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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 154


Chapter 154 - The Royal Doctors Arrived

’’Since you admitted your mistakes, bear the punishment then. From now on, you people will return to your place and stay there. You are not allowed to step outside your house and get involved in any form of politics. You are not allowed to contact anybody. Whoever violated my order, his whole clan should be wiped out.’’

The officials were all stunned.

The officials who were kneeling on the floor were shaking. They raised their heads and said unbelievingly, ’’Your highness...’’

’’Drag them out!’’ The king's eyes were full of coldness, yet at the same time, there was a slight sense of sadness.

These men were all important figures in the court. If there was a provocateur in the court, he must be one of these men.

Although it was just some foolish fight among some foppish lads, it actually mattered at times.

The army had just left and the capital was in the weakest moment. The military families felt mostly unsafe at the moment. Yet they actually stirred up troubles at the very moment.

It happened right before the three reports were received.

How could the king not suspect there was a scheme about this fight.

Besides, it was the most dangerous moment when the kingdom was surrounded by powerful enemies. The king wouldn't use people that he didn't fully trust at the moment. He didn't dare to keep these men in the court now.

There were some of them who were wronged though.

The king had no other choices.

If these men were not such important figures in the court, the king would have killed them already. It was the fast and simple way after all.

These men couldn't believe it, and the other officials were surprised. The guards came in and dragged these old officials out like tigers dragging rabbits.

’’Ok. Now we discuss about the situation about the four battles.’’ The king spoke like nothing had happened, ’’You can express your thoughts without hesitations. Let's find out a way to defend our kingdom...’’


It was in the House of Ye.

Ye Xiao was lying in bed. He looked 'extremely miserable' at the moment. His body was soft and it seemed as though he had no bones at all.

Song Jue was also extremely 'upset'. He sat beside Ye Xiao with a dark face.

Unlike these two 'talented actors', some blood guards kept pacing around the house with concerns. They were truly worried though.

’’How is it?’’ Song Jue asked quietly as nobody was around.

Ye Xiao, who should be in coma right now, slightly opened his eyes and said, ’’Don't worry. It's fine. Everything is under control.’’

They both didn't know what result their acting had brought about this time though.

However, the forces against the military group in the court had been way too strong for a long time. It was time to do some change about it anyway. It could at least make military people feel settled after this.

’’However, I think it is going to happen when your father comes back... As time goes by, I don't think there will be many of them who are going to get demoted.’’ Song Jue spoke, ’’But we are definitely going to escape the crisis though.’’

’’It isn't a sure thing though.’’ Ye Xiao answered.

’’What? You mean those guys still dare to mess with you even though you are already living corpse like this?’’ Song Jue was surprised.

Ye Xiao smiled, ’’No. I have never worried about what happened today. As for weakening the opponent forces, we may not be able to do much about it, but the Crown Prince will do it for us.’’

’’The Crown Prince?’’ Song Jue was disdainful, ’’That's impossible. He wishes you to die quickly. How will he help you? Don't forget the Melting Bone Palm on you was from his man.’’

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, ’’Of course he won't help us weaken the political group. He will try to get rid of people who didn't support him. If he doesn't knock those men down, how can he pass the buck to them? He may weaken our opponents coincidently. It was reasonable.’’

Song Jue was stunned. He couldn't react yet.

Ye Xiao smiled lightly and said blandly, ’’Uncle Song, you... You are cute. How can you still not understand? The Crown Prince has to make sure that somebody will take the responsibility for messing me up, so that he can act like he didn't do anything to me... The case about his brother-in-law is not passed yet, remember?’’

Song Jue was enlightened. He said with praises, ’’You little kid. You are really getting smarter and smarter. It is a pity that you don't want to get in the court. You are really good at setting people up... What do you mean 'cute'? Don't describe me like that! How can you call me cute?’’

Ye Xiao twitched his mouth trying not to laugh loudly.

They didn't expect that the king was helping them weaken their opponents in the court this time.

At the moment, footsteps could be heard outside as a blood guard shouted, ’’Chief! There are royal doctors from the royal palace here. They are here to see the young master.’’

Ye Xiao naturally 'passed out' again. Song Jue made an 'emotional face' immediately and spoke in a deep voice, ’’Lead them in quickly.’’

He sounded like he was in a haste.

It looked like he had been waiting for the doctor for a long time.

Some figures flashed outside and Song Jue hurried to the door. He opened the door and spoke with worry, ’’Doctors, please come in.’’

His eyes suddenly lit up and he said happily, ’’Master Sun, you are here too! Great! That's great! Come in, please!’’

The three of them all knew it was an urgent situation, so they didn't say anything useless. They entered the room immediately.

They just entered the room yet the dense smell of medicine had already bombarded their nose.

The well-known Lord Ye was lying in bed like a pile of mud.

They all felt bad when they saw Ye Xiao's posture.

They had seen countless dead men, and among them, some were punched to death, some were stabbed to death, and some died from diseases. They simply knew every kind of death... At the moment when they saw Ye Xiao, they knew he was going to die soon.

It was hopeless to bring him back.

Everyone needed the bones to support his body. Even those who were about to die, they were supported by the bones.

Yet Ye Xiao was now all collapsed.

He looked so bad without bones.

Doctor Li didn't dare to waste time. He put down the case he had been holding and sat on the edge of the bed to check Ye Xiao's pulse. Doctor Li was famous for his capability in checking the pulse. He was the best on it among all the other royal doctors. He was also good at treating internal injuries.

It wasn't a good time to chat now.

He put his fingers on Ye Xiao's wrist to feel Ye Xiao's pulse. His face suddenly turned dark.

Doctor Huang hurriedly took out papers. He already held a brush pen. He had worked with Doctor Li for his whole life. He knew what to do now.

Doctor Li spoke while he was checking Ye Xiao's pulse, ’’... The Jing and Mai are broken.’’

The first thing he said made Doctor Huang's hand shake. And then Doctor Huang wrote it down on the paper.

’’The abdomen is empty. The heart barely beats. The lung is working weakly... The bones...’’ Doctor Li sighed and said, ’’Are mostly damaged... In fact, they are nearly melted.’’

’’It was like some ice being heated by the sunlight. Even though he can still hold it for a while, it is just a matter of time before he will finally die with all his bones melted.’’

Doctor Li closed his eyes and sighed to the sky, ’’This injury... Should be...’’

He looked at Doctor Huang and both of them nodded and said, ’’The Melting Bone Palm. An extremely vicious martial art in the martial world. It should have been lost for a long time.’’

Song Jue asked with a shaking voice, ’’Is it really that serious... Then... Will he be fine?’’

Doctor Li and Doctor Huang shook their heads with both their faces dark. Doctor Li sighed, ’’The injury has reached the current stage. There is no cure for it now. Even if anyone who is like a god in the medical area can't do anything about it.’’

Song Jue gasped with hopeless breath. He asked stubbornly, ’’Isn't there... Isn't there anything we can at least try?’’

Doctor Li turned to Master Sun and spoke sincerely, ’’That should be answered by Master Sun now. If he doesn't have any suggestions, then...’’

He didn't finish his words, because he needn't to.

Master Sun moved to the bed and sat on the place where Doctor Li had sat when Doctor Li just stood up. His hands were like talons. He held Ye Xiao's wrist.

He closed his eyes.

And then the other three who stood in the room felt an extremely strong power waving in the air. A blue color which was like the ocean fully covered Ye Xiao and Master Sun.

Song Jue was stunned.

This Master Sun turned out to be a superior cultivator at the Grandmaster Level of Tianyuan. He seemed to be much more powerful than Guan Zheng-Wen.

There were truly full of superior masters in the royal palace.

People always said, 'whoever does the best in martial arts should be sold to the royal palace'. There were indeed many great cultivators in the royal palace.

In the past, Song Jue had placed such people in his sight. Yet now maybe Master Sun didn't look at him in sight.

’’It is the injury of the Melting Bone Palm indeed.’’ Master Sun talked with a rough voice without turning his head, ’’I don't have anything good to deal with it. I can merely keep this lad alive though... If you want this lad to recover to the time he was before, it is as difficult as bringing the dead to life. Only the Nine Turning Dan can do it...’’

That meant Ye Xiao's death was already certain.

The Nine Turning Dan was the top-class priceless treasure even in the Qing-Yun Realm. In this mortal world, it had never shown up in even billions of years. It was simply something that didn't exist.

’’Right. If we use medicines and dan beads together, it might bring about some efficacy.’’ Master Sun blinked his eyes and talked to Song Jue, ’’Steward...’’


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