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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 146


Chapter 146 - Arrogant And Domineering

’’We all have hegemony I didn't get to you, not because I didn't dare to, because I think it scornful to do so.’’ Ye Xiao stopped. He held the horsewhip and came to Li Cheng-Ze slowly. He smiled and said, ’’Li Cheng-Ze. It is just like... your grandfather, the Right Prime Minister, my father, the great Northern General, and the fake father of this bastard, the Revenue Minister... Am I right?

If we all follow some rules and just hang around without making any troubles for others, that will be fine.’’ Ye Xiao arrogantly raised his head and looked at Li Cheng-Ze with disdain. He spoke blandly, ’’However... if anyone wants to mess with others relying on his family's hegemony... In the Kingdom of Chen, with the hegemony of my family, who do you think will I be afraid of? What do I care about? Who do I need to fear?’’

Under the watch of his fierce eyes, Li Cheng-Zi couldn't help but feel scared. He stepped back a bit and spoke like he was tough but in fact he was timid, ’’Ye Xiao, who do you think you are? I warn you not to go too far!’’

’’Do you think I went too far? Or you went too far?’’ Ye Xiao sneered, ’’I have a habit. It is to follow my terrible temper.’’

He glanced at every fella in the opponent's group and said, ’’Well... An eye for an eye... You dared to mess with me because you thought your families were powerful. I will never step back. You didn't want to be reasonable. You decided to 'go too far'... Well, then...’’

He didn't even look back. He just casually pointed at Jiang Tai-Sui, who was screeching on the floor, ’’... I will go further than you tried to. I will show less concern about being reasonable. You know it doesn't take time to learn not to be reasonable.

When my enemy doesn't have a moral baseline... I don't too.’’

He grinned at Li Cheng-Ze and asked softly, ’’Li Cheng-Ze, I have beaten up Jiang Tai-Sui like this. Can you guess whether I dare to beat you up too? Come on. Guess! Do I dare... or not?’’

Li Cheng-Ze looked at Jiang Tai-Sui screeching. He was totally scared. He stepped back and said angrily, ’’I am not guessing!’’

That obviously showed his cowardice.

The men who looked like guards that were brought by these fellas were all staying aside silently. They didn't dare to even make a sound. They were afraid that the man in the carriage would get to themselves.

These foppish fellas might not know about it, but these cultivators knew clearly about it.

They could feel the danger that was coming from Song Jue.

Song Jue was just sitting in the carriage, yet he was still like a giant broadsword that could tear the sky apart. He was full of killing intent.

They knew Song Jue wouldn't lay his hands on these lords, yet he would definitely kill the guards if any of the guards dared to move.

Song Jue didn't need to take any responsibility from killing the guards. These guards were in low positions. If they dared not to show respect to the General's House, they could be charged irreverence.

Song Jue was also a guard of the General's House, so he could kill them legitimately.

On the other side, Zuo Wu-Ji and Lan Lang-Lang were shocked.

They had never thought that Ye Xiao could do such thing.

They couldn't believe that Ye Xiao could actually be so fierce and cold.

Meanwhile, they felt enlightened. [Oh. That's a good move!]

When they got into troubles before, they always acted restrainedly because they were taught to do so. They were afraid to get into troubles. That was why they had made those fellas more and more arrogant.

Now they were aware. [Since they have nothing to fear, we can too! It will only make them haughty if we keep on stepping back.

It is true that they would be forgiven when they make mistakes, but we will never die for making mistakes too!

We all are juniors of some powerful families. Their families are actually in lower positions. Why hesitate then?

Go for it then!

The result will be no worse than loss at both sides!

If I am hurt, you won't feel good either.]

Song Jue was pleased to watch Ye Xiao. [My nephew has finally grown up. He is indeed my big brother's son!

What he did just now really pleased me. I am so satisfied...

It doesn't matter if a man acts arrogantly. You just can't be a coward...]

Well. It seemed Ye Xiao was a bit over arrogant now. He was not even a bit coward at all.

’’Well it is a bit overbearing...’’ Song Jue smiled and murmured, ’’But... I like it... Hahahaha...’’

[Now I can be sure all those troubles before were stirred up by him. Those guys were really killed in his hand...] Song Jue thought, [Look at the terrible temper of this little prick. He must have made a lot of troubles outside. He is truly a demon fed with troubles...]

[Oooh... I remember he said that if the crown prince dared to mess with him, he will kill the crown prince... It turns out that it was not a joke...]

Thinking of that, he felt scared even though he was always a brave man. He thought, [I hope... it's better that this thing will never happen. Otherwise it must be something worse than the heavens falling down...]

Surrounded by a group of foppish fellas, Ye Xiao moved around on the horse. He was surrounded indeed, yet no matter who he got to, the guy would definitely step away fearfully.

It was like they were getting away from a demon, an evil spirit.

The overwhelming vigor of 'we are coming to you' was long gone at the moment.

Ye Xiao moved around and then smiled at Zuo Wu-Ji .He said gently, ’’Always treat the scamps in a scampish way. It never works to be reasonable to them.’’

Zuo Wu-Ji nodded. Lan Lang-Lang put his thumb up and said admiringly, ’’That is high. Higher than the sky.’’

Ye Xiao looked at Li Cheng-Ze and said blandly, ’’Do you still want to mess with me?’’

Li Cheng-Ze was just a rich young boy who was spoiled in a wealthy family. He had never seen such a bloody scene before. His face and lips turned pale yet he was still playing tough. He said, ’’Ye Xiao. We are not finished! Don't smile too early!’’

Ye Xiao laughed and slapped on the horse. He swung the horsewhip and made sound in the air. - PAH! - He said, ’’What do you mean we are not finished? I will wait for you then. Let's go!’’ He held the string of the horse which Su Ye-Yue was riding. He moved his legs and the horse kept rushing towards Li Cheng-Ze's group. He was sneering.

Li Cheng-Ze was scared and hurriedly stepped aside.

Ye Xiao actually led his men straight in the middle of these foppish fellas. Nobody dared to stop him though.

Those fellas were all having mixed emotions.

The mutilated Jiang Tai-Sui was still screeching and rolling on the floor. It was so miserable...

When Ye Xiao left those fellas, he suddenly stopped. He spoke blandly without turning around, ’’One last thing. Whoever dares to look at my fiancee like that, he will end up the same with this Jiang Tai-Sui.’’

After that, he didn't turned around. He just swung the horsewhip and, - pah -, it struck Wang Xiao-Nian to the floor who had been hiding among the crowd.

Wang Xiao-Nian cried out. A mark of the horsewhip strike appeared on his forehead down to his belly, with skin cut open and flesh torn. That was scary.

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, ’’Take this as a small example.’’

He laughed, ’’That's right. I just hit him as I wish. Hahahaha...’’

He pushed his legs and shouted, ’’Yah!’’

The horse howled and then rushed out.

After a while, they disappeared inside the city.

There had been one guy screeching on the floor earlier, yet now there was one more, Wang Xiao-Nian.

All these foppish lads were seriously frightened. Their faces turned pale. They looked at each other and looked at the two miserable men on the floor, and then they looked at the direction where Ye Xiao left. They couldn't help quivering.

[Is that... truly Ye Xiao?]

[Why... is he so... scary now?]

After Ye Xiao disappeared, Li Cheng-Ze's face turned all red and he shouted at the guards around him, ’’You useless shit! I didn't bring you here to just watch! I was bullied! And you actually just stood there and watched! You are such a group of losers! It truly is a waste of food keeping you around!’’

The guards were all listening quietly with their heads low. They murmured in their hearts, [It is easy for you to talk. If we dared to do anything, we are now dead for sure. We would be much more miserable than that bastard on the floor.]

[We can feed our families as long as we are alive. If we die for you, our families will starve to death. Who would really like to sacrifice for you?]

[You keep abusing us 'loser' 'useless' 'shit'... If you are not the grandson of the Right Prime Minister, we would have fxcked you up to death already...]

Li Cheng-Ze felt more and more disgraced. He spoke with a dark face, ’’Screw it! Motherfxcker... Was I here to have fun messing with others or was I here to be humiliated? You group of useless losers actually stayed just aside... Did you not act like you were all super heroes? How come when I needed you to be tough you just acted like pussies?’’

His face was dark. He got on his horse and his face turned more and more vicious. He murmured, ’’Ye Xiao! You humiliated me like this today. I will never forget this. Wait and see!’’

The fellas saw Li Cheng-Ze started to talk all high and mighty after Ye Xiao disappeared. They looked at each other and thought, [Is it a right thing to follow this guy and be against Ye Xiao all these years?

We should at least find an ally who has a tough fist in a fight...

Well... It seems Ye Xiao's fist is clearly tougher than Li Cheng-Ze...]

Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

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