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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 144


Chapter 144 - That Is A Bastard!

’’Lan Lang-Lang, do you want to die?!’’ Jian Tai-Sui looked at Lan Lang-Lang fiercely and cursed loudly, ’’Now your father may be dead somewhere else, and you actually dare to abuse me here! When the news of your father's death comes, I will start to ruin you! I won't stop until your life becomes so miserable and you kneel for me begging for death!’’

Lan Lang-Lang was seriously pissed by these words. He was going to begin the fight right away.

Yet Ye Xiao spoke.

He spoke like he was blaming Lan Lang-Lang, ’’Lang-Lang, why are you so stingy? You did say something wrong just now. You can't blame this gentleman!’’

Lan Lang-Lang was stunned, ’’I was wrong? Why?’’

Jiang Tai-Sui was surprised too. He thought that maybe Ye Xiao was trying to fawn on him because he had more people now. He just stayed silent and let Ye Xiao and Lan Lang-Lang go with the infighting.

Ye Xiao seriously said, ’’Don't you know he is Jiang... Tai-Sui?’’

Lan Lang-Lang seemed to notice Ye Xiao's intent, so he acted, ’’What? Is there anything special?’’

Someone in the opponent's side realized what Ye Xiao was going to talk about, so they started to laugh.

Ye Xiao spoke thoughtfully, ’’You can call his father Jiang as you wish. Yet it is wrong to call him Jiang though! You humiliated him by calling him Jiang. How could he not be mad about it?!’’

Lan Lang-Lang said, ’’Ah? Why is that?’’

Ye Xiao said, ’’You fool. Are you dumb? Don't you know his father is a eunuch? His father has spent his whole life serving the king.’’

Lan Lang-Lang opened his eyes widely and asked, ’’What? Does that have anything to do with Jiang Tai-Sui though?’’

Ye Xiao shouted at him impatiently, ’’You fool! Lord Jiang is a eunuch, then how could he have a son?’’

Lan Lang-Lang acted like he was enlightened and then said confusedly, ’’That's right. That's right... Lord Jiang is n eunuch. How can he have a son? Hmm... Does that mean... This prick is adopted? He isn't his mother's son? Yet the midwife was a famous one who specially served some great houses. How is that possible?’’

Ye Xiao pointed at his forehead and shouted, ’’You dumb fool! Why can't you be any smarter? Did I ever say his mother didn't give birth to him?’’

Lan Lang-Lang kept acting. He rubbed his head, ’’I am confused. What do you mean? Yes or no. Yes and no. I wasn't dumb, yet I am a fool now...’’

Ye Xiao sighed and said, ’’Fine. Let me be straight then. Jiang Tai-Sui is surely his mother's real son. Yet his father... I mean Lord Jiang is a eunuch. You know? So... You can't call him Jiang Tai-Sui really. Nobody knows about his family name. When you called him Jiang, you are implying this issue of him. Of course he was mad at you!’’

Lan Lang-Lang acted like he completely understood now. He said, ’’Oh! I see! You mean, his father was cheated and he knew it well. When I called him Jiang Tai-Sui, he thought I was humiliating him. But I was just casually saying...’’

Ye Xiao coughed and said, ’’You bastard. You just can't hide the truth, can you? Don't be too casual about the truth. We are talking about who is the real father of this guy. We are not intentionally talking about the Revenue Minister. I know you were misunderstood earlier. But you said it anyway. Sometimes people just see things differently. For example, we think crap is smelly and dirty, yet dogs just love to eat it. What can we do?’’

’’That's true. I see. It was my fault indeed. He should be mad at me. It was unforgivable to curse my dad, yet it was understandable. I will forgive him once then. Poor lad...’’ Lan Lang-Lang nodded, acting like he was feeling sorry about that guy.

They kept fooling with Jiang Tai-Sui. One played the fool while the other played the wise guy. They just spoke what they should say smoothly.

Lan Lang-Lang actually acted like he was the one who was offended and showed his 'magnanimity' to the guy!

Many among the crowd had laughed till their belly hurt.

Those foppish fellas were mostly depending on Li Cheng-Ze and Jiang Tai-Sui, yet there were some of them that just couldn't help it. Now that things were so funny, they just couldn't stop laughing!

In fact, Li Cheng-Ze was laughing too. Ye Xiao noticed it and sighed. He knew that the real thoughts of foppish fools were truly hard to understand!

Jiang Tai-Sui's face turned pale from red, and then blue from pale, and then purple from blue, and then turned black from purple. He was showing a dark face. His lips were totally pale and trembling.

After a while...

’’Ye Xiao... Lan Lang-Lang... Fxck the whole clan of yours...’’ Jiang Tai-Sui was extremely pissed off. He cursed loudly.

Song Jue's eyes turned colder after that.

The way he looked at Jiang Tai-Sui was like looking at a dead body. [I can't kill you in the public, but if I really want to, it will be as simple as blowing some dust on the table...]

Ye Xiao's eyes turned cold and he said, ’’Lang-Lang, do you know what is 'utterly discomfited' now?’’

Lan Lang-Lang answered, ’’I know. I got it. Seeing is believing. I have seen it now. That is so practical though!’’

Ye Xiao laughed and said, ’’Tai-Sui said he was going to do something dirty about our clans, yet we can't abuse him back like that. That's sad!’’

Lan Lang-Lang said, ’’We shouldn't bother to quarrel with him!’’

Ye Xiao shook his head and said, ’’You misunderstood. I mean he knew who exactly are in our clans, so that he can think about doing bad things to our people. Yet we don't know his!’’

Lan Lang-Lang was confused, ’’What? Why? We know him! Minister Jiang is his father!’’

Ye Xiao spoke like he was talking to a kid, ’’Bullshxt! Minister Jiang is his fake father. If we are going to ... his whole clan, it has nothing to do with Minister Jiang for sure. We need to know who is his real father. Do yo know his family name? You don't even know his family name!’’

Lan Lang-Lang kept acting like a fool, ’’I don't know! Do you?’’

’’Well me neither.’’ Ye Xiao shook his head and said, ’’Even Minister Jiang doesn't know it, how could I know? So even if we curse his family, it would be a waste of our words!’’

Lan Lang-Lang spoke like he had thought of something cleverly, ’’Wait! Even though Minister Jiang doesn't know it, his wife must know it!’’

’’Wrong!’’ Ye Xiao spoke seriously, ’’You think yourself clever, but you are not. Let me tell you. The truth is even his mother doesn't know his family name!’’

’’What? No shit!’’ Lan Lang-Lang jumped out like he had just heard something like an undiscovered land. He said, ’’Not even his mother? Then what on earth happened? How did this bastard come to this world?’’

’’There must be a reason.’’ Ye Xiao looked at Jiang Tai-Sui indifferently and said blandly, ’’It is said... that year, Lord Jiang was sick and he couldn't do... You know... That thing. Yet he wanted a son to continue his bloodline. He didn't want to be disgraced. So he ran a school for those guys who failed in the imperial examinations in his own house...’’

’’Oh... It was a good thing to run such a school... But what did it matter to Jiang Tai-Sui though?’’ Lan Lang-Lang kept rubbing his ears like he was rather confused.

’’Heh, heh... Those guys were usually good looking lads... Hmm. That means this school only accepted male students. Lang-Lang, do you know why?’’ Ye Xiao asked.

Lan Lang-Lang acted like he was confused. He said, ’’Brother Ye, just go straight with it, will you? Don't let me guess please...’’

Ye Xiao nodded and said, ’’I am confused too... because the school was closed after running for half a year.’’

Lan Lang-Lang said, ’’Closed? What? Those lads all passed the examinations? Became officers?’’

’’No way! Absolutely not!’’ Ye Xiao shook his head seriously, ’’There was a horrible pestilence spread in this school. Over a hundred students all died there in just one night... All gone...’’

’’What! Is there really some pestilence that horrible?’’ Lan Lang-Lang screamed, ’’How come?’’

Ye Xiao spoke seriously, ’’In fact, the minister himself was truly lucky. Right inside his house, there was a pestilence that killed all the students. Yet there was not even a cat in his family that died that year...’’

’’Wow! That was quite a marvelous capability of resisting pestilence! Amazing!’’ Lan Lang-Lang acted admiringly and lifted his thumbs up.

’’Well there was one thing that was confusing me...’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’After that horrible day, a piece of good news came out... Well! The minister's wife got pregnant...’’

Lan Lang-Lang kept his eyes opened and said, ’’Fxck that...’’

’’Damn it! Mind your language! What do you mean 'fxck that'!’’ Ye Xiao was angry, ’’What's wrong with you? Do you think it could be yours? Can you prove it?’’

Lan Lan-Lang lowered his head and said, ’’Sorry... I can prove it was absolutely not my baby. I was just about to be one month old when that happened... I didn't have that marvelous capability...’’

’’That's right! Remember not to say anything stupid! It always brings you troubles... Don't you realize over one hundred men just died in a 'pestilence'?’’ Ye Xiao said, ’’Do you want to be 'pestilence'ed' too?’’

Lan Lang-Lang kept his head low and acted like he was scared, ’’No I don't! Please don't! It wasn't me. No it wasn't!’’


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