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Realms In The Firmament - Chapter 141


Chapter 141 - Departure!

Wan-Er's face was like a piece of red handkerchief. She gritted her teeth and nodded bashfully and happily.

[Master has changed a lot indeed.] Wan-Er thought gleefully in mind.

’’The sky is boundless. It seems close, yet in fact, it is so out of reach. Now I see through things. If I can't get the Heavenly Mystery, does that mean we three have to be like this forever?’’ Master Bai spoke gently, ’’If we stay the same... till the end of our lives and I regret then, I must have already wasted all the best time in our lives, haven't I?’’

He sighed, ’’I know that the whole world is jealous because I have you two with me. It surely is a good thing to seize more, yet if I get too deep into it, that may make me lose more... Hehe...’’

Wan-Er gritted her lips and smiled bashfully.

Master Bai said, ’’Tonight when that Ye Xiao looked at you like he was going to swallow you. I felt... Hahahaha...’’

When he spoke about this, he laughed. Wan-Er pinched his waist gently.

’’Do you still think that this Ye Xiao is the Xiao Monarch?’’ Wan-Er asked.

’’I have suspicions. Of course.’’ Master Bai answered frankly, ’’However, there are too many things I can't explain though. So let's get over for the mean tim...’’

’’Things you can't explain?’’ Wan-Er asked confusedly.

’’Yes. First, the Xiao Monarch had been to the four Saint Domains 170 year ago. If he acquired the Heavenly Mystery back then, he should have gained something out of it during over a hundred years... then he wouldn't have died in his last battle! If he had 170 years to study it, even though all the superior cultivators in the Qing-Yun Realm fought him together, he would have defeated them all easily. Yet now he had been slaughtered both physically and spiritually!’’

’’Second... If he didn't get the Heavenly Mystery, then he might have been reborn as this Ye Xiao. The martial art he cultivates should be something with moderate attribute or fire attribute. It can never be some cold attribute after all...’’

’’Third... The Xiao Monarch was a heroic figure after all. He wouldn't do things like snatching girls or assaulting women. If he would do that, he would never have such an outstanding vigor. And he wouldn't have started the fight against the three factions in the Qing-Yun Realm then...’’

He stopped for a while and said, ’’However, I need to hold my suspicions on it. Wan-Er, what I told you to do, you have to do it carefully. Don't miss any details. Make it perfectly done...’’

’’Maybe Ye Xiao is not the Xiao Monarch, yet he is a talented cultivator for sure... We can't underestimate such a person. Never look down upon the young generations.’’

He said.

Wan-Er nodded.

At the moment, she was all lost in pleasures. She wouldn't have any problem against whatever he said.

Whatever he said must be right.

’’Master, there is one thing we can do that could prove the truth most efficiently.’’ Wan-Er said.

’’Oh? What is it?’’ Master Bai smiled. He seemed to know what she was going to say though.

’’Let me kill this Ye Xiao myself. Kill him!’’ Wan-Er said, ’’Then, the truth will naturally be revealed. No matter what, things will end. Even if this Ye Xiao is the Xiao Monarch, he is so weak at the moment. No matter how powerful he was, he will be a dead man after that!’’

’’What a shame. We can't do that.’’ Master Bai smiled, ’’If... the Heavenly Mystery is well controlled by him, when he dies, it will return to the Outer Nine Sky. We will have to start the unforgettable experience again. Even if you are ok with it, I would never go through those years again!’’

’’So, Ye Xiao stays alive. At least for now.’’ Master Bai sighed, ’’In fact, I kind of wish he is the Xiao Monarch. Even if the Heavenly Mystery is in his hands, that is all right... You said it yourself, he is weak at the moment. We can do whatever we want on him... We can control him along with the Heavenly Mystery in our hand. That will save us a lot of time and effort!’’

Wan-Er was stunned.

She finally realized how difficult things were.

They were not sure whether Ye Xiao was the Xiao Monarch or not. Even if they confirmed that he was, how could they possibly snatch the Heavenly Mystery without killing him?

Apparently, Master Bai didn't want to talk about this anymore.

They ended this conversation.

The wheelchair moved towards the house slowly.

’’Master, I will begin tomorrow. I will get on the things you told me to do, and after that, I will go to the South Sky... This time, Xiu-Er and I will both be away from your side. Please take care.’’

’’I know. Don't worry. Although I am unable to wield the might of my cultivation capability, as long as I still don't want to die, even people from the Qing-Yun Realm would never have the chance to kill me.’’

’’Hmm. Take good care of yourself. Don't make us worried. Please.’’

’’You are being verbose now. I will be very careful. Come back soon.’’


Wan-Er made the bed for Master Bai and helped him sleep. And then she returned to her room. She moved trippingly. Her face was full of happiness. In her eyes, there was hope for a bright future.

She seemed to see the day when she would stay with her master her whole life... till the end of the world.

’’To the gods I pray... May my master accomplish his dream soon... Thanks to the gods... who gave me the chance to be with him.

If I can be with him my entire life, I am willing to give up all the lives to come after this life. I pray only for my present life.’’

She was praying sincerely on her knees with her slim body. At last she kowtowed...

Her hairs were all on the floor.

’’Please, gods!’’


The bright moonlight splashed over the thousands of miles long border land. The bamboo forest was howling with the sound of wind. The shadows roved on the floor. It was a silent night.

It was in Master Bai's room.

This man, who had been controlling the fate of the Land of Han-Yang for centuries, Master Bai, was now closing his eyes, frowning. His handsome face was full of worry.

After a while, he asked gently, ’’Ye Xiao? Ye Xiao? Ye Xiao? ... What on earth... Is he? Where exactly... is...?’’


It was the next morning.

Ye Xiao got down from the watchtower early and then he rode out of town quickly. This time, Song Jue was going with him. They were all riding the fast horses.

It was the day Prince Hua-Yang's army would depart for the battle!

No matter how busy they were, they had to go see them off.

It was early in the morning. The sky was just lit up. The morning breeze was soft. The sky was clear without a single piece of cloud.

Outside the city, the war clarion sounded sad and bleak continually.

An aura of slaughter rushed from the clarions up to the sky.

Ye Xiao and Song Jue was rushing while riding on their respective horses. The sounds of the galloping horses broke the silence of the city.

Today, the gate of the city opened earlier. There were barely any people on the street this moment.

Ye Xiao and Song Jue didn't slow down at all. They kept rushing out of the city.

It was outside the gate of the city!

It was full of people!

The flags were as if covering the whole sky.

The wind became stronger and stronger like it was on purpose. It blew up the flags and made them look like a huge line in the air.

Five troops stood on the east, west, south, north and the middle. There were so many soldiers, but it was all silent!

When the first stream of sunlight splashed down on the land, everybody felt like their eyes were burned.

The 300 thousand soldiers were holding their weapons. Every weapon seemed to be sharp and bright. They were firmly held in their hands. The edges and points of their weapons reflected the sunlight. It made people feel like all the weapons were right on people's necks.

It felt kind of cold.

It was an indescribably marvelous scene that made people's blood boil.

Hundreds of thousands citizens around the troops were not here to watch the scene though. They were here to see their men off to the battle. There were old parents with silver hairs. There were young women who just got married in their best ages. There were little children who stretched their necks trying to find their fathers.

They were all looking at the face they were most familiar with. However, it was nearly impossible for them to find out the one they love among the hundreds of thousands soldiers! Yet they were still looking...

At the moment, Ye Xiao and Song Jue had arrived at the side of the troops.

Ye Xiao looked at the troops. He understood most of the situation.

Prince Hua-Yang didn't want to hold any ceremony at all!

All these things were already done the last night.

It was merely for the departure to the battle now!

While a loud and desolate clarion sounded, the silence was suddenly broken.

After that, tens of thousands of clarions sounded together!

Lines after lines of weapons were tending forward slightly.

The lights that were reflected by the weapons flashed!

The next moment, Prince Hua-Yang's voice came out loudly.

’’My beloved people! Today, I am leading your sons to the battle!’’

’’I can't assure you that all of them will return alive!’’

’’But I can assure you that alive or dead, we have no regrets to our kingdom!’’

’’We feel no qualms to the country, to our home!’’

’’I can't guarantee our lives! Yet I can guarantee that I, Su Ding-Guo, will be fighting in the front line all along! When we retreat, I will stay until my men are all gone!’’

’’I can't guarantee all my men will get promoted and turn rich! Yet I can guarantee you your honors and glories!’’

’’I can't guarantee the victory of this battle! Yet I can guarantee you that after this fight, no matter if we win or lose, our enemies won't dare to challenge us again!’’

’’Please, pray for us!’’

’’For the victory!’’

Translated by: Rain

Edited by: Arch

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