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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 148


Chapter 148 - Someone Became The Scapegoat

A group of blood guards from the House of Ye was shocked too. They ran over immediately.

Song Jue just shouted, ’’Don't move the young master. His bones are all broken. It will make things worse if we move him improperly. Somebody come quick...’’

’’Find something tough. The door plank... Right... Quickly...’’

He kept urging people.

There was a middle-aged man who got over him and sneered, ’’All bones are broken? I don't think I can believe that, can I? He looked so well while riding the horse. How come his bones suddenly became broken... I don't think that there is such a weird coincidence. You should probably try harder on this though...’’

Song Jue was furious when he heard that. He stood up and grabbed the man's collar. He shouted fiercely, ’’Fxck you, you motherfxcker! Are you blind! Can you see what is happening here? Would I joke about such a thing? Open your stupid shitty eyes, will you? Fxck you, you bloody stupid shit... What a wanker!’’

Song Jue was acting so vigorously.

Although the man acted tough, he was just a steward. Although he was serving the same position as Song Jue, he was just a normal person. He couldn't bear the vigor of Song Jue who had been through thousands of battles.

The man was scared and then passed out immediately.

’’Pooh! Useless cxnt!’’ Song Jue spat and kicked the man aside. He shouted, ’’What the hell. What is this prick.’’

Thus, the others among the crowd saw how fierce Song Jue was, so they didn't dare to step over in the slightest.

The many blood guards of the House of Ye had come out from the house. They saw the young master lying on the floor, and their chief, Song Jue, was extremely furious. They shouted angrily together and then drew out their longswords at the same time.

The thirty longswords were bright and sharp.

Thirty pair of eyes stared at the crowd like they were pigs to be butchered.

They were waiting for Song Jue's order, so that they could smash all those people at once.

The head of the blood guards stepped forward and said, ’’Chief, give the order! We will slaughter these men immediately to avenge our beloved young master!’’

Song Jue felt embarrassed in his head.

[God damn... These guys are even crazier than me...]

If Ye Xiao was truly at death's door, Song Jue wouldn't hesitate to give the order to kill all those people.

Yet... he knew clearly that Ye Xiao was acting.

So he had to be careful.

’’Stay calm.’’ Song Jue spoke seriously, ’’The first thing we should do is to save the young master. We can take those men's lives at anytime.’’

Two big guys carried the door plank over. Song Jue waved his hands and a bright blue-colored strange mist appeared. It raised Ye Xiao's body slowly from the floor, gently carrying him on top the door plank. During the whole process Ye Xiao wasn't moved a bit. He was staying in the same posture all along.

People in the crowd were getting over to see what exactly was happening.

[You are indeed very powerful. So what? We can't just trust you so easily, can we? We need to check...]

Song Jue's face was dark. He didn't stop them and just let them have a glance at Ye Xiao. There were some cultivators among them, so they operated their martial arts to check on Ye Xiao. And then they found out something astonishing that made them look at each other in speechless despair.

[Jing and Mai are broken and bones are smashed...

Oh my bloody god. That is an extremely severe injury...

It is more than what Song Jue said, 'bones are broken'...

The bones are like completely gone...]

Some of them who were well acquainted thought about how Ye Xiao looked well yet he suddenly entered such a sorry state;they immediately came out with a conclusion.

'The Melting Bone Palm'.

There was no other martial art that could cause such a vicious injury.

They were all stunned.

They had been planning to come and blame Ye Xiao...

How were they going to do that now?

They were shocked.

Song Jue looked at these people with sharp eyes and spoke coldly, ’’Today my young master went to see Prince Hua-Yang off. He was well all the way along. After the quarrel with the useless bastards from your houses, he became like this...’’

His eyes were full of fierceness and killing intent. His tone was filled with bitter hatred.

A man among them who looked like another steward smiled embarrassedly, ’’Brother Song...’’

’’What makes you think you can call me brother? A man like you? Really?’’ Song Jue shouted angrily, ’’If anything vital happens to my young master, none of you will escape from my hands.’’

People in the crowd kept moaning in their minds.

[What the hell...]

That steward spoke smilingly, ’’Steward Song, it truly has nothing to do with us. You have strong cultivation capabilities. You can surely find out the truth... Lord Ye's injury came in a strange way. Has he been hit already before? It looks like the long lost art 'Melting Bone Palm'...’’

He then smiled embarrassedly and said, ’’No one in the Right Prime Minister's House is capable of doing that...’’

What he said had pissed people from the other houses, [You bastard! It was Li Cheng-Ze, the young lord from the Right Prime Minister's House who started all this shit! Now you actually tried to just get yourself out of this mess?

You don't have people who can do this, huh? And do you think we do?

The Melting Bone Palm has been lost for centuries. If we have someone who can operate it, do we still need to stay with you?]

All of a sudden, a voice came out from the crowd.

’’Nobody in our house can do it too... Please be reasonable Steward Song...’’

’’How do we possibly have such cultivators...’’

Song Jue impatiently waved his hand and shouted loudly, ’’Shut the fxck up! Did anyone in your house die or what?’’

They stopped and thought, [People in your house died, you prick! People in your house is going to die right now! What a loose tongue.]

Song Jue pointed his finger on the forehead of the steward of the Right Minister's House and struck him maliciously, making the steward stagger backwards. He did this again and again while shouting, ’’Get the fxck out of here you scumbags! Go! If anything bad happens to my young master, I am going to wipe you out. I don't care whether you have anything to do with it or not.’’

He turned around, and with a loose mouth, he shouted at the guards, ’’What are you standing here for? Go fly a carrier pigeon and inform the great general. Tell him to come back quickly before he loses the chance to see his son one last time before he dies! Go, go, go!’’

And then he turned around and shouted at the crowd, ’’Why don't just leave already! What do you want? A drink?!’’

They stepped back and left immediately. Some of them were getting angry inside though, [You think you are strong? Who do you think you are? You want to wipe us all out? Stay for a drink? Screw it! We are going to have ceremony because your house is going to hold a funeral!]

They were all heading back home to inform their masters.

There were people who felt scared too, [It might not be true that Steward Song would kill us all, but it must be true that they have sent out the message to the general.

If the great General Ye really returned and discovered that our young lords hurt his son this bad...

That is not good.

He is not easy to deal with.]

Although these men kept denying it, they clearly knew that it was most likely their young lords who had done this thing against Ye Xiao together...

Because those lads left their words earlier, 'I am going to get back on Ye Xiao' ...

They always did whatever they said they would...

And now they had stirred up some big disturbance...

The news about Ye Xiao's injury didn't spread out widely, yet someone who cared had heard of it immediately.

Guan Zheng-Wen walked fast to the Crown Prince's study room. The Crown Prince was writing with concentration and smiled, ’’Master Guan, what brings you here today?’’

Guan Zheng-Wen closed the door behind him and spoke in a deep voice, ’’The wound of the Melting Bone Palm on Ye Xiao... was activated.’’

The Crown Prince was shocked. His hand shook and the ink dropped on the paper.

He raised his head immediately, looking at Guan Zheng-Wen, ’’Are you sure?’’

’’Absolutely.’’ Guan Zheng-Wen nodded.

The Crown Prince thought seriously for a while and said, ’’Since so, we need to prepare for the next stage... If Ye Nan-Tian dares to rebel...’’

Guan Zheng-Wen smiled, ’’The son of gods is blessed by the gods. Your highness will be supported by the heavens. There is someone who became the scapegoat for us. You can be relaxed.’’

The Crown Prince was surprised, ’’Really? Who is it?’’

Then he sat on the chair right away and spoke happily, ’’What happened? Tell me all about it!’’

He was extremely happy at the moment. Ye Nan-Tian was a heroic figure in the Kingdom of Chen. If Ye Nan-Tian agreed to join the Crown Prince's side, the Crown Prince would never want to be against him.

Ye Nan-Tian had always been nonaligned. He didn't join any of the princes. Although the Crown Prince couldn't get Ye Nan-Tian's support, the other princes couldn't either. The Crown Prince thought that once he became the king, Ye Nan-Tian would naturally support him.

In the world, even the king couldn't change Ye Nan-Tian's mind. There was one person who could though. It was Ye Xiao, his son.

The main force of the Crown Prince was the Mu Clan. Unluckily, the Mu Clan had messed up with Ye Xiao. The Crown Prince had no choice but to help the Mu Clan kill Ye Xiao, yet he was afraid Ye Nan-Tian would come for revenge. That's why he decided to get Ye Xiao killed by the Melting Bone Palm. He thought that maybe he could be lucky not to be found out.


Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

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