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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 150


Chapter 150 - The Villain Complained First

The Western General, Wu Gong-Lie, sent back the war report through the carrier pigeon. It was an urgent situation. Things had yet to begin, but Wu Gong-Lie seemed to already have great difficulties.

Another urgent report was on the road.

It wasn't the end though.

On the north, the Northern General, Ye Nan-Tian, had been waiting to return to the capital himself...

However, the Northern Wolf Country had gathered hundreds of thousands of men under the support of over a dozen tribes to attack the Kingdom of Chen's northern border. They went wild.

Thus, the war report from the north had come to the king's desk too.

Well, it was luckily good news in this report!

Although it was only a short note, it was delighting at the moment. 'The Northern Wolf is trying so hard to deliver some meat to us. Well then, let me wipe them out once and for all in the coming battle. That will solve the problem here for you, your highness!'

What a great general!

The confidence he held was outstanding. He was truly a reliable man for the kingdom, especially in the current situation.

The king only showed satisfaction when he read the report from the north. He murmured, ’’How confident he is! How vigorous he is! Only Ye Nan-Tian can talk like this.’’

He thought for a while and smiled, ’’I am so lucky to still have Ye Nan-Tian on my side! As long as he stays with me, my kingdom will stay stabilized.’’

After the report from Ye Nan-Tian, there came another report.

It was from the east, sent by the Eastern General, Gong-Sun Nu. On the east, the Kingdom of Tian-Yu suddenly gathered their army and set their camps near the frontier. They seemed to be covetous. A big war would start at any second!

The Kingdom of Tian-Yu had gathered over half a million men, and the number was still increasing.

It didn't seem to be a fake attack!

The commander of the army was actually the Hundred Battle God, Zhan Qian-Shan, who hadn't shown up for five years in the Kingdom of Tian-Yu!

Gong-Sun Nu said in the report, '... If the war breaks out, I will die fighting against them! I will never step back! However, if Zhan Qian-Shan leads the fight himself, I am afraid my capability is limited. I can only sacrifice my piddling self in the battle to buy some time for your highness to prepare for the next step. If I fail to hold them long enough and the reinforcements can't make it in time, it will be my honor to die fighting, but I am afraid it will be a negative situation for the kingdom...'

In other words, he was saying, 'I am absolutely incapable to defeat Zhan Qian-Shan. I can only try my best to slow him down! If you can, please send me more men. Otherwise, it is going to be really bad...'

Other than the difference between the commanders, they were short in the number of soldiers too. The Kingdom of Tian-Yu had over half a million men, and they were gathering more. The Kingdom of Chen only had Gong-Sun Nu's Western Army, which only had three hundred thousand soldiers. It was a huge gap.

To move more men from the cities in the Kingdom of Chen to the eastern frontier would at least take twenty days...

No one, not even gods, knew what was going to happen in this twenty days.

However, there was one thing certain. The Hundred Battle God, Zhan Qian-Shan, would never let this perfect opportunity get away!

So the situation on the east was the worst. It was much tenser than the other three directions. It could collapse at any moment!

In the past, whenever the Kingdom of Tian-Yu used Zhan Qian-Shan, the Kingdom of Chen would definitely send out Prince Hua-Yang, Su Ding-Guo. These two men had been fighting each other for decades. There hadn't been a winner. No one knew who was better than the other!

But now... Prince Hua-Yang had marched for the south!

Zhan Qian-Shan suddenly appeared after five years of absence in the east!

The wealthy and great Kingdom of Chen actually fell into such a dangerous situation within a short period of time!

The king was reading the reports. He was astonished.

His kingdom was under such threatening circumstance for the first time in the history!

’’On the south, it is Yang Wan-Li, the vice-commander of the Global Troop of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. On the west, it is Wen-Ren Jian-Yin, the main figure in the military and a senior prince of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. On the east, it was the Hundred Battle God, Zhan Qian-Shan! On the north, it was the union of the fifteen vicious tribes of the steppe, which is led by the Wolf King of the Northern Wolf. The Wolf King is known to have wonderful foresight. It is difficult...’’

The king frowned while looking at the report from the four directions and murmured, ’’The House of The Chaotic Storms!’’

Apparently, the only one who could make the kingdom fall into such a situation was the House of The Chaotic Storms. Things wouldn't go this way if they were not the ones plotting behind all this!

The king stood up and paced around slowly. He took in a long breath and spoke lightly, ’’Master Bai... is it my kingdom you want? What a shame. The Kingdom of Chen will be the only exception in the history that is going to avoid collapse!’’

He kept his hands on his back and raised his eyebrows, which were like two Chinese dragons flying on his face! He stood at the window and sneered, ’’Who says my kingdom has no more great generals? If things really are that bad, I am going to fight myself! So what?’’

’’Don't forget the only defeat of Zhan Qian-Shan during his entire life was in my hands!’’

He stood there and said blandly, ’’Go gather all the civil and military officials in the main hall.’’

’’Yes, your highness.’’ Eunuch Wang answered and said, ’’You highness, Lord Jiang, the Revenue Minister, has been waiting in the side hall for a long while.’’

The king frowned, ’’He is here? For what?’’

Wang said, ’’It is said he is here for his son. His son got seriously beaten by Lord Ye Xiao, the son of the Northern General. The lad was beaten till his flesh was badly mutilated. It was too horrible to look at. Because of too much damage, he may become crippled...’’

The king was furious, ’’At this very moment? He actually come for such a trivial thing?!’’

He was right to get mad about it. At the moment, the kingdom was in danger, yet the Revenue Minister had actually come because of some stupid fight between kids!

But he didn't know how angry Jiang Yu-Ming was when he saw the guards carry his son home who had been beaten so miserably. He came to the Royal Palace straight away because he thought he was an old friend to the king's family. He didn't know Ye Xiao had already been in a coma at the moment though.

The other officials would be cautious to enter the Royal Palace, yet this Lord Jiang felt free to go in and out of the Royal Palace, because of the special relationship between him and the royal family.

Wang said, ’’Well... I don't know the details yet. That young lord was beaten up so badly...’’

Wang and Lord Jiang had known each other for a long time. They both had done favors for each other in the past. Wang knew that Lord Jiang was close to the king, so he spoke something good for Lord Jiang even though the king was mad at him.

The king was in a hurry before he heard Wang. Yet he suddenly stopped and asked, ’’Oh? Is Ye Xiao ok?’’

Wang was stunned.

[It is Jiang Yu-Ming who came to sue.

Besides, it was Jiang Tai-Sui, Jiang Yu-Ming's son who got beaten into a miserable situation!

How come... the king doesn't care about the victim at all, and instead cares about the assailant?


He didn't know that Ye Nan-Tian was the only one the king could count on at the moment when the kingdom was in serious danger. If anything happened to Ye Xiao, Ye Nan-Tian would return to the capital immediately, even if it required him to give up the north.

The king knew well about Jiang Yu-Ming. He knew it was probably the villain complaining first, so he thought that if Jiang Tai-Sui was seriously hurt, Ye Xiao might be worse!

Thinking of this, the king couldn't stop worrying!

’’I don't know whether Lord Ye is hurt or not.’’ Wang said, ’’Basically, since he had the strength to beat somebody up like that, I reckon he must be very healthy...’’

The king took a long breath and spoke delightedly, ’’Good. That's good. As long as he is fine.’’

Wang couldn't help rolling his eyes up. [The victim is here to cry out his grievances. Yet you are concerned about the assailant? The assailant is fine and you actually feel good about it? 'As long as he is fine'?

Do you have to be relaxed like this... Really?

It seems Lord Jiang isn't that important in the king's heart as I thought. I must have wasted my time doing him the favor this time!]

The king hurried out and said, ’’Go gather the court. Tell them to come quickly. I will go ask Jiang Yu-Ming what exactly happened to his son, which was created by a lot of men's efforts...’’


Wang was surprised by what the king had said. He felt his throat had suddenly become itchy...

The king felt it lucky that Ye Xiao was ok. [As long as Ye Xiao is fine!

If Ye Xiao was hurt and became crippled...

That will be the most stunning disaster of the kingdom!]

No one knew better than the king about how much Ye Nan-Tian loved his son!

In the past, Ye Nan-Tian had slaughtered millions of men in the battle 'alone', for the simple of reason of acquiring some medicine to cure his son. Nobody could stop him in the battle!

He also promised to swear brotherhood with the king and protect the kingdom for twenty years;this was also for his son!

If anything happened to Ye Xiao at this very moment, the king was sure, even if the Northern Wolf sent every man to the battle, even if the kingdom was going to collapse the next moment, Ye Nan-Tian would come back for his son!

The king had been unhappy with this all the time, [Ye Nan-Tian, why do you value your son so much?] However, he had no choice but indulge Ye Nan-Tian.

Thus, at this moment, in the king's mind, bad things could only happen to anyone but Ye Xiao.

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