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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 155


Chapter 155 - Ye Xiao Will Die!

Song Jue answered at once, ’’My name is Song. Master Sun, please feel free to talk.’’

Master Sun kept quiet for a while and said, ’’We will naturally do whatever we can to save him. However, even if we are doing our best, we can only keep Lord Ye alive for ten days! Keeping him alive these ten days will take a huge price! There are some decisions we don't dare to make, to be honest.’’

Song Jue said, ’’What do you mean, Master Sun?’’

Master Sun drew back his hand and closed his eyes. He said, ’’The problem is... Hmm... Doctor Huang, could you please hurry to the Royal Palace and ask his highness whether he could give us the supreme dan bead. I know the king has told me not to ask for any permission for using any thing in the royal stock, yet the supreme dan is really too important. I am afraid I have to ask the his highness!’’

Doctor Huang was surprised!

The supreme dan!

[The mysterious supreme medical material can merely bring ten days for the dying Lord Ye!

How can the king possibly agree?

It should be used to the king during the most dangerous time of the kingdom!]

Master Sun opened his eyes and said, ’’Go quickly!’’

Doctor Huang was a bit upset and he said, ’’Fine. I am on it now.’’

’’If the king does agree. Ask him to send some superior cultivators of the palace to deliver the supreme dan bead. We must keep the dan bead safe on the way.’’ Master Sun spoke lightly, ’’Remember, you only have three hours. Within three hours, I will use the pure spiritual qi that I cultivated with my life to keep Lord Ye alive. If the dan bead doesn't in time, he will die. Even the supreme dan bead can't save him after three hours!’’

Doctor Huang promised and left right away.

Song Jue was already yelling outside, ’’Prepare the horse! Quick! The fastest one!’’

Doctor Huang hurried off. He was confused, [The supreme dan bead is extremely priceless. How come Master Sun was so sure that the king will possibly take it out for the lad?]


It was in the House of Ye.

The blue aura appeared again. Master Sun operated his martial arts so he could stabilize Ye Xiao's condition.

’’Doctor Li, when I am exhaling qi, please do your 13 Soul Healing Needles on Lord Ye!’’

Master Sun asked Doctor Li.


Both of their faces were dark and solemn at the moment. They were doing everything they could to keep Ye Xiao alive for the next three hours.

As the trusted subordinates of the king, they knew that Ye Xiao's life was concerning the future of the kingdom!

If they saved Ye Xiao, they saved the kingdom!

If Ye Xiao died, the north of the kingdom would immediately fall in imminent disaster!

The feet of the grassland wolves would step onto the wonderful land of the Kingdom of Chen.

Doctor Huang was moving fast on the horse. He directly entered the Royal Palace.

He came straight to the Cheng-Tian Hall, yet was stopped by the guards. The king was discussing with the officials at the moment, so he couldn't be disturbed.

Doctor Huang was like burning in anxiety. He asked the guards to inform the king quickly. After a short while, Eunuch Wang rushed out.

’’Gong-Gong, Master Sun said... the supreme dan bead is required to cure Ye Xiao... That...’’ Doctor Huang still felt it ridiculous to ask the king for the supreme dan bead.

Ye Xiao was merely the son of a general after all.

Even if Ye Nan-Tian was injured, the king might not take our the supreme dan bead for him. Yet he had to do it, because Master Sun had asked him to.

Master Sun was one of the most important figures in the Royal Palace after all!

Eunuch Wang didn't hesitate and went straight back to the hall. After a while, he came out again and said, ’’I will go to the House of Ye with you.’’

Doctor Huang looked at Eunuch Wang confusedly.

Wang frowned while looking at him and finally added, ’’The supreme dan bead is with me right now. Come on.’’

Doctor Huang was stunned!

[What the hell is going on?

Is it really this easy?

Ye Xiao was injured and now he needs the supreme dan bead. Ok I got it. How come the king just gave out our the supreme dan bead so quickly?!

What does that mean?

Even the Crown Prince has never been treated that kindly, I am afraid!]

Doctor Huang couldn't help guessing, [Could this Ye Xiao be the secret son of the king? So he boiled him over the Crown Prince?!]

Eunuch Wang saw him stunned. He felt impatient and he coughed heavily.

Doctor Huang finally came back to his senses after hearing that cough.

They hurried back to the House of Ye.

When they arrived, two hours had passed.

Master Sun placed the dan bead into Ye Xiao's mouth immediately. The Soul Healing Needles stayed on Ye Xiao's body. Master Sun operated his power in full range to accelerate the effect of the dan bead...

After a long time, something had finally changed with Ye Xiao's soft body which looked like a corpse.

The breath of Ye Xiao became heavier and mightier. His chest began to move along with his breath...

Yet that was all.

Nothing else happened.

Doctor Huang was more confused now, [We have used such a precious supreme dan bead on him. It is fine if it can save him, but if it just makes him breath for a more few hours, isn't it a waste of the fine dan bead?

That is... That is more than simply wasting.]

’’We have done what we can.’’ Master Sun hit on Ye Xiao and delivered a stream of purple qi into Ye Xiao's head. He seemed exhausted and he was all wet with sweat. He spoke to Song Jue, ’’It will keep him alive at least till the General Ye is back... I really have done everything I can. Sorry.’’

Song Jue took a deep breath and said, ’’It is more than enough already. Thank you. Thanks a lot.’’

Eunuch Wang looked at Song Jue with his sharp eyes and spoke blandly, ’’Do you think... the man who used the Melting Bone Palm can cure it?’’

Song Jue spoke with hatred, ’’It must be those foppish bastards! We will take revenge!’’

Eunuch Wang was quiet for a while and said, ’’The first thing we should do is to save Lord Ye. It will be better if you think about other issues later.’’

Song Jue sneered and didn't reply.

Wang spoke, ’’The injury of the Melting Bone Plam seems really strange though... The man who did it must not be very powerful, because he cannot delay the day of its activation. However, when it is checked deeper, Lord Ye looks like he was hit for several days though. That really confuses me.’’

Song Jue spoke coldly, ’’When our great general comes back, he will have conclusions!’’

Wang sighed. He was a superior cultivator himself. He knew about the Melting Bone Palm. He said what he had said, because he wished that things could be different. He knew that if it didn't involved those important officials, who were the important men of the king, maybe the current situation wouldn't be so bad.

When they left, Eunuch Wang and Master Sun discussed about it for a long time.

’’It is absolutely a grievous injury.’’

’’That's right.’’

’’Ye Xiao took the supreme dan bead. Yet he is going to die anyway.’’

’’That's true.’’

’’But was the injury really caused today?’’

’’I have no idea. It is hard to tell though.’’

’’If it wasn't today, who did it to him?’’

’’Heh heh.’’

’’If it was today, among those houses, who did it?’’

’’Heh heh.’’

And then they were silent.

’’The Crown Prince was a bit strange today. He wasn't his usual self.’’ Eunuch Wang said.


’’It seems normal that he would accuse Lord Jiang when Lord Jiang was down. But what he did went too far.’’

’’And your point is?’’

’’I don't have a point.’’

’’I see. If there is a suspicious point towards a man whom you shouldn't suspect, then it is better ignore the suspicious point.’’

’’That's right.’’

’’Then those houses?’’

’’They are dead meat!’’

’’So be it then!’’


Ye Xiao was lying in bed like a dead body. There was only a small bit of qi supporting his body right now. Even his soul seemed to have disappeared.

In fact, he was inside the boundless Space.

He was inside the Sky Space at the moment.

Ye Xiao sat beside the Cosmic Hades. He was absorbing the gelid qi from the Cosmic Hades with huge efforts. The gelid qi burst out, not because of the gelid qi overflowed, nor because of the spiritual jade;it was caused by an egg!

It surely meant that egg!

Since the egg manned up the other day and fiercely put down Gu Jin-Long and absorbed his soul, it entered a weird mode!

Ye Xiao reckoned that the egg must be positively full because it had never eaten anything better than Gu Jin-Long's powerful soul before.

It was like a snake swallowing an elephant. That was why there was occasionally some energy coming out of the egg. These energy somehow activated the Cosmic Hades and made it burst out with gelid qi!

This time, it lasted for a half day already.

Ye Xiao could only fully focus on it. First of all, he needed to reduce the gelid qi in the Space to keep the Spaces in balance. Secondly... The gelid qi was rather precious for Ye Xiao at the moment. It made his spiritual qi purer and purer. And it improved his gelid power...

If he didn't care about the balance of the Spaces, he would definitely throw several pieces of spiritual jades to the Cosmic Hades...

While the gelid qi increased, Ye Xiao found that the gelid qi inside his body seemed... Finally he seemed to come to the stage where the East-rising Purple Qi could break out to the second level. In his dantian, the energy of the East-rising Purple Qi had formed into a purple mist. It stayed at the center of his dantian.

If dantian was as big as a house... then the purple mist at the center of his dantian was now as big as an egg.

It was small, yet it was clearly there. It made Ye Xiao feel that as long as he filled up his dantian with the purple qi, which was produced after he converted the gelid qi, he could smoothly upgrade the East-rising Purple Qi to the second level.



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