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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 147


Chapter 147 - I Was Hit By The Melting Bone Palm

These lads had been against Ye Xiao's group for a long time, so they felt it weird to change their side all of a sudden. Well, people needed to consider about choosing who would be their friend or enemy after all. So they decided to stay the same temporarily!

Ye Xiao's group was heading back to the city. Lan Lang-Lang was excited and still enjoying the moment they had successfully cracked down their opponents. Although he wasn't the main character, he seemed to be more thrilled than the main character. Zuo Wu-Ji was quiet though. He was lost in thoughts.

When they arrived at the gate of the Palace of Hua-Yang, Zuo Wu-Ji sighed and said, ’’I understand it now, Brother Ye.’’

Before Ye Xiao answered him, he swiftly rode his horse and disappeared.

He didn't explain what he was talking about and just left.

Lan Lang-Lang was confused and asked, ’’Understand what? What did he mean? Was it a puzzle?’’

Ye Xiao rolled up his eyes and said, ’’He understands. Yet you don't. Why... We are at the door of the Palace of Hua-Yang already. He should go home now. I need to accompany the little princess and check on her mother...’’

Lan Lang-Lang seemed enlightened and he said, ’’Oh I see.’’

And then he quickly rode his horse and left like Zuo Wu-Ji.

But he was caught by Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao asked, ’’Wait. How is your favus head?’’

Lan Lang-Lang smiled and said, ’’Thanks to you. It has recovered well and has started to grow some hair that is truly bushy and dark. Hahaha... After a few days, it will be perfect. I will definitely take off my hat. I am going to show up in the world with my brand new look. Be shocked by my handsome look, people! There is no other things that is more wonderful than this... Xiao Xiao, scream for me!’’

Ye Xiao sighed and said, ’’I knew it was wrong to hold you... Off you go, quickly.’’

Lan Lang-Lang left with a complacent laughter.

Su Ye-Yue kept her eyes opened and asked Ye Xiao curiously, ’’Xiao Xiao, what did Zuo Wu-Ji mean? Did you tell Lang-Lang the truth?’’

Ye Xiao spoke gently, ’’Heh, heh... He understands now... Since those guys are doomed to be our enemies, it never goes too far to do anything to them.’’ He stopped and then continued, ’’It is rather important for Zuo Wu-Ji to understand this though. Very important.’’

Su Ye-Yue answered with an 'oh'.

She didn't quite get it though. Even though she got it, she would have never thought how much it meant to Zuo Wu-Ji to understand this today. She surely didn't care much about it. She was worried anyway and said, ’’Xiao Xiao, you hit them so hard today. I am afraid there will be many troubles after you later. Their families will never let go of this. How are you going to deal with it?’’

Ye Xiao rubbed her little head and smiled, ’’Don't worry. I will be fine. Just stay with your mother these days. There is nothing you should worry about. I am going to leave after a cup of tea.’’

He fell deep in thought and said, ’’The battle in the south, we have our men there too. They will send me a carrier pigeon everyday... Don't worry. There will be no accident.’’

Su Ye-Yue looked at him sentimentally. She was blank and then spoke in a low voice, ’’Xiao Xiao... Why didn't I know how good you were... I feel like even if the heaven falls down, as long as I stay by your side, I won't need to worry about anything. You always solve things.’’

While speaking, her little face suddenly blushed. She looked down on her waist and then hurried into the door.


Ye Xiao stayed in the Palace of Hua-Yang with Princess Hua-Yang. After talking to her for a while, he left with Song Jue.

Once he left the palace, Song Jue spoke in a hushed voice, ’’It was quite piquant to sort things out today. However, you have made a totally negative relationship with those men and their families. It is not a good time for our side nowadays. We don't have a leader in the military group here and the political group will definitely accuse us on this. Do you have any plan to deal with it?’’

Ye Xiao sat on the horse and looked straight forward. He spoke blandly, ’’There are always two sides of a coin. What happened today can surely be the reason for the political group to harass us. Yet it can also be the reason for us to do something against them! Prince Hua-Yang has just departed for the battle and these losers couldn't wait to mess with us. I would rather wipe them out than to wait for their strike. It will make the military group safe in the capital and we don't need to worry about collapsing from inside!

It is a good chance to let our force run wild in the capital for once. And I am the beginning!’’

Ye Xiao spoke blandly.

Song Jue frowned and said, ’’Your plan sounds easy. Well... But how exactly do we operate it? They did come to us in advance, but you did go very far about it though... You nearly broke the shxt out of that lad.’’

Ye Xiao smiled, ’’Well, my plan will depend on the power of my father. Let's see how powerful he is then.’’

He blinked to Song Jue and said, ’’Uncle Song, you know what to do, don't you?’’

Song Jue was confused. He knew nothing! He asked in his head, [What the hell do I know?]

Yet since Ye Xiao had said so, Song Jue thought it must be something he was capable of. He just didn't know what it was.

He was lost in thoughts and couldn't find out the answer. Suddenly, he came out with an idea. [I am just a cultivator. What I am good at is fighting! Why don't I go kill all those men tomorrow? It is going to take me the whole night to kill them all! Even if things are exposed later, I still have my Brother Ye! The king won't dare to do anything to me! Hmm. I think this must be Xiao's plan. Otherwise, he wouldn't mention his father.’’

Song Jue thought for a while and was much more sure about it. Inside his heart, hatred and killing intent surged. He started to think about how he could do this secretly and smoothly tonight. While he was thinking about who to kill first, they had returned to the door of the House of Ye.

There was a crowd gathering in front of the door.

People of the Revenue Minister, people of Wang Da-Nian and people from the House of the Right Prime Minister...

Obviously, they were here for Ye Xiao as their young master had been bullied...

They didn't dare to really do something on Ye Xiao, but they still wanted to make Ye Xiao admit it, so that they could accuse him in front of the king the next morning!

Song Jue humphed. The hatred inside his heart was increasing. He didn't stop thinking about how he should kill all those men... [These bastards are truly shameless and annoying... I am going to collect their lives for good...]

At this moment...

Ye Xiao, who had been quiet since they saw the crowd, suddenly spat out blood and fell down off the horse.

- Prak! - He firmly landed on the ground and passed out immediately. It was like he suddenly lost all his bones. He was in a rather strange posture.

It was like a pile of mud falling onto the floor.

He was like... totally soft.

Song Jue was frightened immediately. He thought Ye Xiao was secretly hit, so he hurriedly got off the horse and checked on Ye Xiao. He tried to keep calm and started to take note of Ye Xiao's condition. People in the crowd were also stunned. They didn't know what had happened.

They had been waiting for such a while and finally saw Ye Xiao return. While they were just starting to move over and blame Ye Xiao, he actually turned pale on the face and unsteadily fell down off the horse. It was a firm hit, and he didn't seem like acting at all...

What was happening?

Some people had vicious thoughts. [Ye Xiao is a dirty man who likes bullying people, yet he is in fact a coward. Today he has stirred up such a big issue. I am sure he wasn't thinking while he did it. Now, as so many people are here to blame him together, he must be scared out of his wits. That's why he fell down off the horse. It must be!]

Song Jue held Ye Xiao up and felt that there was not a single bone inside his body. He was totally soft and his muscles were all inflexible. Song Jue was scared and shouted loudly, ’’Xiao Xiao! What happened?’’

He was really worrying about Ye Xiao.

Yet he suddenly saw Ye Xiao open his eyes and blink to him. That was naughty. But then he quickly closed his eyes again.

Song Jue was stunned. [What is he doing now?] He didn't know what to do and how to react.

And then he heard a tiny voice as though it was an ant entering his ears, ’’Did you forget about... the Melting Bone Palm?’’

Song Jue was enlightened. That was Ye Xiao's plan. That was brilliant!

It kept them out from the troubles and gave them the reason to strike back. They could do whatever they want to the opponent's side now...

Meanwhile, Song Jue understood why Ye Xiao mentioned his father earlier!

[My big brother is of course very powerful! You will be surprised, young lord!

Not only is he powerful, I kind of rock too! Look what a wonderful play I am going to put on later!]

Song Jue immediately acted emotional and cried loudly, ’’Master! What happened? Oh no... Young master...’’

Ye Xiao relaxed his head and let it hang down like he had truly passed out.

Song Jue kept checking on him hurriedly. His hands were shaking and he was quivering. Suddenly, he shouted at the crowd, ’’Who was it? Who did it? Why are my young master's bones all broken...’’


Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

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