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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 145


Chapter 145 - What If I Kill Him?

Ye Xiao laughed loudly, ’’His birth remains a mystery! His 'father' doesn't know who his real father is. And his mother know nothing about it too!’’

’’So nobody knows who his family name really is, right?’’ Zuo Wu-Ji couldn't help and added some more while laughing loudly. He was delighted all of a sudden.

He knew that Ye Xiao was doing all this for him.

And of course... What Ye Xiao was talking was truth. It was the truth that nobody dared to talk about though...

’’I see!’’ Lan Lang-Lang acted like he had just solved a historic problem. He spoke amusedly, ’’I see now... That is truly something freakish in the world...’’

’’Sure. There are lot more things you don't know.’’ Ye Xiao smiled vigorously and amusedly.

’’Well, one more thing.’’ Zuo Wu-Ji frowned.

’’I can understand all about it. Why do you still have questions?’’ Lan Lang-Lang was surprised.

’’What I don't understand is that since there were more than 100 handsome men back there, why is this guy so ugly?’’ Zuo Wu-Ji acted like he was asking humbly.

Ye Xiao spoke to him, ’’Wu-Ji, you still have a lot to learn about observation! Look carefully. Look at the Lord Jiang Tai-Sui. Every part on his face, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears and even the eyebrows are in great appearance! However... It doesn't look that good when these stay together... So, basically he is very handsome in every part... Well... He just doesn't look good as a whole. You understand?’’

He continued, ’’Let's put it this way. What do you think about a man who is built up with several parts? Even though the parts are good, what about after they are sticked together?’’

Zuo Wu-Ji acted convinced, ’’Oh, I see. That is such a profound truth, but in fact easy to understand. All the profound truths are hidden inside the obvious issues...’’

’’So... Keep learning if you don't understand something... When you think through it, you will get it!’’ Ye Xiao spoke, ’’With all these men's advantages, it becomes a mess! So... that's a typical bastard... Oh that makes it our beloved Jiang Tai-Sui!’’

After peaking for a long time, he finally got to the conclusion, ’’Well he is so annoyed about the truth though. Actually, he has to think about it. He is such a thing. That's unchangeable. He actually acts so insolently... Poor guy...’’

’’I completely get it now! The question about who his father is...’’ Lan Lang-Lang said, ’’Well. Nobody really can tell... It must be a universe-level problem. Even the gods will frown about it... Really hard to tell...’’

’’If he has a family name, I am afraid... he is going to have a super long name.’’ Zuo Wu-Ji grinned, ’’He has to use over 100 names... He will be exhausted in signing his names...’’

’’Hahahahaha...’’ Zuo Wu-Ji, Lan Lang-Lang, Song Jue and Ye Xiao all laughed out together.

On the other side, those foppish lords were with Jiang Tai-Sui, but many of them laughed too.

What Ye Xiao said was the truth. Back then, the families of those students had come to the capital and stirred up quite a disturbance...

Jiang Yu-Ming nearly got a death penalty on his whole clan. However, because the previous king was still alive, he tried everything to save his life.

Jiang Yu-Ming was compelled to take care of the disturbance properly. Thus he sold all his properties and even borrowed a lot of money to make all things settled.

After that, he became crazy about money more than he love his own life.

However, news had spread out. Thousands of people came to the capital and made a huge disturbance. It was impossible to cover the story.

So the birth of Jiang Tai-Sui was the biggest scandal of the Kingdom of Chen!

But as Jiang Yu-Ming got more and more politically powerful, those who stayed lower than him didn't dare to mention this scandal while those who were in higher positions than him thought it was something too scornful. So less and less people talked about it...

However, it didn't mean people just forgot it...

Ye Xiao got to know it because Song Jue told him when they were chatting. Song Jue talked about it as a joke, yet Ye Xiao used it in a perfect way under this special circumstance!

He wasn't really a person who liked to talk about people's painful history, yet this Jiang Tai-Sui came out and made troubles right after the army departed. He was really pissed. Besides, the fella actually had dirty thoughts about Su Ye-Yue. That pissed off Ye Xiao more. And the fella actually caught Zuo Wu-Ji on the raw in front of the public!

Zuo Wu-Ji felt so disgraced about it!

It was said that we shouldn't never hit people on his face or catch people on the raw. Since Jiang Tai-Sui insulted them barbarically, Ye Xiao didn't hesitate to bring up the famous scandal of the fella's family!

Guess who felt the worst?

Whoever insulted will be insulted by all!

Zuo Wu-Ji was impotent, yet it was a natural-born disease. He didn't ask for it. Yet the Jiang family had done things that got back to themselves!

Jiang Tai-Sui was struggling in mind. His face turned purple and cyan and then became dark. His face changed faster than the Sichuan Opera [1]. Yet he said nothing. He was shaking because of the anger. His eyes seemed to be filled with blood and he just stayed still.

Ye Xiao knew that it was his Uncle Song who blocked Jiang Tai-Sui while Ye Xiao was talking. Song Jue made Jiang Tai-Sui unable to talk or move secretly and perfectly.

He wanted this fella to be completely insulted without being able to retort!

It was just like most of the people in the martial world would say, 'If you want to insult somebody, do it to the farthest.'

Ye Xiao finally finished his 'speech'. Song Jue unblocked Jiang Tai-Sui at the same time.

Jiang Tai-Sui shouted, ’’AH!!!’’ And then he spat out blood. - Puff! - And then he moved towards Ye Xiao crazily, ’’Ye Xiao! Fxck y...’’

He didn't even finish talking. Ye Xiao raised the horsewhip casually and swung it. - Pah! -

It seemed nobody had seen the horsewhip moving, yet the sound of it was so loud and everyone was shocked hearing it!

- POOF! -

After the sound, Jiang Tai-Sui was rolling on the ground distressfully. He was holding his mouth and screeching. He kept rolling on the ground. He was actually struck by Ye Xiao with the horsewhip and fell down off the horse!

That was an extremely fierce strike!

Half of Jiang Tai-Sui's face was broken because of it. Several of his teeth were hit off.

Ye Xiao moved forward on the horse and hit him again with the horsewhip. He spoke coldly, ’’You are nothing but a real bastard. What give you the right to abuse me? I didn't do anything to you, because I felt sorry about you. Yet a poor man can always be hateful. The hatefulness on you is obvious and disgusting!’’

He was extremely hard hearted when he was speaking.

His face showed no expressions;it was merely cold-blooded.

He didn't look like he want to kill. He didn't even seem angry. He was just extremely indifferent.

Jiang Tai-Sui was still screeching. Ye Xiao whipped him again.

’’I didn't care about what you said. That meant I showed you respect, right?’’

- PAH! - Another whip.

’’You are just a disgusting thing who doesn't even know his name. How dare you shout at me? Look at you stupid face. You are doomed to be a useless shxt your entire life. Let me just send you to hell today! Hmm.. Pooh. It is disgraceful even talking to you like this!

Just go to the hell to look for you fathers, you shxt!’’

He kept swinging the horsewhip again and again. - Pah! Pah! Pah! ...-

All of a sudden, there were fresh blood scattered on the ground. It was quite a bloody scene!

People were all scared seeing it.

The young lord of the Northern General's family actually tortured the son of the Revenue Minister in the public! And it didn't look like he ever tried to keep the fella alive. That was truly arrogant and aggressive!

Ye Xiao was having fun striking the fella, yet he didn't really want to kill him right now.

It was after all outside the city and under everybody's watch.

If he really killed the fella, he would very likely go to jail because of it. He wasn't afraid though, but he didn't want more troubles!

He could keep him alive, yet he would surely make him suffer a big one!

’’Stop!’’ Li Cheng-Ze finally realized how things went wrong for him. He was shaking because of anger. He shouted, ’’Ye Xiao, you will kill him if you don't stop right now! Ye Xiao! Do you think you can take the responsibility?’’

When Ye Xiao was humiliating Jiang Tai-Sui, as his leader, Li Cheng-Ze actually didn't stop it. Instead, he was laughing about it too.

Now he realized how things were bad to him. He finally tried to stop it, yet he wasn't trying to save Jiang Tai-Sui's life;he just didn't want to make any trouble to himself.

’’What if I kill him...’’ Ye Xiao said, while swinging the horsewhip, ’’Do I need to pay with my life for this bastard?’’

He spoke coldly, ’’When the students died in the silence, did anybody ever pay for it?’’

He looked at Li Cheng-Ze coldly and said blandly, ’’His father was just a Revenue Minister back in those years and he could escape the penalty. My father is the great Northern General who is in charge of millions of soldiers. Isn't it better than a Revenue Minister? So what if I kill him? So what?’’

’’Who dares to say anything?’’ Ye Xiao overbearingly continued, ’’If not for that, a stupid disgusting bastard is dead!’’


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