising up high suddenly, and then dropping down rapidly.

He felt happy that he had a chance to lose his weight at first. He wanted to have a normal life. Yet he became unhappy because he had a problem extending his life.

He had sacrificed so much to keep himself living. Now that his long-lasting life was going to an end, wasn't it unfortunate?

Ye Xiao looked at Wan Zheng-Hao with cold and sharp eyes.

’’Master Feng, why do you look at me like that?’’ Wan Zheng-Hao asked anxiously.

’’Nothing. I just want to tell you, only when Brother Gu leaves and only when I can truly do whatever I want... can I give the Slimming Dan Beads to you.’’

Ye Xiao smiled blandly, ’’Well, there is a time issue with the Slimming Dan though. You know the efficacy of such wonderful dan is always limited. After you start to take it, in a certain period of time, you need to take it again before the fat on your body increases again..’’

Wan Zheng-Hao smiled bitterly. [I know how it works. I understand it. Well... but...]

His eyes lit up with fierceness again.

[It just means that right now, someone else is controlling me.

It was Gu Jin-Long then, and now, it is Feng Zhi-Ling.

Yet I can't get a long-lasting life anymore. Why do I need to be somebody's servant after I finished being another person's servant?

Fxcking bullshit. Do I have to be a servant?!

I am going to die soon anyway. Why don't I die fighting back. Everybody die then! Do you think it is that easy to take advantage of me?!]

It seemed Ye Xiao didn't notice that Wan Zheng-Hao was strange, so he continued, ’’In fact, I have the recipe of the Life Extending Dan too. I don't have enough materials though. Otherwise I can make it now too!’’


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